New Black and White Demo Details! [UPD2: Pics Added]

spmb has now updated with details of someone’s personal experience with the BW Demo.  I have translated the details below for you all~ (Don’t bother watching the video it is almost all text and if you can’t read Japanese it won’t do you much good)

  • Demo takes place in and around Sekka City
  • When you start the demo you get one of the starters, Shikijika, and Zoroa
  • Which starter you get and what season you play during is random
  • Mijumaru has a high attack stat (they speculate that it’s final evolution is indeed Water/Fighting)
  • Shell Blade: Physical / Base power: 75 / Accuracy: 95 / Slight chance to lower defense
  • Pokabu has high attack and HP but low defense
  • Nitro Charge: Physical / Base power: 50 / Accuracy: 100 / Chance to raise your speed
  • Grass Mixer: Special / Base power: 65 / Accuracy: 90 / Chance to lower opponent’s accuracy [Very similar to the attack ‘Octazooka’]
  • Shikijika knows the attacks: Leech Seed, Take Down, Scary Face, and Double Kick
  • Zoroa‘s ability Illusion is confirmed to only affect appearance, does not emulate type or attacks.  It knew the attacks Fury Swipe and Faint Attack
  • Darumakka is confirmed as being in the demo and is Hihidaruma’s prevo.  *It doesn’t seem to have arms or legs shown at all times.  First image.
  • Basurao has a rectangular jaw with the top half of its body being green and the bottom half being grey.  Writer compared it to Carvanha.  Second image.
  • Tabunne is the 3rd image and is the normal type we heard about yesterday.

Nice to know a little more about the demo that we’re getting leaks from!  Wish that it could’ve confirmed the existence of Wakoishi/plant pokemon though…  that’s all for tonight though 😀

UPD2: Frankly I believe that the Tabunne screenshot COULD be fake because the pokemon we saw back in early July matches the description that people have been talking about much better: link.  Just had to say that after this Wakoishi/Plant fiasco.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Anyone else wish they would’ve said what Tsutaaja’s highest stat was?  =[

  1. The attack you reffered to as “Mistletoe Seed” is actually an existing attack with the name “Leech Seed”.

      1. Well so much for that idea.
        Doesn’t matter, it can use Energy Ball, and can turn grass moves into move strength. It’s one fun fawn, that should evolve.

  2. Hey pokejungle!
    Looks like I’m first to comment! Yay!
    Hmm nice confirmation!
    I’m also curious what stat was high for Tsutaja.
    Of course I’m still curious of dex numbers. Could they capture anything in the demo? But Shikijika and Zorua make fun partners. My theory is that Mistletoe Seed can start infatuation on the next turn like Yawn.
    More surprises demo!

    P.S. I did this comment on DSi.

    1. Ok 3rd is better than nothing.
      I’m curious what fishing will get us in this game, not just Basurao.
      No oldies means PLENTY OF NEW and that’s cool. Always new discoveries. I can imagine Ash amazed at the sheer amount of foreign beings to encounter and befriend.

  3. If the last stage of Mijumaru is Water/Fighting then, I am definitely going to pick it as my starter.

  4. If I were to guess, based on the other Pokemon, Smugleaf has high Sp. Attack and Speed but is fragile, kinda like Alakazam? Nice job on the quick work. 😀

    So Shell Blade is a Water-type Crush Claw, Nitro Charge is a Fire-type Charge Beam except for Speed, and Grass Mixer is a Grass-type Octazooka with slightly better accuracy. They seem to lower/raise whatever would help the Pokemon best based on their stats.

    1. I hope it’s a water type crush claw (50% is hardly a slight chance). But I’m glad to see it has high attack!

  5. yayy new info!!!”:DDDDDDDDDDDDD

    but why the leakers hatin’on tsutaaja? DX
    we need some tsutaaja info!!

