How’s your team?

My mom will be shipping me Pokemon White today (THANK YOU), but I know a lot of people have been playing.

So today’s comments section is dedicated to them :]  I wanna hear about some strategies, who’s on your team.  Tell us if you’re having some difficulties.  All of it.

<3 pokejungle

  1. Got shiny serperior, emboar, duosion, siesmitoad, fraxure, and gigalith on my team. Four badges. Almost five badges just have to get through the cold storage. Its hard to play with all of these tests my proffesors are giving out right before spring break

  2. Just beat the Elite 4 and about to finish up the story. Current team is:
    Samurott (Wottsworth)
    Haxorus (Fang)
    Golurk (MobileDoll) – Needed a flyer, who better than a flying robit
    Lilligant (Lyla) – Never used this Pokemon before, but loved it a lot.
    Galvantula (Nikola)
    Reuniclus (Splicer) – The reason I got white 😛

    Didn’t have any trouble with the game, but I also didn’t use that team the whole way through the game. Actually, if there was any kind of trouble to be said I had with the game it would be in choosing my team to go into the final battle with. I had been swapping a lot before what and had some great ‘mons in reserve.

  3. I have no strategy, just using pokemon I like. My team right now is Litwick, Simipour, Serperior, Crustle, and Scrafty. And I’m waiting to catch a Rufflet.

    Having difficulty training Litwick cause it sucks D: Hopefully that’ll change when it evolves.

    1. Ugh I know ;_; I hope it learns some better moves, I’m not too much of a fan of too many ghost moves.

  4. I had the BEST moment yesterday. Petilil & Liligant are my two fave Gen 5 Pokemon. (Naturally, I’m playing White.) So, I finally got to Pinwheel forest, and the first Petilil I came up against was female. I nudged my sister and said “Now, the best thing would be if she had Own Tempo and was Modest!” …2 minutes later…. “AAAAAHHHH”

    She was. XD So now I very happily have a Modest female Own Tempo Petilil on my team. I fully expect her to wreak havoc a bit down the road. 🙂 I’m going Sleep Powder/Butterfly Dance/Synthesis/Petal Dance, I think.

      1. *facepalm* Okay, so that’s what I get for not doing research. But still, right nature AND right ability have to count for something. XD

  5. My team consists of:
    Eve (Leavanny ♀)
    Poker (Scolipede ♂)
    Joe (Crustle ♂)
    Wattson (Galventula ♂)
    Corona (Larvesta ♂)
    Termitator (Durant ♂)

    I’m currently training my newly caught Durant to be level 50 like the others, then, I take on the Pokémon League!
    Yes, I’m doing a mono-bug run, and it’s awesome! 😀

  6. Pokémon – moves 1, 2, 3, 4 – abbility
    1) Samurott – Megahorn, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Dragon Tail – Torrent
    2) Simipour – Acrobatics, Scald, Shadow Claw, Low Sweep – Glottony
    3) Seismitoad – Drain Punch, Hydro Pump, Sludge Wave, Earthquake – Poison Touch
    4) Swanna – Air Slash, Steel Wing, Hurricane, Water Pulse – Big Pecks
    5) Jellicent – Energy Ball, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Water Spout – Water Absorb
    6) Carracosta – Crunch, Stone Edge, Surf, Hydro Pump – Solid Rock

  7. i got black, and just finished the league. Looking for the seven sages.
    Male Bisharp
    Male Unfezant (love it love it love it love it *-*)
    Male Samurott (i was expecting more from him D;, but it has an awesome look)
    Female Gothitelle
    Reshiram ( i was thinking of catching haxorus at victory road and use it instead, but i was having sooo much work raising pawniard and gothorita)
    Male Stoutland

    i got no strategy, just using the pokemon i like ²

  8. I’m not using any specific strategies, and I never have before! Im only using pokemon I like!
    I just finished my 5th gym. (Focusing more on training my pokemon)


    That’s all of mine!

  9. My team……….I haven’t even played yet, but do know that my whole team will by shiny. Currently at around 1000 resets for Tepig, and my other team members will be Lillipup, Pidove, Sandile, Venipede and Tympole

      1. Tepig’s the hard part. I don’t have many soft-resetted shinies. So far I’m at 1050 resets for him, once he shines, its smooth sailing

  10. Current Team:

    [Kryten] Golurk (Lv. 65)
    [Infernus] Darmanitan (Lv. 64)
    [Pteryx] Archeops (Lv. 62)
    [Vanilla] Vanilluxe (Lv. 62)
    [Paul] Beheeyem (Lv. 62)
    [Mugen] Samurott (Lv. 61)

    I’m also training my hatched Larvesta (nickname Luciole, currently level 40 after around two hours of game time spent training) because she has a good nature and a 28 Special Attack IV. <3 I'm obviously way into post-game by this point, and have been for a good couple of days now. xD; I'm yet to face the second wave of the Elite Four, but I have faced off against the person you find in Undella Town (spoilers for who it actually is, look it up if you really want to know), with all my team around level 60, and managed to get them down to their last Pokémon, despite the fifteen-off level difference. I've caught all the legendaries that I can get, bar Tornadus, but he'll be my next target after riding on the Royal Unova.

  11. Standing in front of the E4, just finished evolving Pawniard, Deino, Larvesta and Rufflet.
    129 Obtained before credits 😀
    Whats left is main legends, version exclusives and trade evolutions, oh and the other fossil.

    I don’t play with a team. I try every, especially when its a new gen. I use them for at least until they evolve.
    Will be goin to the E4 with Vanilluxe, Klinklang, Stunfisk and Beheeyem :3

  12. haxoros, swanna, emboar, Turtle thing, klinklank, sawsbuck, reunclus ( its at the day care)

  13. I have tepig, Keeping it from evolving at the moment!
    Going to catch sewaddle, trubbish, Dwebble, Elgyem, and still thinking about the last one!

