PokéJungle Tournament 2014 Sign-Ups CLOSED

UPDATE: Sign-ups are now CLOSED, though it’s possible we’ll open them for a short amount of time in the coming days. Thank you to everyone who has signed-up so far. We’ll be announcing the Official Rules soon. Confirmed competitors will also be announced shortly, as well as those on the waiting list.


As you hopefully all remember we announced last year that we would be holding a network-wide PokéJungle tournament. We opened sign-ups and had an amazing response. However, we didn’t quite feel we were ready to begin the tournament, there were things we hadn’t planned for and dozens of loopholes. Now, we’re ready to announce our tournament again, and open sign-ups right off the bat.

pjt1The PokéJungle Tournament 2014 will take place during a few weeks over summer this year, after which our first Champion will be announced. Due to the tournament running over several weeks we ask that you only sign up if you know for certain you’ll be available to take part in each round. At the time of writing we haven’t fully decided how many rounds there will be, but each round will run for a total of one week.

Using the Swiss format for battling trainers will gain points across each round, until all rounds are complete and the Champion decided. The Swiss format for battling allows us to match players of similar skills level in battles. Of course we’re open to suggestions if you don’t feel this format works best.

It is important that if you wish to take part, you fill the form below with correct information. If we believe the information you have provided is incorrect we will sadly have to disqualify you from the tournament. If you wish to back out of the tournament after signing up we will provide a form later for you to fill out, it’s likely back outs will have to count as a forfeit. Sign-ups spots are limited. Once filled we will allow a further 10 people to sign-up and act as back-up competitors should another back out before the first round is completed Official tournament rules, requirements and information will be published soon. Rules can be expected to be a slight alteration of the Official VGC rules. Prizes and awards are yet to be decided.

As always if you have and questions of queries please feel free to contact us or chat with us in the comments or site chat!

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