Enter your softhacked Pokémon in a new PGL Friendly!

Got some Kalos Pokémon lying around that you have either hacked or bred from hacked Pokémon but you don’t know what do with them? Well, now you do! The Pokémon Global Link organises an April 2014 Friendly where you can nurture your bragging rights or learn how to repeatedly get your ass kicked by far better players without wincing once.

Registrations are now open, and close down April 24th at UTC midnight. The competition itself starts April 25th and ends April 28th. There’s a 50,000 entrants limit, although the site says it subject to change, but register as soon as possible if you want to enter! The competition is in single 3 vs. 3 format and the full rules can be found here. You can register on the Pokémon GL site, were the site not acting slower than PJN during the XY rumour season. Just have patience!

Good luck to all and may the critical hits be ever in your favor!