Sorry For The Lack Of Updates + Pokemon’s Taking Over the World?!

Hey Pokejungelers!

Like the title suggests, we’re sorry for the lack of updates. 🙁 But you guys understand right? I mean, it’s only a little over a week after the game release. I personally wouldn’t expect anything huge until a new Pokemon movie is announced or until Pokemon “Grey” is officially announced. We hate the dry spell as much as you guys, but once some real news breaks, we’ll report it. So stick with us!
You guys shouldn’t mind that much though right? Considering you’re all so busy with Pokemon Black and White. *is on the Elite Four*

Now that that’s outta the way, the real reason I made this post was just for these pictures:

Nothing all that ground breaking, but it was one of those Easter eggs in my life. 😛 I was going back home from school via the tube (Singapore subway system), and I’ve seen this poster everyday for like atleast two weeks. Nothing special right? Well, upon closer inspection…OMGZ!!! POKEMONZ!!1! Don’t know if this made your day, but it sure made mine. This just proves that Pokemon will take over the world someday! Then we’ll be the cool kids!

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. Now that we’ve all had a chance to actually use them in battle, which Gen V Pokemon is your favorite?
P.P.S Psh. What am I talking about? We allready are the cool kids. 😛