New Black and White Demo Details! [UPD2: Pics Added]

spmb has now updated with details of someone’s personal experience with the BW Demo.  I have translated the details below for you all~ (Don’t bother watching the video it is almost all text and if you can’t read Japanese it won’t do you much good)

  • Demo takes place in and around Sekka City
  • When you start the demo you get one of the starters, Shikijika, and Zoroa
  • Which starter you get and what season you play during is random
  • Mijumaru has a high attack stat (they speculate that it’s final evolution is indeed Water/Fighting)
  • Shell Blade: Physical / Base power: 75 / Accuracy: 95 / Slight chance to lower defense
  • Pokabu has high attack and HP but low defense
  • Nitro Charge: Physical / Base power: 50 / Accuracy: 100 / Chance to raise your speed
  • Grass Mixer: Special / Base power: 65 / Accuracy: 90 / Chance to lower opponent’s accuracy [Very similar to the attack ‘Octazooka’]
  • Shikijika knows the attacks: Leech Seed, Take Down, Scary Face, and Double Kick
  • Zoroa‘s ability Illusion is confirmed to only affect appearance, does not emulate type or attacks.  It knew the attacks Fury Swipe and Faint Attack
  • Darumakka is confirmed as being in the demo and is Hihidaruma’s prevo.  *It doesn’t seem to have arms or legs shown at all times.  First image.
  • Basurao has a rectangular jaw with the top half of its body being green and the bottom half being grey.  Writer compared it to Carvanha.  Second image.
  • Tabunne is the 3rd image and is the normal type we heard about yesterday.

Nice to know a little more about the demo that we’re getting leaks from!  Wish that it could’ve confirmed the existence of Wakoishi/plant pokemon though…  that’s all for tonight though 😀

UPD2: Frankly I believe that the Tabunne screenshot COULD be fake because the pokemon we saw back in early July matches the description that people have been talking about much better: link.  Just had to say that after this Wakoishi/Plant fiasco.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Anyone else wish they would’ve said what Tsutaaja’s highest stat was?  =[