  14. My team:
    Samurott lvl. 52
    Larvesta lvl. 52
    Reuncilus lvl. 51
    Braviary lvl. 54
    Galvantula lvl. 51
    Haxorus lvl. 52

    I’ve been playing hella slow so I’m only on the 7th Gym leader. :p
    As for troubles, when you’re this god-like, there’s no such thing.

      1. Well I usually beat the main story within 24 hours max, but I’m just only at DragonSpiral Tower and on almost 40 hours. ><
        But playing around with all the IR stuff and the Entralink with my friends might have something to do about it. :p

        1. Ugh, man, I’m a Slugma compared to you. >.< Takes me about 2 weeks real time on average.

  15. Servine lv. 24
    Panpour lv. 24
    Tranquil lv. 25

    I’m heading out of Castelia City and onto Route 4. I caught Victini with a Pokeball in like three minutes with my staff member NeonBlue on the phone. I successfully used the Relocater Program and now I have the three Shiny Beasts and Celebi; but have no intention on using them to get ahead. I used Celebi to get Zorua; and now I have him but I won’t be training him up until I catch Zoroark. The last three I need for my team are Klink, Axew and Jellicent; at which point I will switch out Panpour (might be Simipour by then if I choose to). So yeah, you wanted all of it; so I gave it too you ^^

  16. Im Playing White
    I Just Defeated the 4th gym leader and my team is:

    Zorua Lv. 25 (Modest)
    Pignite lv. 30
    Boldore Lv. 28
    Palpitoad Lv. 28 ( Modest )
    Whimsicott Lv. 26 ( Modest ) Just use her for the combo poisonPowder, Giga Drain and Leech Seed

  17. Anyone else who picked Snivy seriously regretting it?
    It’s moveset is terrible, only ever learning normal or grass type moves, it doesn’t even learn any good TM moves!
    I don’t know whether to start again, and pick another starter, or just expell it from my team :/

    1. once he gets leaf blade and coil he works out pretty nicely
      but you’re right his movepool its very type-limited find some egg moves you might feel better about that selection i remember there were some cool ones

    2. haha, of the reasons why I have not chosen him..
      Love the Tepig Line 😛

      Serperior has the looks but not the moves.. and stats…

    3. He’s okay. Not really regretting it though. He’s good for using Cut, I guess? xD

  18. I never like giving nicknames but thats probably because they rarely gave them in the anime ha
    here goes
    -Vanillite (madd cute animation)
    -Tirtouga (sooo adorable)
    -Servine (tail looks like pot)
    -Boldore (i dont have any friends who i can trade to evolve yet FML)
    -Victini (how could i say no to that face/ i hate all the other fire types this gen aside from the bug one but thats a wayZ away)
    -Yamask (I’ve had my eye on Cofagrigus since the mpment i saw him….he will have hyper beam)

    i have noticed that theres a lot of really defensive yet slow flavored pokemon this generation which makes me wonder if trick room might make it into one of my movesets…..probably yes

  19. I have gotten to the elite 4 the hardest badge to earn for me was against the ground type gym leader my team is Emboar 50 , Zebstrika 42, Gigalith 47, Simisage 45 , Stoutland 40, and Rufflet 41 and they havent let me down yet love my team now its time to take on the pokemon league

  20. My ingame team which I used for beating the E4 was:
    Samurott 70
    Simisear 22
    Boldore 26
    Woobat 13
    Patrat 15
    Zekrom (at the level you catch him)

    However my bred&EV’d team will be

    I choose my real team depending on my mood so these are just for having some variaty. Note that all Gen I-IV are ready, and for the Gen V I’m busy preparing to breed

  21. I’m adventuring in the mountains after having beaten Clay. My team currently goes like this:
    Mateus the Dewott
    Quezacotl the Servine
    Kujata the Pignite
    Mog the Swoobat
    Ixion the Zebstrika

    The last member of my team is gonna be a Golett named Alexander, but I’m really not wanting to wait until the Dragon Spiral Tower to get one…

    Anyway, as far as having issues or having non-issues, my team is doing a great job. I started with Oshawott and didn’t get the other two starters until just before the 4th gym, so raising them wasn’t an issue. All of my members have fairly beastly attacks, but I had one real difficultly.

    Zebstrika is awesome, but Blitzle was soooo freaking fragile! A Quick Attack nearly killed him alone on multiple occasions. Now that he’s evolved, it isn’t so bad (and I actually used Ixion to take out Elesa). Anyone else have that issue, though?

    1. Uhmmm… You can’t seriously have the 3 starter pokemon on your team… LOL… Unless it’s a cheat… :))

    2. I had some trouble with Elesa. That volt switch really hurts. I’m surprised you used a Zebstrika to take her down.

        1. Yeah, that is easy if the only Pokémon you have is a over-leveled Samurott. She wasn’t that difficult, though. Just needed to restart two times.

      1. My Zebstrika was at lv. 30. Shock Wave took out each Emolga in two hits, and then he managed Elesa’s Zebstrika with Flame Charges and Pursuits. It worked surprisingly well. 😉

  22. I don’t have a particular strategy for in game, just to pay close attention to type advantages.

    Samurott lv 46
    Conkeldurr lv 44
    Scolipede lv 46
    Reuniclus lv 44
    Darmanitan lv 47
    Cofagrigus lv 45

    I’m in N’s castle at the moment, just after beating the elite four. Personally I found Shauntal the most difficult to beat, her Jellicent was a major pain because I didn’t have supereffective moves to use against it. (except my Cofagrigus but she was slower than Jellicent so it was still rough). I foudn Grimsley to be the easiest to beat.