  6. Going out on a limb and saying Smugleaf has high Sp. Atk and Speed. I also think he’ll be part electric (unique typing FTW)

    Thank you for this information. It’s a shame we haven’t gotten confirmation yet though. I do hope these aren’t fakes.

  7. I hope tsutaja is the usable version of Sceptile, like Infernape and Blaziken
    and i want it to be dragon type, it’d be epic =P

  8. The starter we get is random?

    I thought there was a video of you picking your starter though…Maybe that was of Cheren and Bel picking before you :S

    1. It’s during the demo that they’re random I get it now…

      anyway more demo pics have leaked with new pokes, and I saw some hands and feet on darumakka.

  9. Why do the 3 new picutures seem to contradict a few of the old pictures?

    I’m talking about the ones under the spoiler tag on Serebii’s front page’s newest article.

    Basuaro is shown as bright green with a grey top, when in the earlier picture most definetly appears grey with a red top.

    Tabuun doesn’t seem to be of the same quality as the other sprites. It really looks like something someone could have thrown together on paint within an hour.

    Also Darumakka is shown with…arms and legs, despite all other pictures of him showing him as nothing but a head.

    Anyone think that maybe these new screens are fake based on this?

    1. I don’t think so. Darumakka probably rolls up into the daruma shape before or during battle, so we might just be seeing a different animation pose a Darumakka.
      Basuaro’s appearance matches the descriptions of the report of this post. The earlier picture might have been a bit messed up, or else it could a gender difference thing like Hippopotas had.
      I’ve never seen Tabunne before, but it matches the earlier descriptions I heard – pink and white center.

  10. Tabunne is so cute~~~!

    I can’t wait to find out if Mijumaru will be part fighting down the road. I hope so!! 🙂

    1. I agree. Tabunne looks more like a Digimon to me (Simple, more anime-ish, body structure, sucks xD). I hate Digimon.
      I think that it may be fake. It just doesn’t look like a Pokemon. I hope so.
      ~Prof. W.

  11. In the screen shot with the player using Pokabu and Shikijika, what are the attacks in the lower screen?

        1. Nothing that there has been so far springs to mind.
          Fire/poison would admittedly really rock!

          P.S. Would it be possible for me to get editing features please?
          During the corocoro scans I had so much info to give in some cases AGES before the other sites had it translated, yet I was unable to put it up for hours ;__;
          (Thanks to Ozy for coming to the chatroom and putting up some of my stuff eventually though! He was busy translating himself yet was kind enough to come listen to what I had to say! :D)

    1. the attacks are “Nitro Charge” and “Smog” look like it’s pokabu’s moves. 😀
      NC is on the left while Smong is on the right. 😀

  12. dudeee i’m liking all of these!! :DD
    cheren’s fish actually doesn’t look to bad! 😀
    and tabunne…>///<

  13. Haha, I bet Team Rocket eventually get Tabunne!
    Up until now they’ve got other pun-tastic Pokemon in order to make their motto’s more humorous.

    Wobufett/Sounansu- sounds like (That’s right!)
    Mime.Jr/Manene- when it says its name in a certain way comes out as “maa ne, maa ne” which sounds like (I guess so, I guess so) [In a doubting way]

    In the Japanese version of the anime this Pokemon would often say this at humorous times, which naturally didn’t make it to the English versions. (Except maybe Wynaut sounds like “Why not!?’ lol!?)

      1. Ummm it’s a pun on the Japanese word 多分 and the particle ね. I means maybe. I don’t know if the pokemon will have any special characteristics that make it related to the word or not.

      2. As PokeJungle said it is indeed “Tabun” and “ne”
        It means like “Probably” but with no context it sounds a little doubtful.
        Translating “tabun ne’ whilst exaggerating it in order to get across the nuance would probably end up something along the lines of “Well yeah, Probably I guess”
        Theres a hint that the speaker may not believe so deep down though (out of context anyway!)

  14. Grass Mixer: Special / Base power: 65 / Accuracy: 90

    Yeah!! Nitro Charge BP 50 – great!

