Dae asks – Best Corocoro Leak EVER

Because moving is too busy with life too lazy to do anything (rumour has it that he got a job at Pokébeach), the article with the Group Stage of PJT will be delayed a bit.

But, we still have…me! Not that you want me anyway, I know what you want. Sadly, I can’t give you Corocoro, but it should be here within a few days. I can give you something to speak about though! What did you think was the biggest, most unbelievable, jaw-dropping juice Corocoro has ever featured? It would be nice if you could search the scan related to it, too. No fakes allowed, sadly :).

We know it’s a bit of a quiet period regarding to interesting news (we don’t believe region-specific downloads everybody already knows about are interesting news) but at least Corocoro will come soon! I’ll also be going to Gamescom again this year and cook up a report after that, but sadly, there’s no Pokémon demo this time around.

Happy commenting!