JungleTalk: Preparing for the Pokémon Game Show


Right now it’s 10:50PM, Japan Standard Time. I’m typing this up before I take a bath and go to sleep so I can get some rest before teaching a bunch of kids tomorrow at summer school. And after Friday ends… we’ll have new information from Saturday and Sunday’s “Pokémon Game Show”.  The first day the site will be monitoring closely any news and break any new information to English-speaking fans. We’ve got NL and Kriff manning the translation booth and they continue to produce some of the highest quality translations in the Pokémon fandom. Hopefully some Japanese fans will post pictures.

On the second day (Sunday), I’ll be going myself to cover the event. I don’t anticipate digging up any exclusive information, it will probably all be spilled by Saturday, but I will be able to take pictures and give you a write up that gives you a little insight into what the event was like 🙂

For now, let’s take a quick look at what we might get based on past precedents.

PGS Expectations:

  • Mega Evolutions featured in the demo. This was already confirmed by the Official Nintendo Magazine.
  • New Pokémon! This was seen back when Black & White were first demoed, as well as Diamond and Pearl! (Fun fact: I played the demo for the 4th Gen in a gaming shop near my school in Osaka. Was fun to play with Roserade.)
  • New merchandise. We don’t focus on it much, but there’ll probably be some cool stuff there for PGS-goers.
  • …and more! No doubt the very first Pokémon Game Show will pack a few surprises for us 🙂

Everyone ready for the news rush this weekend?! I HOPE YOU ARE! Remember to stick to PokéJungle, we’re going to be giving you our all to get out all new information from the land of the rising sun 🙂

<3 PJ

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