Dae asks: Favorite Badge Design

It’s about time we did another Dae asks! I’ve been a bit sick the past week and tiredness and writing articles don’t mix sadly. But I’m already getting better, if only school would end soon…

This time’s question was inspired by our own Ampharos2551 in the comments, where he linked us a wallpaper containing all the badges ever featured in the games and anime. Now it’s your turn to decide which has the best design! You’ll have to sort out the name of the badge yourself, however, but last time I heard there was this specialised Pokémon wiki, but I can’t seem to remember the name. You can find all the badges >>>HERE<<< courtesy of Seancantrell.

Go comment already! You’ve been doing a great job at keeping it civil, so keep doing that. Hopefully some actually interesting news (and not tournament #7546) will come soon, and if not, I’ll finally finish the Daely Snack I’ve been planning all along. See ya!