Competitive Bonanza — Special Battles Season 4, Mamoswine Giveaway & More!

Today has been a slightly busy day for those who follow the competitive scene of Pokémon. First up, Season 4 of the Special Battles series has been announced, and unlike the previous seasons the standard VGC Rules no longer apply. Instead, players will battle it out in Single, Inverse type battles, with all Pokémon from the National Dex permitted aside from the usual banned ‘mon. Expect full details on the Pokémon Global Link site soon.

As previously announced, the European VGC Nationals take place next month, and the over at TPCI Germany it was recently announced that competitors and spectators at the events will be able to receive a special Mamoswine. The Pokémon — based on Arash Ommati’s Mamoswine — is Shiny and will arrive to players’ games at Level 50, knowing the moves Icicle Spear, Earthquake, Icicle Crash and Rock Slide.

On a parting note, stay tuned for some very exciting news from us very, very soon!

    1. 2013 world champion. I have to say that last years finals were extremely depressing, the opposing Japanese player got completely destroyed because of a bad matchup 🙁

  1. Does anyone know where to get info on the 2014 May International Challenge? There’s nothing on the PGL site.

    1. This battle competition is the 2014 International Challenge May and runs for all regions at the same time. This competition runs standard VGC rules: A Double Battle competition, with only Pokémon in the Kalos Pokédex eligible, and only if they were hatched/caught in Kalos. It also restricts use of Mewtwo, Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde. Registration runs from May 9th to May 16th while the competition itself runs from May 16th to May 19th. All people who participate will receive 1,000 PokéMile Points

  2. I’m staying tuned for the very exciting news coming very soon 😛 I just want some more crazy news now. Quick someone make-up some semi believable rumours about hoenn remakes or XandY sequels 😀 XD 😛

  3. oh lord. Get ready to see a bunch of perfect IV and perfect EV hacked shiny pokemon in this tourney .-. Especially now when pokecheck is going to be linked with gen 6 starting in may -.- oh well! At least there won’t be MUCH legends whoring like the April friendly. And inverse battles are fun since you actually have to think 😛

  4. Nuzlocke summary

    Apple starts in jhoto as he gets his first pokemon, ash, the sassy cyndaquil. Ash and apple traverse safely through the first route until they meet a old hermit who has someone’s shoes(I dunno) and gives them to apple where he is now traveling up the second route, being stopped again. By another hermit

      1. On HG :3
        I’m naming all the pokemon after trees so ash isn’t anime related btw xD

        1. llollol gl. I try doing a nuzlocke in that game but I lost when I came to whitney ;-;

          1. Don’t remind me ;~; hopefully I have some more reliable pokemon than my camp sassy cyndaquil(who’s male by the way)
            He dislikes: catching, throwing, sports
            Likes: gossiping, talking about weaves, being sassy

          2. lololollo. Sounds like me and that cyndaquil could be best friends 😉 I LOVEEE talking about weaves!!!

  5. I do hope they introduce apricot balls again o3o I would LOVE to catch pokes in moonballs and love balls and lure balls ( my 3 favorite balls )

    1. I’m so glad that move has such low pokemon distribution and nothing REALLYY fast get’s it

      1. The guy played well though. He abused the opponents trick room to get off very fast Spores with his Amoongus.

    2. This year only get’s better because Dark Void Smeargle will be returning from it’s hiatus!

      1. Yeah but that move only has 85 accuracy. You never know when the hax god’s will appear and make you miss. That’s why I say accuracy>>>>power

        1. True but Smeargle gives you so much more momentum when it gets it off, that in my opinion it’s worth the risk…and unlike spore it’s not blocked by any pokemon (unless they have insomnia which no one uses)

          1. Dark Void or not, it’s also got new tricks up it’s sleeve… namely King’s Shield…

          2. Or Geomancy and baton passing with a power herb. I used one on smogon and it was ALL RIGHT. But when I got this chance to pass the boast to my nidoking. It was over

  6. hmmm. Which Reuniclus ability is better? Magic guard or Regenerator :3

    edit: also i’m trying to use a kingler but I don’t know if I wanna use assault vest or life orb on it .-. Life orb and sheer force would do lot’s of damage. But it’s special defense is so low it can’t take a hit :I assault vest would be nice but I feel like I would be missing out on the sheer force/ life orb boost ._.

