PokéJungle TCG Giveaway

I feel that we’ve had a GREAT year so far and with Pokémon X & Pokémon Y coming later this year things can only get better! It’s my great pleasure to announce our new giveaway which is TCG-themed with a great prize for one lucky winner: a set of 3 Pokémon TCG EX Power Tins! … Read more

PJN in JPN: McDonald’s Toys

Eating at McDonald’s right now (which I don’t do frequently). Took a pic of the upcoming pokemon toys just for fun 🙂 The logo on the rainbow says “Pokemon and water play!” Hope everyone’s doing well! <3 pokejungle

How’s your team?

My mom will be shipping me Pokemon White today (THANK YOU), but I know a lot of people have been playing. So today’s comments section is dedicated to them :]  I wanna hear about some strategies, who’s on your team.  Tell us if you’re having some difficulties.  All of it. <3 pokejungle

Vote on the name!

I’ve set up a poll in the sidebar (check on the right, might have to scroll down) so please go vote!  Since there were such good submissions you can vote for your top 2 choices.  Thanks to EVERYONE who suggested names, I loved reading through them :3  These were my favorites with my original name: Prof. … Read more

Game Deal – PokePark Wii

Throughout December I’ll be posting “game deals” that I find on the internet (mostly Amazon, they usually have the best prices), because I know this is the shopping season.  Always good to save a few bucks :]  This one isn’t a huge savings, but Amazon has PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure for $46.54 USD.  Considering this … Read more

If you had to make a team…

Using ONLY 5th gen pokemon that have currently been revealed… what 6 pokemon would make the cut?  I’m curious to see if we get some similar comments :]  For the purpose of this you can’t include hypothetical evolutions, such as the starter’s evolved form.  Just pretend that all these pokemon have equally good base stats … Read more