  23. Hi! ^o^)/
    this is my team
    Snivy Lv:36
    Excadrill Lv:33
    Emolga Lv:33
    Minccino Lv:33
    Swanna Lv:35
    going to trade for a Gothita soon so that will be my last on the team! (~*3*)~
    next is the fifth gym against Clay and i will let my Snivy do the job! im not going to evolve my Snivy ^v^

  24. in game team:
    serperior 65
    swanna 65
    excadrill 65
    conkledurr 65
    reuniclus 65
    chandelure 65
    post game team
    aggron 100
    scizor 100
    metagross 100
    excadrill 100
    ferrothorn 100
    empoleon 100

  25. I’m facing off against N right now in his castle…

    somehow I managed to give his Archeops the “Mummy” ability. *facepalm*

  26. Serperior
    And… Chandelure
    All of them in level 44
    They rock! I love them!

    1. Krookodile’s Moxie ability is great!
      I was able to 1HKO Drayden’s Haxorus because of it!!!
      Krookodile made this battle the easiest 8th gym battle ever!!
      at least for me!

  27. I only have 3 badges so far, and I’m training Dewott, Herdier, Victini, and Petilil. Petilil wasn’t even one of the many Pokemon I was planning to catch, but I tried it out and it was so useful I couldn’t get rid of it <3

  28. I’ve been taking my good o’l time with the game.(unlike my brother who is a speed demon with his game)
    My team so far is:
    Archer the Axew lvl 36
    Ezio(assassins creed <3) the Krokorok lvl 39
    Victorique the Swoobat lvl 39
    Lancelot the Samurott lvl 38
    Dominic the Archeops lvl 42
    and soon I'll be getting a female Mienfoo…Dunno what to name her.
    And my goal is to catch all the new Pokemon I see, so far I have caught 60 Pokemon. ^^

  29. Ok, so my team is:

    Samurott (Adamant nature)
    Krookodile (Adamant nature)
    Darmanitan (Adamant nature)
    Reuniclus (Modest nature)
    Swanna (Not sure yet)
    Eelektross (Adamant nature)

    Could someone help me decide what nature to use for Swanna?

    1. Swanna is probably what I would call a Mixed Sweeper, so…I guess boosting an attack stat would be nice? Or maybe it could be a speed demon? It’s your choice. 😛

      1. Ya 🙂 That’s one of the things I like about Swanna. Because it’s Attack and Special Attack are pretty good, plus it has good Speed. That way, the movesets can vary, leaving opponents unsure of what’s coming 😀

        1. Me too. It’s so elegant as well. 🙂

          Unfortunately, its a bit frail, its defenses are a bit bad. X_o

  30. i beat the game a hour ago with


  31. The last Mienfoo egg I hatched turned out to be an Adamant one with Regenerator! Once she evolved into Mienshao, she and Archeops made the game total easymode.

    Also, U-Turning between the two is so much fun. 🙂

  32. I’m one of those people who build up my team ultra slow XD and I just got it yesterday, so everyone’s on level 11/12:


    Received the Liberty ticket via Mystery Gift, and just finished beating Chili this morning :3 (Bought Pkmn Black with the limited edition strategy guide. GORGEOUS ♥). I may purchase White tomorrow since I want Wargle so bad!

  33. id recomend gigalith as long as you get it the right nature either serious/bashful/ adamant

  34. Archeops is all i need. total bro.
    Lonely nature [sucks for his defense though] + SUPAH ATTACK + Acrobatics = LOLWIN
    i haven’t even had to deal with Defeatist yet.
    he just dominates everything before he takes enough damage to lose attack power.

    Excadrill isn’t bad either. for a while his attack wasn’t great, but it shot up when he evolved.
    Zebstrika solo’d 3rd gym. how i love Motor Drive. but he’ll be swaped out for Eelektross when i get one.

    anyone else find that the Japanese players love English Pokemon?
    i sent up a Joltic [Lv.25, not trained] for a Zorua and the next day i got a Lv. 1 Bred Zorua from Japan.
    which is good, since i can’t find my other DS for the actual event one yet 8C

  35. My team is:

    Blitzer (Blitzle) Lv. 24

    SuperNanny (Swadloon) Lv. 25

    Ganonpork (Pignite) Lv. 26

    …I’m on route 4… the desert.

  36. So I just want to point out how happy i am a lot of people are nicknaming their Pokémon! My Team is pretty basic to be honest, but I love it so I don’t care.
    So here’s my team:
    Pygar: a Scraggy (soon to be Scrafty) at level 37
    Luey: a Pignite at level 33
    Tuva: a Swanna at level 35
    Bjork: a Scolipede at level 31
    Roggenrola: a Gigalith at level 35 (yes I nicknamed it after it’s prevo. But it’s THE best name of any Pokémon)

    I’m currently deciding on whether or not to replace Bjork with a Elgyem or a Litwick. I’m on my way, as I type, up the Celestial Tower. So yay! Soon Skyla!

  37. Fire-Mono game here, the first time I’ve ever done a monotype run.
    I have so far:
    Emboar (Sunshi)
    Darmanitan (Hihiko)
    Lampent (Chandella)
    Simisear (Almond)
    and Pidove is my flyslave and I need a surfslave.

    Currently in twist mountain.

  38. my experiance with this game is awesome, so many things that are just great. i agree with one of the first posters, the toughest bit is picking what to use. i started with a party of tepig, lilpup, and purlion, and pansage. but quickly found out the suck factor of purlion (held out till it evolved, at which point it got dropped.)

    my current team is:
    Skaa (scrafty)
    Bertha (emboar)
    Brocolli (simisage)
    Thor (Beheeyem)
    Archbeshop (Archeops)
    Kune (Samurott)

    Really though this gen might be the best in my opinion. looking forward to beating it and replaying, and of course i cant wait to see what they do with the third game, specially after seeing what they did back in gen 4 with platinum.

