Official Site Updates; Demo Reveals New Mega Evolutions

The official site for Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire has been updated with the details we saw in November’s CoroCoro issue and more!

Mega Steelix & Mega Glalie

Revealed in the demo are two new mega evolutions

Mega Latios & Mega Latias


A trailer of ‘Soar’ in action, ie: ability to fly over Hoenn, can be seen here on the main site.

Mega Pidgeot


Pidgeot Mega Evolves into Mega Pidgeot. The gusts it can whip up with its tough and well-developed wings are powerful enough to smash huge trees.

Upon Mega Evolving, its Sp. Atk gets a great boost. Take good advantage of its zippy Speed stat, and you can pummel opponents in no time flat. Its No Guard Ability means its attack will never miss—nor will attacks used against it. You can be sure of dealing damage even with moves that have low accuracy. – Official Site

Mega Beedrill


Beedrill Mega Evolves into Mega Beedrill. The poison it produces from its four limbs all work instantaneously, yet the poison it emits from its tail is slow-acting. It uses the former to prevent its foes from fleeing, and the latter to deal the finishing blow.

Mega Evolution gives its Attack and Speed stats an explosive boost. Adaptability is an Ability that increases the power of moves of the same type as the user from the standard 150% to 200%. Put it together with this Pokémon’s powerful Attack stat and aim for massive damage! – Official Site

PokéNav Plus

  • DexNav – Can show information about Pokémon in your location, chaining Pokémon encounters can result in finding ones with Hidden Ability and rare moves
  • AreaNav – Map with additional functionality such as trainer information, berry locations, and secret bases
  • BuzzNav – “TV” style blurbs about Hoenn and other players you encounter via StreetPass
  • PlayNav – Allows access to the Player Search System, Super Training, and Pokémon-Amie


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