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Confirmation and Team Submissions

Confirmation and Team Submissions

2spooky4u is ready to roll! If you were here yesterday, you would know that brackets have been posted and round 1 match ups revealed. Here is the bracket:

I’m sure you have a few questions about how to contact your opponent, and what their friend code might be. We ask you to fill out this form with your team, friend code, and username, and we’ll update the Challonge page with everyone’s friend code. After you’ve submitted your team, you’re free to start fighting your opponent. Remember that this is a best of 3, meaning you will have to win against your opponent twice in order to win. Also remember that there is a deadline for how long each round will take,  so be aware of that as you schedule a time with your opponent. Another reminder that all battles use Flat rules, meaning any Pokemon under level 50 will NOT be bumped to level 50.deadlines and form are posted below:

Round 1: October 12 – 18
Round 2: October 19 – 25
Round 3: October 26 – November 1
Round 4: November 2 – 8

Example of filling out a Pokemon from your team:

Q1) First Pokemon’s stats at level fifty, and ability?

A1.)Groudon HP here/Attack here/Defense here/Sp. Attack here/Sp. Defense here/Speed here   Drought

Q2.)First Pokemon’s moves?

A2.) Earthquake/Fire Blast/ Solar Beam/none

Q3.)First Pokemon’s item?


Winner Confirmation

(A post will be made specifically for this confirmation form later today)

If everyone finishes before the deadline, we’ll move on to the next round. MAKE SURE  that you submit your team by Tuesday 12:00AM CST, because you will be disqualified if you don’t. If you aren’t sure about if you submitted or not, or if you have any other general questions, ask @NLque, @moving, or @Defensive, Defender of Archie(Twitter:@DefensiveBasti) on Disqus. If you have trouble using the form, please let us know.

With all that said, let the games begin!