  39. Super level grinding whoo!
    Getting my party to level 50 for the Elite Four~
    Clive (Serperior ♂)
    Bartok (Swoobat ♂)
    Antoine (Scrafty ♂)
    Agar (Reuniclus ♀)
    Rachel (Elektross ♀)
    Hugo (Samurott ♂)

    I love them so much- Antoine and Agar especially have proven incredibly helpful!

    1. Awesome update of awesome: I swear to God, putting Scrafty on my team is the best decision of the entire game for me. It kills almost EVERYTHING.

      1. THIS. I had it in my party until after the Jet badge, and the thing obliterated. I’m doing a fire-mono run, but sometimes it would end up as the last pokemon in my team still conscious (I hate palpitoad.) and it did amazingly. I plan on having a permanant place for it whenever I play white and use just a normal team.

        1. I don’t know why the thing’s such a tank and owns at the same time. Seriously, he pretty much beat the entire elite four, N, and Ghetsis for me!

          ….Random update from Jello: First ball I threw crit captured Zekrom! I named it ArcadeFire after my favorite band. And I really need the power switch for my DS lite to come in because I REALLY wanna transfer my Leafgreen team up!

  40. My team is :

    Serperior LV42
    Musharna LV42 (probably going to switch to Gothitelle or Chadelure)
    Darmanitan LV42
    Simipour LV44
    Zebstrika LV45
    Tranquill LV31 (maybe going to switch for Mandibuzz or Braviary)

    I’m currently in Opelucid City

  41. After the 7th gym my team consists of
    Serperior lv 38
    Galvantula lv 38
    Larvesta lv 38
    Unfezant lv 39
    Scraggy lv 37
    Fraxure lv 38

  42. Got Black the day of release and I’m taking it somewhat slow only allowing myself to fight a single gym a day and FRIGGING LOVE THIS GAME!
    Current Team
    -Ganon (Emboar) -Brave -Lv 36
    -Gamageroge (Seismitoad) -Sassy -Lv 36
    -Zoroark (no name) -Modest -Lv 34
    -Drillago (Excadrill) -Impish -Lv 33
    -Kih-Oskh (Cofagrigus) -Modest -Lv 34 (Personal favourite of Generation V)
    -Sir. Robin (Karrablast) -Impish -Lv 31 (Bred with Megahorn)
    Personally I do believe that Emboar is the greatest starter I have ever used and even exceeds my personal favourite Typhlosion.
    I really wish though that Zoroark would learn some better special moves right now cause I’m forced to use physical stuff and its not working out too well.

  43. I’m taking a “train half of what I catch” approach. After every gym battle I drop my team to four members and train two new pokes before I get to the next gym. Only two pokemon haven’t been dropped from when try were caught.

    Current team:
    Pumbaa (Pignite) Lv. 27

  44. I’m taking a “train half of what I catch” approach. After every gym battle I drop my team to four members and train two new pokes before I get to the next gym. Only two pokemon haven’t been dropped from when try were caught. Just beat the 4th gym.

    Current team:
    Pumbaa (Pignite) Lv. 27
    Nesta (Herdier) Lv. 25 named her after my shih tzu 😀
    Pandoro (Whirlipede) Lv. 27 will be dropped for Galvantula asap
    Vincenzo (Krokorok) Lv. 29 named after the man who stole the Mona Lisa in 1911 😀

  45. Ugh well GBL wont let me use Zoroark and Zuruzukin on Random Match’s free mode, idk why

    Anyone know? (they r both event pkmn)

  46. I’m currently in Chargestone Cave trying to catch a Modest Joltik.

    My team is:

    Petilil- level 30
    Herdier- level 29
    Sigilyph- level 29
    Servine- level 29
    Tirtouga- level 28

  47. Emboar

    My current team, and prbly my favorite of all time

  48. My Black team:


    I just realized that, except for Zoroark, my entire team starts with S. That… was not planned. :p

  49. I’m in the middle of tracking down the six sages, my team is Samurott, Darmanitan, Scrafty, Cofagrigus, Excadrill, and sadly, Garbodor.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Garbodor, I like it’s appearance a lot, and I like poison types, but it’s TERRIBLE. It’s stats are awful, it has an even worse movepool, and an even worse ability. Weak Armor has messed me up plenty of times. Seriously, I really really REALLY wish I hadn’t used it. x_x

    1. Weak Armor is good for making sure you get down two layers of toxic spikes – which is only helpful in competitive battling.

    2. You should’ve gone for Stench instead. I used a Garbodor in my spanish run of Black and he was a reliable member of my team. The combination of the Sp Def lowering move and then Sludge (and subsequently more powerful poison attacks it kept learning) got me out of lots of problems. Also, stats depend on lots of things, so the one you found might not have been great. It happens.

      1. I didn’t choose the ability, I just caught a Trubbish and went with it. It was the only Pokemon on my team I didn’t look into whatsoever, which was a horrible horrible mistake. x_x

  50. I dont have the games yet, but when I do, I have had my team planned out for a couple months:
    Pre-National Dex:
    1. Serperior
    2. Emboar
    3. Samurott
    4. Elecktross
    5. Hydreigon
    6. Gigalith

  51. I am running a Snivy started game. I haven’t got a complaint about movesets though. Leech seed/Wrap/Growth/Leaf tornado is awesome for stall. As for the rest of my team, I have venipede, sawk, victini who I want to replace, tympole who I need to evolve for gym 4 and blitzle

  52. My team consists of Serperior, Simipour, Archeops, Reuniclus, Volcarona and Mienshao. Honestly, I can only highly recommend these Pokemon to you guys. They are simply wonderful. Not only appearancewise, but in terms of in-game abilities. Use them people! You’ll not regret your decision! ^___^

