Corocoro October 2014 Leaking – UPD


UPD: Full (and new) scans have surfaced!

An advertisement for the November issue(next month) of Corocoro, from Shonen Sunday, has surfaced, along with the actual October issue of Corocoro!

  • First image leaked(the one in black and white) reveals that a serial code will unlock a trial version of Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire that starts you with the middle evolution of a starter in the November issue of Corocoro
  • Claims that you will obtain a new Mega Evolution in this demo; the words used leaves room for the fact that it could be a never before seen Mega Evolution
  • Mega Sharpedo gets Strong Jaw for ability, get’s a basic stat boost with no particular stat getting a big boost, typing does not change
  • Mega Camerupt gets Sheer Force for ability, gets a speed decrease and boost in everything else, typing does not change
  • Mega Kyogre gets Rain of Beginnings(“strong rain”) for ability
  • Mega Groudon gets Land of Endings(“strong daylight”) for ability
  • No details on Mega Gallade ability or boosted stats yet
  • Groudon’s new move is called “Cliff Sword”

Day 2

  • Kyogre’s new move is called Origin Wave, hits multiple targets
  • Groudon’s Cliff Sword also hits multiple targets
  • Rayquaza is connected in some way to the mystery of Mega Evolution
  • Corocoro ORAS demo to feature a never before seen Mega Evolution
  • Corocoro ORAS demo also set to feature a special storyline exclusive to the Corocoro demo if you play the demo everyday, with other secrets teased for next issue
  • You can bring over items obtained in the demo to the actual game
  • Mega Gallade gets Inner Focus for ability. Corocoro does not specifically say what stat is boosted for Mega Gallade, but it does imply that it could be a frail sweeper(“It’s a the-first-attack-wins-the-game type of Pokémon”).  Typing does not change