Warner Bros. to make live action Pokemon Movie (FAKE)

Kinda late on updating this, but I am the freelance video maker for Pokejungle after all! I might as well make some news videos!


So its fake? So what! You should just say how much you would actually like or dislike a live action pokemon movie. Would you be okay with it? Would you hate it? Tell me!

  1. At least its better than that fan movie haha

    Im actually looking forward to it. If it is good it will sky rocket in the box offices.

  2. I cant wait for a Live-action pokemon movie!!!

    Also, did boarbeque say Gamefreak and Nintendo sold “ALL” copywrites for pokemon to WarnerBros Inc??
    -as in WarnerBros Inc will make pokemon game (plus the movie) from now on?

    1. It’s a lie, Pinnochio once told it to a friend the other day, and his nose grew 5 miles long XD

      Just kidding, but Nintendo and Game Freak would never sell the rights to ANYONE, besides, Black and White haven’t even came out statewise yet, but even if they did sell the rights (which is highly unlikely), it would kill the childhood of many Pokemon fans, as some things are better left untouched by Hollywood…..

  3. Somethings are better left untouched, like Pokemon. I feel a live action movie would go the way of DBZ.

  4. If they were to make a Live Action Pokemon Movie, I would go see it without a doubt. I love pokemon, and I think it’d be cool to see them all…y’know…”realified”.

    1. Why waste an entire video on something (and then post it) if you could have fucking googled it to figure out it was fake? Unprofessional.

    1. he resigned, deleted all his videos then a few hours later he came to his senses and rejoined. 😛
      sooo idk actually. xD;;

  5. Lol. I saw this a couple of months ago on another pokemon site. I think it was supposed to be an april fools joke?When I first saw this back in april, I thought “Pokemon by Warner Brothers?? and NO games??? D:”…

    ..and then I checked my calendar…-.-

    Lol, But I spat out all my food when I saw it up here(thats what I get for eating food in front of my computer >.>). A Live-action movie would be cool though…depends…

      1. Lol. Its safe…my desk wasn’t. 🙁

        I was so hard to clean because I was eating oily foods. T-T
        Lol, I feel even worse because I was supposed to be doing homework during that time. ><

  6. The movie is going to flop just like Dragonball live action did but we pokenerds will still end up seeing the movie and paying 10$ for it -_-‘ …

  7. I doubt it. whenever they come up with exclusively 1st gen pokemon, it doesn’t really make sense (especially since we’re on our 5th generation to date).

  8. thats obviously fake, like the one that pokebeach posted a few weeks back.

    However, if the right director did it, it might turn out ok. Make them look realistic and cool, but not too scary. They still need to have that japanese cuteness to them. The plot needs to stay true to the games, no guns or excessive violence. I dont see why everyone assumes that a movie would take place in a “earth” setting. The human culture in the “pokemon universe” is so intertwined with pokemon in general that their entire society is based around them. If you have a dispute, battle your pokemon to see who wins, you dont go and shoot somebody. If the writers/director realizes that and really puts some thought into how it should all work, then the movie could be pretty good. Thats what happened with Dragon Ball Z. They made it take place in a modern real world Earth setting instead of the fantasy semi-futurist world that it takes place in. Goku even goes to high school doesnt he? Thats stupid.

    And a movie SHOULD only feature the first 150. It would do them some justice and make them seem new again.

  9. The thing about all these fake things (mainly the fake Pokemon: Apokelypse trailer) is that people are saying that because Ninja Turtles, Tranformers etc are getting live action/cgi reboots, Pokemon needs one.
    The thing is, Pokemon doesn’t need a reboot, it’s never stopped.
    A live action Pokemon movie won’t “bring back Pokemon” because Pokemon never went anywhere.

  10. If there was a movie made,
    they would have to totally ignore the anime and focus solely on the games for me to like it. But it’s not just the plot and stuff that they make up on their own, but it’s also their attitude when they create the anime. When they have a hole which could easily be filled with stuff like how it is in the games, they ignore them and instead do something else. I feel like they don’t care, because kids will watch it, even if the plot of the 437539 episode is pikachu blowing up team rocket.

    Instead of a movie, I’d wanna see a reboot of the anime. Or rather a 2nd pokemon anime, separate from the current one. There, the main character would change say every 5-10 episodes, and obviously the main pokemon with them. Every characters part would finish in a spectacular battle, and those would be really serious, with rules like in the games and strategies like from a good competitive battling warstory.
    Now that would be amazing in my opinion,
    but the people making the anime would need to use their brain alot more than they do and more than simply know of the existance of the games for fcks sake, so I don’t see this happening.

