JungleTalk: Rumour Time!

Happy Pi day everyone! You may be wondering: “Why is there hardly any news on Pokéjungle?”. Well, the reason is clear. There is just no news we find worthwhile to post. Unlike other sites, we’re not a news site but a community blog. We strive to inject news with our opinions and experiences. There just isn’t anything substantial to comment on. Other websites try to gather every sliver of news they can find to give you the notion something’s going on. Hey, if you book tickets for a movie in Japan you got a Pokémon everyone already has, now everyone go buy those tickets. Also, it’s good to know Trozei is less than 50 megabyte to download! How much exactly? We don’t know but it’s less than 50 so your life should be complete by now! Now give us all those clicks, you thought this news was an act of charity?

We’re not doing that. The things we’d love to give you however, are rumours. Sadly, we are back in that dreadfully slow news period in between game release and game announcements. So we’re going to try something different today. Let’s make up our own rumours! Everyone posts their craziest or most credible take on the next Pokémon games in the comments and maybe even act as an inside source for other their rumours. After the actual games get announced, I will link back to this thread so we can see who was right and who made the most stupendous rumour!

Sounds like a plan? Get rumour-mongering already. Happy commenting! Also, those rumours of mine were totally fake as expected. They were my entry for this article sent back in time by my internet time machine. Seems the thing does its job well.