    1. I like Magic Guard. Safe from all entry hazards, no damage from weather, burn or poison and no recoil from life orb.

    2. Magic guard negates life orb damage so life orb for sweeper, regenerator for Staller

    1. Hi Earthen. i’m just trying to figure out whether I wanna use a life orb kingler or a assault vest one

      1. Hmmm I too have researched the competitive values of Kingler that monsterous attack but subpar everything else
        This is my hypothesis
        I’d wouldn’t give it a Life Orb since your not going anywhere with its speed or sp def and rather last the round then further its attack power. Go adamant and i’d just max Attack and HP and put either a Focus Sash or that Assualt Vest
        I cannot believe I typed this on a IPhone

        1. lololol. Thx :p yeah I was thnking the same thing. What’s the point of having all that attack if you can’t last a round to use it ._. assault vest it is!

  7. Wow so i started my pokemon glazed version and apparently the rival is called Percy XD Heavy is our rival!

    On a serious note, pokemon glazed is a really nice hack so far and hi guys :3

        1. Pokémon light plantinum and pokemon reborn are good hacks as well. Even though pokemon reborn is hard :I

      1. i heard all of good things from pokemon reborn might try it out

        its been 3 monthes and shofu still didnt finish the game XD

        1. well the game isn’t done yet, updates are still being released…(I started playing around November last year)

  8. What do you think Zygarde’s battle background will look like in X2/W2/Z? Champion Iris, Xerneas, Yveltal, and Lysandre have had their own unique battle backgrounds.

      1. I’m all good! I played Dark Souls II with my homies back at home. How about you? I’m using my phone, so forgive me if I don’t reply quickly. 🙂

  9. 0___0 i just found a pokemon hack calledpokemon zeta and it has mega scpeitle mega swampert mega bisharp and alot of new pokemon 0___0 how have i not seen these before!

    1. It even gives the choice in the begining of the game if you want to do a nuzlocke, randomizer, or randomizer nuzlocke 0___0 Whoah this game is advanced

      1. about govnah this morin. i want to know if i can take his place as the grass leader for the PJL

  10. So how does this sound for a M scizor set.
    bullet punch
    vacuum wave

    1. Bullet Punch is a must
      Defog is….alright
      Roost fine
      but why Vacuum Wave? u already have a hard hitting Stab Priority, and won’t even o much since it’s special I’d go for swords dance or X-Scissor

      1. X-scissor is the best i guess. and btw: have you heard about Gavnah? He’s leaving PJN.

          1. Yea. he will and since he left that means there’s a opening for the grass leader in the PJL, soooo can take his place???

          2. Yeah about the PJCL I didn’t want to say anything but Me and Lick quietly and temporarily suspended it

          3. I’m sorry but the idea is dying out
            I only started the league just so we had something to do in our slow news periods

    1. Well this time it seemed prenament. If you go back to the old article it’s one of the last ones on there unter newest.

      1. I kind of doubt it. He’s left multiple times in the past. He’ll be back at some point. His reasons for leaving are life getting better and having a “deerling” (Girlfriend). He is one year younger than me ; Not many high school relationships last too long. No offense to him, I wish him the best, but that’s a fact. So, having a girlfriend isn’t too much of a distraction. As for life getting better, it has it’s ups and downs.

  11. Everyone give a few mintues of your time to stand in silence to remember the valiant willow who died to a critical hit from a bellsprout…
    He was the lover of cedar(geodude) and will not be forgotten :,(

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