  53. My team at the moment is Percival the Servine Lv. 27 Sassy Nature Male, O’Riley the Herdier Lv. 27 Brave Nature Male, Infernic the Victini Lv. 27 Brave Nature, Storm the Zebstrika Lv. 27 Naive Nature Female, Pants Fall the Scraggy Lv. 27 Sassy Nature Male, and MightyDuck the Ducklett Lv. 28 Hasty Nature Male. Along with alot of Pokemon in the PC Box 1 such as a Venipede named Pendoraa, a Dwebble named Krustacia, a Deerling named Bambi, a Sandile named Shades, Redeye the Basculin (gotten from trade in Driftveil City) traded for my Mincinno named Sweepette (I caught it cause I thought it was a shiny), Cleopatra the Yamask, Archros the Archen, Cacthorn the Maractus, Male Nanny the Swadloon, Sinbad the Tranquill, Ferno the Darumaka, and alot more!

  54. I’m currently in the midst of N’s Castle. Right now I have with me…
    Emboar, L62
    Simisage, L57
    Swoobat, L54
    Carracosta, L56
    I also have a Golett with me because it knows Strength, and I forgot to drop it off before entering the Elite Four challenge. And my Larvesta Egg hatched while I was inside the Pokemon League, so I have her, too.

  55. -Krookodile
    -Zoroark (shiny)

    In the late 50’s

  56. I’m at the end of Chargestone Cave, with:
    Dewott – 31
    Archen – 31 (AMAZING with Acrobatics (110 power 100 accuracy if you have no item? Yes please))
    Darumaka – 31
    Leavanny – 31
    Excadrill – 31
    Sigilyph – 32 (Just got him to counter my friend’s Conkledurr, but it’s pretty good at this point)

    I’m going to swap in a Tynamo soon, and I’ll be getting Axew and Litwick soon as well, so my final team will be:

    1. Agreed with the Archen comment.Archeops is even more powerful(even if that’s not necessary)

  57. Team right now is at the 5th gym:
    1. Seress (Servine) Lvl. 30
    2. Nursow (Leavanny) Lvl. 27
    3. Cryolitan (Vannilite) Lvl. 24
    4. Chinchi (Minccino) Lvl. 25
    5. Almonculus (Solosis) Lvl. 25
    6. Vamphart (Swoobat) Lvl. 24

    My final team with legendaries will be:
    1. Seress (Serperior)
    2. Nickname unkown (Zekrom)
    3. Nickname unkown (Hydreigon)
    4. Nursow (Leavanny)
    5. Almonculus (Reuniclus)
    6. Jellicent, Mienshao, Cinccino, or Elektross (leaning towards Jellicent)

    If I wasn’t allowed legendaries, I would replace Zekrom and the Undecided spot with a Emboar and Samurott! 😀

    1. Almost forgot to mention…

      I LOVE the moving sprites, and all of the new types of Pokemon. But the Pokemon aren’t actually what won me over. It was the AMAZING camera angles and shots and-and-an….OOOHHH!!! I get goosebumps just thinking about it!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 (I wish there was a symbol for ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC!!!)

      1. Well, I should rephrase that again. The Pokemon are the main staple of the games (duh) and so I feel I have hurt my beastly friends by saying that some fancy schmancy electronics won over my darling Pokemon. I am sorry Pokemon.

  58. In the middle of Celestial Tower on black.
    Samurott LV 37 (The sea lion thingy ♥)
    Stoutland LV 35 (I am sadface he got a modest nature D:)
    Excadrill LV 35 (Double sadface, she got Timid)
    Conkeldurr LV 35 (My adamant heraderp :])
    Ferroseed LV 35 (Thought it would be cool, but like totally useless ATM. Hope it gets better when it evolves)
    Litwick LV 28 (My pride and joy :3 Just caught like 2 mins ago)

  59. I got Basculin, Zoroark, Klinklang, Simisage, Swoobat, and Emboar. Well, right now, Zoroark and Klinklang are chilling in my PC while I level up my EV-trained Volcarona and Haxorus.

    The Volcarona I SR’d for in Relic Castle. I brought along a specific team for it. A Timid Espeon, for Synchronize purposes. A Linoone with Thunder Wave. A Garchomp with False Swipe. And, in a fit of bad planning, Shiftry (for Dig, in order to get out of there) and Swoobat. Not the best idea to bring stuff that doesn’t resist Fire or Bug when Volcarona gets STAB on both those types, has special attacks of that type, Quiver Dance, and a high Special Attack. Fortunately, I caught it before it wiped out my entire team.

    As for Haxorus, anyone remember the Mystery Egg event in Japan, where you’d either get a Pidove, a Pansage, or an Axew? And the Axew would have a Naive nature and a Speed IV of 31? I got such an Axew off the GTS the other day. Yeah. Right now it’s a fantastic Haxorus, level 66, fully EV trained.

  60. I just got my fifth badge and I’m in Chargestone Cave doing some level grinding with my new Lucky Egg before taking on N and his cronies. (Thanks Prof. Juniper!)

    Current Team:
    Manfred “Manny” the Serperior (male, lv. 40; Hardy nature)
    Darcy the Swoobat (female, lv. 36; Lonely nature)
    Matilda the Excadrill (female, lv. 35; Gentle nature)
    Jason the Tirtouga (male, lv. 32; Quiet nature)
    Tera the Tynamo (female, lv. 28; Impish nature)

  61. Right now my team is
    1. Samurott – lvl 70
    2. Darmanitan – lvl 70
    3. Galvantula – lvl 69
    4. Krookodile – lvl 70
    5. Archeops – lvl 65
    6. ??? dont have one yet, debating between Lucario, Scrafty, Bisharp, Amoongus, Venasaur, Mienshao, and Gengar. I already have these pokemon but dont know which to use, leaning toward Bisharp but I dont really like having repeated types.

