Halloween ‘2spooky4u’ Tournament — Sign-Ups [CLOSED]

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2spooky4u Sign-Ups

As you all (hopefully) know, we recently announced our next tournament here on PokéJungle.net. In Halloween 2014 Tournament, we’re taking what we learnt from PJT14 an putting it into action. This next tournament will run on a modified VGC rule set, and follow a theme decided by us. All rules (so far) and information can be found by clicking ‘Rules & Information’ in the Quick Links above.

Today we’re opening sign-ups for our 2spooky4u Tournament. Below is a form for all interested readers to fill out if they wish to gain a place in the tournament. Any incorrect or misleading submissions will be ignored. Places for the tournament are limited and as such we will only allow a capped number of entries, any entries over the cap will be chosen for stand-ins.

As with PJT14 we will provide frequent updates as we grow closer to the start of the tournament, with several updates coming over the next few days (including a start date). As we always do, we invite our readers to put forward and questions or queries they have, and we’ll do our best to get back to you!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!