    Since any movie would likely be based on the anime, it would turn out worse than dragonball…

    1. Agreed, any movie would be based VERY LOOSELY on the anime, and not the games or manga, which according to big TV and movie companies, don’t exist at all, though I would wish that Pokemon special was the anime instead, or they could have made a completely new anime with each new generation, as a continuity reboot, so if it was that, the current anime (Best Wishes, or as I would call THIS anime adaption, “Generation Zero”, because everything sounds cooler ending with “Zero” or “Z”, just look at Megaman Zero) would be about Black, Chren, Belle, N, and the rest of the B/W cast, with Zorua (screw Emonga, who is nothing more than a direct Pachirisu clone) as the main Pokemon of Mark (whom is what the main character would be called when the dub was made BY FUNIMATION OF ALL PEOPLE)

      Yeah, that’s how the B/W anime should have been, and it would be A LOT closer to the plot, with a few changes and addes plot here and there, and no stupid Jessie, James, and Meowth, in fact, here’s how it shoud have gone: the pilot episode begins with Team Plasma pretty much destroying Illusion forest, followed by an International Police (the organizarton Looker works for) officer named Grey finding an injured Zorua, giving it to a trainer in Kodoma Town named Mark, whom does not know that he is destined to save the world, Team Plasma realises that this Zorua has a power, that not even he (yes, the Zorua would be a he) knows of, and it’s not Illusion, and Team Plasma wants to liberate Zorua from Mark to use for their master plan of world domination, or rather, DESTRUCTION (unlike Jessie, James, and Meowth, whom just want Pikachu for no reason whatsoever), and instead of Team Rocket, like I mentioned earlier, it would be a diffrent group of Team Plasma members attacking Mark, often lead by a diffrent leader each time (ocasionally N), of course, for comic relief, we would have a group of four elite Plasma members called “The Plasma Four”, which are something like Team Rocket was, except goofier, making ridiculous poses much like the Ginyu Force in Dragonball Z, eventually, about more than halfway through the series, Team Plasma stops caring for Zorua and starts going after Reshiram/Zekrom/Whatever the third one is called, and Mark has to save the world, in the end, Mark and Zorua enter a dark mirror world to face Gatis, whom is now godlike after absorbing the legendaries, and a great big battle ensues, THAT is how Best Wishes should have started and finished.

  11. I’m not saying I would hate it, but I know for a fact that it’s fake, the site it was posted on posted it on April 1st (April fools Day) And they also said that Warner bros bought out gamefreak or something and they were stopping making the games, which clearly isn’t the case, I’m just saying, not hating. or trying to be mean.

  12. A movie would kill the franchise, especially if it were to be released RIGHT BEFORE Black and White (let alone Gray) came oute statewise, it’s one of those franchises that should be left alone to it’s original creators and not be “corrupted” by Hollywood directors, like the horrors that are Dragonball Evolution and The Last Airbender (as in the M. Night Shaylman film, not the infinently better cartoon series that it was born from)

    1. You drove to my house, broke down the door, climbed up the stairs to my room, saw me typing this on PokeJungle and TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT FROM MY MOUTH!!!…and then I gagged blood over the floor because you stuck your hand in my throat… but as long as what you said was stated, I’m O.K. with that!

  13. Why not just make a traditional anime movie based on Pokespecial (only done in 3D because Pokemon battles in 3D, if done right, would be SPECTACULAR).

  14. I don’t quite see what is funny about posting a video detailing a “rumor” that is 5+ months old and is so evidently fake. It’s fine if you upload it to your youtube channel, but I believe it has no place here, specially doing this right after the generation V release when people are expecting actual information.

  15. A live action film of pokemon could work but it would have to take place in a different time space continuum. Simliar to what happen in the latest Star Trek film. Some people were upseat about the Air bender film because Aang and friends were portray as caucasian instead of mid-eastern or asian.
    The rights of such iconic characters and stories no longer belong to the original creater(s), but to the componies and the publishers. Sometimes the editer(s) try to add their tweaks.

    I personaly don’t care about how the characters look since the audiance should expect obvious aesthetic changes to characters appearance. However some changes are just redundant and ridiculous. Hate it or love it but the latest batman and spiderman films were mainly controlled by the writers/directers, who acted as a proxy for the original creater. Sometimes the creater (if not deceased) can earn the title of executive producer “quality control” over the project. Anyways it all goes back to the contract.

  16. OK the main reason why this is an obvious fake is because 4Kids entertainment is a division of Warner Brothers, and WB owns the distribution rights to the Pokémon Anime franchise. This means that if there actually was going to be a Live Action movie, WB would be the one to make it regardless.

    A live action movie would be a good idea as long as they wouldn’t make it like the Dragon Ball Evolution disaster. And they don’t need to look realistic like the design on the video, they can look cartoony (in fact, they would, because it’s what it’s called in the industry “franchise recognition” – they need the pokémon to look like the ones in the games so that people can recognize them and want to play them.

    The only way I’d see something like this happening is if the games started to sell badly. Then, maybe. Not a possibility in the near future.

    1. Incorrect. 4Kids is not owned by, nor affiliated with Time-Warner. And their Warner Bros. division also doesn’t have distribution rights to the anime, just the first three movies, which they co-produced.

      Viz Media has the (US) home media distribution rights to the Pokémon anime, while Cartoon Network has the current US television rights.

  17. OK Imoru, its CREATOR, not creater.

    And the creators of products like in Spiderman or Batman (the ones you mentioned) almost never are part of the movie adaptations (with the exception of the Harry Potter saga).

    Producers are the ones who normally have the last word.

        1. Stage props?
          Oh no I was laughing at my self because of my parapraxis. Sorry, my sincere apologies.

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