    1. I think you should go Scrafty, but that’s just me and my preferences. And Venusaur’s cool too.

    2. Hmmm…Personally, I’d add Mienshao into your team.

      The only downside of that Pokemon is that it evolves at Level 50. Otherwise, it’s an excellent, competent Fighting-type. With its Regenerator ability, combined with U-Turn, you’ve got one hell of a combo! 😀

  62. My team is serperior excadrill swanna carracoasta darmanitan and galvantula. My team is kinda low leveled at 40-45 at N’s castle but usually when I have problems I resort to my excadrills swords dance earthquake combo. But I do want them leveled up a bit. At least to 50. Any ideas?

    1. Well, I highly recommend at least level 50 for N’s castle, based on what kind of things you’ll have to deal with. It’s better not to take risks at the end game, you know.

      As for your team, I’d say it’s fine. Neither Pokes are bad or anything, at least I like them and think they are beyond awesome. If you really, REALLY want to change it, I’d suggest taking out Swanna, though. By no means it is terrible, but it is just decent, compared to the awesome Carracosta. And, I would allow Braviary to take its place, a pretty standard Flying-type, with awesome speed and attack stats and a rather decent movepool.

      However, this should be your choice entirely. I wish you good luck and a happy, successful playtime! 🙂

      1. Yeah I getcha. Thing is I have black. And I can’t get bravairy. I would get it from gts but I would have to see it in battle first. Do you think you can trade me one? And how do you think I should handle the level problem?

        1. Hm…Yeah. You cannot get a Braviary from GTS, unless you go to Undella Town, which is way after you beat N. However, seeing that I own the White copy of the game, I can easily catch you one! ^_^

          But, I looked at your team again, and realized that not only Braviary would make an excellent member of it, but Sigilyph as well. It’s appearance is a bit strange (althought I actually love it), but don’t let that fool you. It’s a great Poke, statswise pretty fast (97 compared to Braviary’s 80) and decently strong (103 compared to Braviary’s 123) with a wonderful movepool. It’s certainly useable with such moves as Air Slash, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Flash Cannon, Energy Ball and Ice Beam. While I look for a Rufflet for you, you may want to give it a try, seeing I am rather unsure if your team has these moves. 🙂

          As for leveling, there are various ways to handle that. My routine is beating the daily trainers (At Opelucid City there’s a house where you can battle on both floors with Ace Trainers and at Nimbasa City there are the stadiums and the ferriswheel), then beat up various Pokes at Victory Road, before getting bored and going for a grass-shaking grinding around Route 9 and 10 (It basically works like the PokeRadar from DPP, you use Max Repels while walking in grass and wait for a rare Poke to come to beat it up for a delicious amount of EXP). Also, Lucky Egg and EXP share are your friends. Especially Lucky Egg on your leading Pokemon. Hope that helped! XP

          1. True about sigilyph. I’ll try to find one. And when you want to trade or battle my friend code is 2322 5420 5978 thanks for all the adivce 😀

          2. You’re welcome and thank you. 😀

            Well, anytime, lol? Try it out and do leave a comment here how you decided then. :3

          3. Well the audino thing really is working. I feel sorry for all the audino though lol. But I haven’t really tried out my sigilyph but when I do I’ll tell you wether or not I want rufflet.

          4. I feel the same. I personally love Audino, but that’s just what happens. It doesn’t die or anything, just goes @[email protected] until a fellow Audino heals it, thankfully. Lol, okay.

  63. My Unova Team is

    My main team:DDD
    Hydreigon/ Dragonite/ Kindra/ Tyranitar (alternates)

  64. I’m a little slow because of school, but I’m having fun, and have a decent team I hope. I have a Dewott, Solosis, Petilil, Pansear, Archen and Levanny. I actually randomly found a female jolly levanny today in a shaking bush, which is 5% rarity so I was happy and switched it with Herdier. I plan on getting rid of Pansear and Archen later, for the ground ghost golem and mienshao, Im still brushing up on names. I’m also slow cause I train with proper EV and stuff, ugh, but its worth it.

  65. I got…

    Serperior lv.60
    Excadrill lv.60
    Unfezant lv.60
    Scrafty lv.60
    Jellicent lv.60
    Scolipede lv.60

    They all have insanely high HPs because of Audino and Speed because of Basculin. They are AMAZING targets!

  66. Could anyone tell me if my team is any good or not. I haven’t actually got the game yet so this is just an idea…


    1. Well done, my friend. I believe this is an excellent team!

      However, if you really want to only use these Pokemon in the game…Well…It’ll be certainly challanging for you, seeing half of your team will be met late in the game and the first gym might give you problems. (Grass-type leader and you’ll have only Oshawott the cute Water-type against his grass monkey and normal dog.)

      1. Thanks!
        Ps. I will (obviously) catch and use other pokemon during the game, just these will (hopefully) be my elite four team

        1. You’re welcome! 😀

          Lol. That’s good to hear. Well I’d suggest you to try them out and keep whatever you like on your team. Who knows, you might change your mind afterwards. (I did too. XP)

  67. Thanks to my Japanese version of White I now have TWO starters on my current roster which will go towards my final team.
    (With nicknames)
    (Also type positions)

    Grass- Viper2nd the Serperior
    Fire- Boarbeque the Emboar
    Fire2- Darumasan the Darmanitan (male) or Zen the Darmanitan (has Zen mode) (female)/ Spectra the Chandelure
    Water- Leatherback or Crush-2 the Carracosta
    Electric- ion2 the Lanturn or Petrol the Mow Forme Rotom
    Ground- TERRA2 the Golurk

  68. I recently finished Black. These were my team mates:

    Handyman the Emboar
    Inflow the Carracosta
    Amoray the Eelektross
    Eloin the Sawsbuck
    Roswell the Beheeyem
    Shortsword the Haxorus

    And now I’m starting White! So far I’ve got:

    Regalia the Servine
    Bushido the Dewott

  69. I’m already post-game, but when I beat N my team was:

    Pliskin – Serperior
    Johnny – Scrafty
    Biggarbag – Garbodor I never even used

  70. Haven’t picked up the White version yet but here’s my planned team for the game:
    Simisage / Ferrothorn

    I can’t decide who I want for my grass-type slot. Who do you think I should pick?

