Best Wishes episode 1&2 summary

Hey Hey Pokejunglers!

 It’s NL again, and today I’m going to do the summary for the first 2 episodes. Try to hold your excitment. 😛 Without further or do, here we go!

Episode 1 Summary:

Ash is going to isshu on a plane from Pallet, and Oak and his mom are coming with him. Meanwhile Jessie and James get orders from Giovanni himself telling them to go to Isshu and take over it. After he gives orders, he then turns to his assistant and says”There is another secret organization going around, and if Team Rocket becomes big in Isshu, the secret organization will come out and show themselves. Ash and co. have some chitchat on the plane and arrive in Isshu, and when Oak and Ash’s mom went inside a resting spot, Pikachu is concerned about something when, all of the sudden, Team Rocket shows up and takes Pikachu with thier signature automatic hand machine.They have electric proof protection so Pikachu’s attacks are useless.Then, all of the sudden,again, a gigantic thundercloud appears, and thunder lands straight onto the hand thingy. then moments later Pikachu gets hit by the thunder, and Ash see’s a shadow in the cloud.The cloud stops, and dissapears and Pikachu is back to normal, everything seems normal. Just to be safe, they decide to go to Professor Araragi’s Lab and do a few checkup’s on Pikachu. When Araragi was doing the checkup, one of her assistants tell her that a rookie trainer is waiting for his first pokemon. The rookie trainer is Shooty, and he decides to choose Tsutaja. They then finish the checkups and say that Pikachu has no problems, and Ash runs after Shooty to have their first battle. In the battle, Ash realizes that Pikachu for some reason can’t use electric attacks, and depends on Quick Attack and Iron Tail, but gets finished off with Tsutaja’s Grass Mixer. They go back to see what the problem is, And Araragi and Oak says that Pikachu absorbed way too much electricity for him to handle, and then, once again out of nowhere, the big thundercloud shows up and strikes thunder to the lab and Pikachu. Araragi says it may be the Legendary Pokemon Zekrom, and Zekrom has legends on how he judges people and strikes thunder if they are not a good person. Once again the cloud dissapears, and by magic, Pikachu is back to normal. Araragi tell’s them they should go to Sanyou city for their first gym. To be continued…..

Side Notes:

  • Secret Oraganization: Team Plazma
  • Mijumaru follows Ash through out the episode.

Episode 2 Summary:

In this episode, the first thing Ash and Pikachu do is find Iris in some bushes and they think it’s a Pokemon, so, naturally he throws a Pokeball at it. They get to know each other, and when they are walking along the pair find a bunch of Mamepato, and Ash decides to catch one. He attacked one Mamepato, but in result the whole bunch attacked Ash, and the Mamepato he attacked ran away as well. Then, he see’s another Mamepato, fights it, and after one failure of capturing him, he captures it. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is in a cave, and they recieved a starter’s kit saying “Using Kanto pokemon will draw attention, so catch pokemon at Isshu.” Jessie decides to get a Koromori. Meanwhile when Ash and Iris are celebrating Ash’s first capture in Ishhu, a automatic hand machine shows up and takes Pikachu and Kibago. It’s Team Rocket, they get on a hot air balloon, and Ash uses Mamepato to cut through the balloon, releasing Pikachu and Kibago. They then all fight, and just when Pikachu was going to finish them off with Volt Tackle, they use a ninja smokescreen and dissapear. At the end they meet the new nurse joy.

Sorry for any typos or sentences that don’t flow~