Smash Bros. Newsbomb: Charizard Is Back! (alongside a weird frog)

The Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct finished airing half a year ago and I didn’t cover it because, well, I… uh… I fell asleep… I’ll make up for it with this Smash Bros. Pokémon Extravaganza!

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First, we have a returning veteran. But this time he’s all on his own. Gamefreak can’t get enough of their Charizard wank and that’s probably why they tortured Sakurai in their Mystery dungeon to put him back in. Charizard now looks a bit toughened up, ready to wreak some havock.


Next up, we have this thing. It’s apparently one of the new starters from those recently released Pokémon games on the DS3, and boy it looks totally inferior to all the Generation I designs which are all perfect and totally not influenced by nostalgia. But enough of this genwunning. If you thought Greninja wasn’t overused enough, here you go! I asked which Pokémon you thought we’d see in Smash and nobody said this guy. Or so I guess because Disqus doesn’t let me see my replies anymore. Anyway, nobody won, but I’m sure Sakurai surprised everyone by picking these two characters.

Mega Evolutions

Of course Mega Evolutions couldn’t stay behind and that’s why both Lucario and Charizard get access to their souped up forms. Once they break their Smash Ball they power up, giving them more powerful moves to add to their arsenal. For example, Mega Lucario’s Aura Sphere hits for maximum damage instead of going off on how much damage you’ve taken.

Poké Balls


Smash Bros. wouldn’t be Smash Bros. without Poké Balls. A wide variety of old Pokémon return, like Goldeen and Electrode, but they added quite a bunch of Gen V/VI Pokémon. These include for example a rideable Gogoat, Fennekin, a cute Chespin, Dedenne and older Pokés like Eevee. A new addition is the Master Ball, from which legendary Pokémon emerge, such as Xerneas, Keldeo, Deoxys, Mew and more.

And that’s mostly all important Pokémon news! Smash Bros. 3DS is set to launch this summer while the Wii U version has to wait until winter. Rest assured some news will drop although I find it highly unlikely a new Pokémon fighter to get confirmed. In the meantime, you can discuss this in the comments and we’ll be back tomorrow with a Gen III article, if moving manages to start moving.