    1. PJ and Leavanny, sitting in a tree…<3

      Anyways, I think it depends on what you want for your team? I’ll try to cover up what you mentioned and I’ll make a suggestion myself, if you don’t mind. 🙂

      Simisage is a little subpar in terms of stats and gets okay moves. I personally enjoy the monkeys, because they are rather fast and decently strong. It’s just you have to wait awhile to evolve them. You get the Leaf Stone quite early, but they get Crunch at Level 43, one of their best moves and they don’t learn anything new once evolved, so…Yeah…I think if you are patient enough and really want it, go for it. It will certainly suffice. My Simipour never betrayed me. 😉

      Ferrothorn, on the other hand, is one of the best Grass-types available in Gen 5. It can be very annoying, since it can hit pretty hard with Gyro Ball and its ability is really irritating as well, that works like Rough Skin. The downside of it is that it is mainly a defensive Pokemon. It has abysmal speed (10/20 base speed!) and doesn’t learn a decent Grass-type move until it evolves. Definitally possible to use, if you want to. Just be patient with it.

      And, my personal pick would be Lilligant. This Pokemon is not only adorable, but an absolute terror in-game. She learns Quiver Dance (This move boosts Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed stats), Petal Dance, a move with 120 battlepower, that combined with her ability, Own Tempo, pretty much shreds everything into pieces (Keep in mind that you are unable to switch for 2-3 turns, but who cares, when you are killing wildlife? :P). She evolves with a Sun Stone, but that should’t be a problem. So, I’d basically nominate this Poke for you.

      Still, the decision is yours! 😀

      1. Wow! Thanks for the advice, Marianne. Yeah, I was considering ditching Ferrothorn because of its low Speed despite its pros, which you mentioned (wicked high Def and Sp. Def, Gyro Ball) as well as its ability, Iron Barbs, in favor of Simisage, who’s decently fast.

        I debated on this especially since I have another slow Pokemon, Reuniclus, on my team, whom I’m sticking by and would like to keep on my team. Basically I thought it’d be a liability to have more than one slow Pokemon in my roster.

        But Lilligant, hmmm…she sounds awesome, too. I suppose the best thing I can do is to test out each of these three out when I get the game and then make my decision as well. Thanks for your input!

        1. Actually I wouldn’t suggest Reuniclus. If you want a psychic i would get Musharna. I had a Reuniclus on my team for my elite four beating team, but it is rarely used due to being weak, and was constantly knocked out.

          1. Huh, okay. I’ll try and use Munna in the start and if she grows on me, I might use her on my team. But really, if I wasn’t playing the White version I would have used Gothitelle instead. Maybe I can find someone to trade with me?

  71. I’m at Gym 5, and my team so far is:
    – Emboar (Strength, Heat Crash, Flame Charge & Brick Break)
    – Seismitoad (Muddy Water, Bubblebeam, Uproar & Mud Shot)
    – Sigilyph (Air Cutter, Psyshock, Psybeam & Hypnosis)
    – Scraggy (ThunderPunch, Brick Break, Bite & Chip Away)
    – Leavanny (Razor Leaf, Slash, Aerial Ace & Bug Bite)

    All Lv. 36! I’ve got an underleveled pansage in my team too just because he knows cut, but I’ll be catching a Basculin ASAP to use as a HM Slave 🙂
    Also, this is the first ever time I’ve played a Pokemon game & not just used my starter – going from training one pokemon to training 5 is hard work, but it’s much more fun 😀
    I owe it to my cousin who got me 6 Lucky Eggs – I don’t ask how he got them, I just thank him 😉

  72. My team is doing fine the members are

    Serperior lvl 54
    Darmanitan lvl 65
    Gothitelle lvl 62
    Swoobat lvl 45
    Simipour lvl 29
    Liligant lvl 28

  73. Strings – Reuniclus
    Talon – Unfezant
    Katana – Bisharp
    Neptune – Samurott

    All level sixty.

  74. Meh. My team before the Elite Four was:
    – female Serperior (Fern)
    – female Liepard (Nala)
    – male Zebstrika (Light… yes, Death Note reference .< And holy Arceus, catching a Metang was a pain! XD

