Ask PokéJungle: Generation III

Continuing our look back at the third Generation of Pokémon, we’re bringing you the next Ask PokéJungle.

Similarly to the second before it, Generation III is where a lot of trainers started their Pokémon Adventures, while, for others it was the third time they’d been introduced to a new batch of Pocket Monsters. Ruby and Sapphire undeniably introduced some of the biggest changes and additions to the series, including many that are still fan favourites today, such as secret bases.

If you’ve not already guessed, in this Jungle Asks we’re going to be focusing on all the Third Generation Pokémon games. We want to hear your questions! This is your chance to ask us and one another anything about the Third Generation, anything goes! So, yeah, have at it! And yes, just because I personally like the third generation the least, you can still ask me things…

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