    1. Cyndaquil and Houndour learns the move naturally. Shouldn’t be much of an indicator… hopefully?

      1. Exactly. That’s like saying “OMG Staryu knows Gyro Ball it must evolve into a part Steel type!”
        ~Prof. W.

  15. There sure is alot of pink pokemon this gen. And I like Darumakka even more now that he has limbs.

  16. sorry bros, put no effort into the plant and emonga sprite, but i put some effort into the wakoishi fake

    but yeah you guys were right, fake shit is fake. hope you guys enjoyed it anyway, lol’d @ some of the responses to plant.
    called Nourishana btw

  17. shell Blade is the most powerful of the three, but the attack is cool grass mixer. Nitro charge is the least powerful, but raise the speed, accuary is 100% lol.
    Incinerate a lot of cool victiny … that it burns all the berries that takes a team, we will have to see what has power and accuary …

  18. Anyone else think that Basurao looks like a grumpy old man? o.0 lol or is it just me. And tabunne looks interesting like a Fairy Bunny hopefully its not a fake…….I hereby name Basurao Grumblefish!! lolz

    1. Grumblefish is 11 letters. Pokemon are limited to a 10 char. name. Soooo it’d have to be Grumbafish. LOL

  19. I wanted to know 🙁 I’m thinking it might be Speciala Attack for Tsutaja and low Attack…

    1. Apparently, people the blogger talked to say that it focuses on special stats (from Pokebeach).

  20. Water/Fighting Ninja Wotter FTW~~
    i really hope that’s his typing.
    i’ll be very disappointed if it’s not

  21. Well That so called normal Pokemon that they are telling us or better words….showing us to believe to be REAL? It’s not…
    Look closely at it’s shadow….it’s brighter than every Pokemon’s shadow, it’s a brighter gray than the black shadow that all Pokemon give off….fyi

  22. I’m starting to think that this “Tabunne” is a fake. It was always described as “pink and round” not “pink and yellow and not round.” The images from the first demo (before the buses) had a very blurry image of what I can only describe as one of the Totoro from “My Neighbor Totoro.” I belive that fits the descriptions we’ve been getting.

    Also, the designer in me says that there is something wrong with Tabunne’s shadow 😐 It does not look… right.

    With all these fakes flying around the internet, it pays to be cautious!

    1. I also think its fake. If you look at my post I updated with a link to what I think the REAL tabunne looks like.

      1. I really can’t wait until the games officially come out. I won’t be getting them until they’re out in America, but at least we will be free of the fakes!

        (At least until next gen…)

  23. Looking at Angryfish (lol Angryfish is Angry hurr hurr)…

    Looking at Basurao I’ve gotta say, he reminds me of Shamus (the pirate) from Family Guy. Also, could it be possible that it only has one eye? It appears as though it has a natural “eyepatch.” Without official art it’ll be impossible to tell, but looking at the sprite I’d say it only has one eye.

  24. “basu” means bass, and “masurao” can mean a hero or rebel? I think. Darumakka’s name reminds me of “Akkanbee” a teasing gesture. But “akka” means aggravation or worsening

      1. I also seem to remeber “aka” having some relation to the color red but again, horrible at japanese

        1. NO! Bachulha or something! My least fav food duh! thats what Basurao’s second thing is. and Makka is red thats rite

  25. Tabunne is fake just look at the sprite. The right leg is covering a bit of the gender symbol and munna is moved out of the circle.

    1. I was just on and one of the double battle pictures showed that Ononokusu’s leg was practically on the health bar and it’s name.
      We have to also remember that they move now so the picture’s could have been taken in an weird position???

  26. One of the summaries about Tabunne was that it was pink.
    That other new Pokemon you linked dosen’t appear to have pink on it???

  27. About the demo, has anyone said anything about the movesets of the starters. All I know is…
    Mijumaru: Shell blade, fury cutter, revenge
    Tsutarja: Grass mixer
    Pokabu: Nitro charge, smog

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