Favorite Feature in Pokémon

Dicie’s Article

Hello everybody, Dicie here, with my very first article here on Pokejungle! Now, you might be wondering why I’m writing an article for Pokejungle at this time, and that is because I was chosen to be placed on trial for a potential full-time position here at Pokejungle. Basically, if I get approved, I will be able to provide extensive content for you guys on a regular basis, which I am greatly looking foward to! Anyways, without further ado, let’s get into my favorite aspect of Pokemon…




You might be wondering why out of all the extraordinary elements the Pokemon series has introduced during its run, I chose Pokemon-Amie as my favorite. Well, I’ve been playing Pokemon for a good 8 years, and I’m an avid watcher of the anime as well. I’ve always noticed that Ash has been really close with his Pokemon, Pikachu especially, and I always wanted to have that kind of bond with my Pokemon. From my very first Pokemon game, which was Sapphire, up to Black 2, I’ve loved the Pokemon series with all of my heart, but I’ve never felt really close to either one of my Pokemon. Although I had the ability to nickname my Pokemon and customize their movesets, I wanted a true partner, like Ash had.

Then, Generation VI was revealed alongside Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, and Pokemon-Amie was introduced as well. When I petted a Dedenne for the first time, I thought back at the times Ash and his Pikachu played with each other. Seeing it giggle and seeing the little hearts above it head made me feel like I truly had a bond with it, because it made it seem like it was my true partner. When I fed my Dedenne for the first time, I felt like I was truly responsible for it, and how I treated it would affect how it does in battle, which brings me to my next point. The more I petted my Dedenne and fed it, I noticed some positive changes in battle. I would be in a situation where Dedenne was my last Pokemon and it was up against a very tough opponent. As I am about to strike, I know the opposing Pokemon is faster than me, but then I see–“Dedenne read Dicie’s mind and avoided the move!” That is when I knew that Pokemon-Amie was my favorite feature. It felt like I was in Ash’s shoes; I tightened a bond with my Dedenne after playing with it and caring for it for an extended period of time. I also felt like I was truly one with the Pokemon when I saw “Dedenne and Dicie are breathing in perfect sync with one another!” It made me feel accomplished as a trainer and it made me feel like that Pokemon truly belonged to me.

What is your guys’ favorite aspect of Pokemon that has been introduced so far? Leave a comment letting us know!



TCMets’ Article

From the Battle Frontier to walking with your partners, GameFreak has brought about many awesome features to the Pokémon main games. We all have our favorites, and mine is without a doubt the Player Search System (PSS) introduced in the most recent titles Pokémon X and Y. As everyone who owns one of these games knows (And if you don’t, seriously go get it!), the PSS serves a variety of functions. At its core, it allows us to interact with friends and passersby in real time in a way we never could before. However, it also serves many more roles. The PSS is home to the Global Trade Station (GTS), Battle Spot, O-Powers, Game Sync, and the addicting Wonder Trade.

Having all of these features in one place on the bottom screen leads to one main thing…convenience. Never before have we had this type of luxury. Want to be disappointed with impossible trades on GTS? You don’t have to go to a Pokémon Center or GTS building to do so. Instead just tap the GTS button! Want to bother a friend who’s breeding and challenge them to a battle?  No need to go to a Union room. Instead, just tap your friend’s icon and send the request! Joking aside, the big thing I’m getting at here is convenience. We can engage in competitive battles on Battle Spot, trade for Pokémon on GTS, use O-Powers that have different timed bonuses to help in our adventure, and so much more all from the bottom screen.

But what’s the biggest reason I love the PSS? Shout outs…I love getting to type Altaria mating calls for random strangers to see…no I’m just kidding. The biggest reason I love the PSS is a personal one. I didn’t have many friends growing up that played Pokémon, and the ones I did have stopped playing. The PSS has provided an interaction in which I’ve longed for now, an easy way to battle with real people.

So with that said, what’s your favorite feature GameFreak has ever introduced? Tell me below!