PJT’14 Analysis


With all battles finished and over, I wanted to compile Pokémon used in PJT’14 and write an article about it. This isn’t the last article on PJT’14, though. We’ll have a few participants writing their own report on their teams and opponents!


Top 10 Pokémon used in PJT’14


#1 Aegislash

Schrödinger’s sword and shield

aegislash-blade aegislash

50% Weakness Policy

25% Leftovers

12.25% Shell Bell

12.25% Metal Coat

To me, this comes as a surprise, but at the same time, not so much.I remember before the tourney started, a lot of people were talking about how everyone was going to use Mega Kanga or  Mega Gengar, or some other pretty OP stuff. In that sense, The fact that Aegislash was the most used Pokémon took me by surprise.(although Aegislash is also in Ubers). With that being said, we all know how good Aegislash is. It’s versatile, while being very punishing to those who get caught up in mind games or make the wrong decision. Judging by the items, most went with the offensive type, trying to shave off some Pokémon, whether it be a wall or sweeper, in a reliable fashion.We do, though, see more defensive items handed to Aegislash, such as Leftovers. I assume that this type of Aegislash focuses more on switching into good match ups to wreak some havoc, and then switch out to come back out later.

#2 Charizard

Please don’t Rock Tomb

charizard charizard-megax

100% Charizardite X

5 out of 5 Charizards decided that Char X was the way to go. The winning team by Maple featured Char X as it’s main offensive Pokemon, and it’s worth mentioning that 4 out of the 5 people who used Charizard passed round 1 in the tournament, suggesting it’s greatness.Most of the Char X’s in the tourney sported a Dragon Dance set, with Earthquake as their 3rd attacking move aside from Outrage/Dragon Claw and Flare Blitz, presumably to take care of Heatran and deal some damage to Azumarill.

#2 Togekiss

All You Need Is Flinch

togekiss (1)

40% Kings Rock

20% Leftovers

20% Shell Bell

20% Bright Powder

Somewhat of an odd ball on this list, those who used it seemed to aim for an edge in luck whilst tanking favorable hits. Besides the obvious Kings Rock, we see that a lot of the items are helpful in providing an opportunity to take an extra hit, meaning more times to Air Slash. I’m surprised that Sitrus Berry was not used by anyone, as that provides another way of getting that extra air slash on your opponent.

#4 Greninja

Fickle Ninja


60% Expert Belt

20% Life Orb

20% Kings Rock


#4 Garchomp

Masuda is my dad

garchomp-f garchomp-mega

50% Garchompite

25% Choice Scarf

25% Life Orb


#4 Chansey

Knock it off


100% Eviolite


#4 Clefable



50% Leftovers

25% Rocky Helmet

25% Mental Herb


#4 Gengar

I eat game balance for dinner


100% Gengarite


#4 Mamoswine

I’ve got ya covered


75%  Focus Sash

25% Expert Belt


#4 Rotom



50% Chesto Berry

25% Choice Specs

25% Leftovers


#4 Scizor

It likes to dance.


50% Life Orb

25% Scizorite

25% Iron Plate


#4 Skarmory

You better not touch me


5o% Rocky Helmet

25% Sitrus Berry

25% Safety Goggles


#4 Venusaur

Chronic Talonflamitis


75% Venusaurite

25% Black sludge


13  Pokémon when it’s top 10!? What is this nonsense! I thought it was better to cover all the Pokémon that tied in usage rather than to leave it at strictly 10 Pokémon, just for curiosity sake. One random fact: Nidoking and Nidoqueen were both used once , on separate teams.


Here are the submitted battle videos:



What is your username? Who was your opponent? Did you win, lose or draw? What is the code for the Battle Video?
Defensive Bastiodon JotaWonka Win
ShinyLickitung Chandelure16 Lose LWCG-WWWW-WWW9-7JMB
Chandelure16 Shiny Lickitung Win S2JG-WWWW-WWW9-7JME
MiniryuNinja Rheneas Lose
alicexvi YveltalsMinion Win mczw-wwww-www9-7k63
Rheneas miniryuninja Win Tiebreaker Match
regidudeam Rheneas Lose QKTW-WWWW-WWW9-7ZAY
Rheneas Regidudeam Win I dunno how I did it. YBKG-WWWW-WWW9-7ZAJ
RocketClauncher Maple Lose 37FW-WWWW-WWW9-7QPW
Maple RocketClauncher Win WKDW-WWWW-WWW9-7QQA
Chaos RIOspeedwagon Lose 45SW-WWWW-WWW9-9YPE
RIOspeedwagon Chaos Win K2UW-WWWW-WWW9-9YZP
alicexvi Riospeedwagon Win 6B7W-WWWW-WWW9-AX4Y
SlipperySceptile Lasgorndalf Lose
Lasgorndalf SlipperySceptile Win TGPW-WWWW-WWW9-B4GQ
RIOspeedwagon Alice Lose ZG6G-WWWW-WWW9-B4M2
Marko XY HeavyMetalFairy Win
Chandelure16 Lasgorndalf Lose YFYW-WWWW-WWW9-CA3A
Lasgorndalf Chandelure16 Win NV5W-WWWW-WWW9-CACL
Marko XY Maple Lose SK9W-WWWW-WWW9-CDPQ
alicexvi maple Lose
Maple AliceXVI Win
Defensive Bastiodon Rheneas Win XSJW-WWWW-WWW9-GLWB
Lasgorndalf Defensive Bastiodon Win NV5W-WWWW-WWW9-CACL
Defensive Bastiodon Lasgorndalf Lose
Maple Lasgordalf Win HEBW-WWWW-WWW9-K28F, 725G-WWWW-WWW9-K29C
Lasgorndalf Maple Lose LN5G-WWWW-WWW9-K2F2 and KAJW-WWWW-WWW9-K2F6
alicexvi defensivebastiodon Win n23w-wwww-www-9-nd84



That about wraps it up for PJT14 analysis! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, and I would like to thank everyone that participated! Stay tuned tomorrow for our last article on PJT’14 by HeavyMetalFairy!