Japanese 3DS Nintendo Direct – Finished

There’s no particular expectation of Pokémon news, but we’ll be covering this for all the Nintendo fans that visit the site 🙂


  • New Super Smash Bros. trailer confirming Shulk (Xenoblade) in the game
  • New Bravely Second trailer
  • Final Fantasy Explorers shown off, coming to Japan Dec 18
  • One Piece Super Grand Battle X, coming to Japan November 13
  • New 3DS models announced, has c-stick which acts as a second analog stick for the camera and replaces the previous addon. 3DS viewing angles increased. New back buttons as well: ZR and ZL. Built in NFC Amiibo support
  • 3DS browser has also been improved with greater HTML5 support
  • New 3DS features higher powered CPU
  • 3DS Xenoblade title coming
  • New 3DS has interchangleable cover plates, new 3DS LL does not

<3 PJ