Not celebrating Indepence Day? Learn to draw Pokémon instead!

Pokémon Art Academy releases today in the Nintendo eShop and in-stores! The caveat is that it’s only released in Europe! Sorry Ammuricans, the Japanese probably thought your overly patriotic music, abundant fireworks and food was too much for them so they only gave you a vague October 2014 release date.

The game gets a budget pricing at €34.99/£29.99, but I’ll leave it up to you how much you consider this a budget price for what is essentially a drawing tutorial. That said, the Art Academy series is very useful for beginners learning to draw, so if you’ve always wanted to draw some Pokémon, now’s your chance!

I’m enjoying a nice summer holiday and will be watching to some world-class football (real football) instead of celebrating those silly Independence Days. Like it’s you who played part in the creation of the independence anyway :).