If you had to make a team…

Using ONLY 5th gen pokemon that have currently been revealed… what 6 pokemon would make the cut?  I’m curious to see if we get some similar comments :]  For the purpose of this you can’t include hypothetical evolutions, such as the starter’s evolved form.  Just pretend that all these pokemon have equally good base stats =p  Here’s mine:

  1. Tsutaaja
  2. Mushaana
  3. Hihidaruma
  4. Gochiruzeru
  5. Koromori
  6. Kurumiru

To be honest I have a pretty favorable opinion of most pokemon in this generation :s  I might have to buy both games just so that I can go through the game with more pokemon.  Now it’s your turn :]  Comment!

<3 pokejungle

ps- I’m tired ><;  Gonna sleep early tonight~