  75. I’m in the middle of tracking down the Sages. LOVE this game so far!
    My current team:
    -Hydreigon – Lvl 65 – Levitate – Modest Nature
    @Wise Glasses
    Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Work Up, Fire Blast
    (Hydreigon was a pain. One of the first things I did after beating the Elite 4 was catch a Seviper to breed and get Dark Pulse. Then came the long lvling up from 1 to 64 to evolve Zweilous into Hydreigon. This is the first Pokemon game that I’ve actually put time into.)
    -Golurk – Lvl 63 – Iron Fist – Adamant Nature
    @Muscle Band
    Shadow Punch, Earthquake, Telekinesis, Dynamic Punch
    (Golurk is one of my favorite 5th Gen Pokemon. With the Iron Fist ability and Muscle Band, his punches are beastly, especially Shadow Punch, which gets STAB bonus. Gave him Telekinesis to make Dynamic Punch 100% accurate.)
    -Elektross – Lvl 63 – Levitate – Jolly Nature
    @Shell Bell
    Wild Charge, Coil, Crunch, Thunder Wave
    (As much as I loved the designs of most of the new electric types, none are really THAT great in battle. I decided to go with Elektross because the fact that he has no weaknesses intrigued me. He is still a little flimsy but he can take out a few Pokemon before he taps out. Gave him Shell Bell mainly to make up for the damage he does to himself when using Wild Charge.)
    -Ferrothorn – Lvl 65 – Iron Barbs – Brave Nature
    @Rocky Helmet
    Curse, Gyro Ball, Toxic, Leech Seed
    (Ferrothorn is the shít! With the Iron Barbs ability and Rocky Helmet, any physical attacker that isn’t fire is screwed. I start out with a Leech Seed and Toxic if the opponent has a ton of health and then spam Curse. The opponent has tons of his health going away, some of which is coming to me, and all the while I’m building up a monstrous Gyro Ball for the rest of the opponent’s team.)
    -Carracosta – Lvl 66 – Solid Rock – Adamant Nature
    Shell Smash, Waterfall, Stone Edge, Sandstorm
    (Carracosta is my pride and joy. Shell Smash is unbelievable. Can easily sweep most resistant teams after just two Shell Smashes. Sandstorm can help with the special defense loss that comes with Shell Smash.)
    -Sigilyph – Lvl 65 – Magic Guard – Modest Nature
    @Life Orb
    Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Calm Mind, Air Slash
    (Sigilyph is surprisingly good. Magic Guard is an amazing ability and goes perfectly with Life Orb. Add Calm Mind stat boosts and health regeneration from Dream Eater and you’re set.)

  76. Pokemon 5th Gen: Pokemon’s foray into Generic RPGs!

    Seriously, that’s kinda what my overall experience with Black has been. Like, if one says ‘All pokemon games are generic RPGs!’ then 5th gen is the most generic of the generics.

    Stay away from plots, Gamefreak. You don’t do them well.

    As for my team, so far I have Joltik, Pansage, Panpour, Sawk, Lilipup, and Darumakka. I’m on the fast-track of getting my 8th badge without evolving a single one. 4th Gen I had trouble if I didn’t evolve anything by the 4th-5th badge.

    1. I don’t really think Pokemon will ever be generic, because I don’t know of many RPGs that are as customizable as Pokemon. You can pick however many and whatever team members you like, even your very first one at the beginning of the game.

    2. Also, how was the plot not done well? The plot on paper was pretty bland, but the execution was phenomenal. Everything about the N’s castle scene was amazing in my opinion, but hat goes off to Gamefreak for the job they did. I’ve been of the opinion that Pokemon shouldn’t be plot based, but the end of B&W swayed me quite a bit in the other direction.

      1. Umm…. cut-scenes? Cut scenes look pretty but they don’t translate to gameplay. Pokemon eventually got cut scenes but they’re still just mini-movies. They don’t really have much to do with the plot other than making certain scenes stand out by looking pretty.

        My problem with the plot is that they tried to do a reverse-Team-Rocket plot but the overall execution falls flat on its face just by the sheer premise. Example: “Oh noes! Legendary Dragon has awoken and is going to destroy society if we don’t stop it! But first, have a gym battle.” Seriously the Champ tells you this when, under the threat of the world collapsing, he could just give you a by to help save the world and then continue on with your badge quest. If having all 8 badges did something other than be a signal to open Victory Road (when the Champ can come and go as he pleases) then I’d be a little less annoyed.
        And before that: “Oh, I’m going to destroy the world by befriending this legendary pokemon. Here’s how you can stop me and where you can find me…”
        The entire storyline and plot is fed to you, almost condescendingly so, since the first town. A friend commented, “Way to spoil the ending for me by telling me how it ends in the very first town” which goes back to my point of the entire concept being stupid to begin with.

        On top of that, the game being extremely linear bugs the crap out of me. It seems that’s really the only reason the bridges exist is to keep you following the Plasma plot.

        If people like this generation, hey more power to them. I only picked up my copy because I forgot I had gift certificates lying around that I forgot to mail out; spending about $15 for my copy. I would have been pissed at myself if I had paid full-price for this game. In my mind, arguably, this is the worst generation in terms of plot and general game-play changes that I don’t like.

        troll: “Nostalgia glasses!” <- screw off. I'm entitled to my opinion just as you are entitled to trolling and spamming by posting unhelpful and cheap insults without evaluation of the arguments.

        In short: cut-scenes are pretty, this game is pretty, but I don't like the poorly executed and spoon-fed plot. Even the "twist" at the end doesn't help save it for me.

        1. Okay, fair enough. You gave me a very well thought out explanation as to why you disliked aspects of the game, and I completely understand your point, and we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t want to act like my opinion is important enough that you need to ignore your opinion and believe mine, so I’ll just say thank you for an intelligent non-hostile discussion.

          1. No, thank YOU! lol

            I’ve been following the games and have been discovering things on my own as I play Black.
            I’ve listed my concerns about the games before and all I really ever got back was, “Oh you’re just one of the ones that say the older generations are better and the new ones suck so your opinion doesn’t count!” without people actually touching upon the changes that I listed.

            Point: the change in mechanics of Thief and Pickup. Thief no longer keeps the held item that you steal from an NPC’s pokemon. I really believe the only reason this was implemented was because the developers wanted to give the bosses/rivals’ pokemon held-items and didn’t want the player to have a second or third leftovers, etc. -> which is a bad reason to change a game mechanic.
            Same thing happens with the new Pickup mechanism where it copies a used held item. Wild Pokemon? No problem. But don’t expect that Oran Berry from copying Cheren’s starter’s berry at the end of battle. Why can’t we keep it? What’s wrong with that?

            But again, thanks for an actual intelligent conversation and I respect your decision to agree-to-disagree. 🙂

          2. It won’t let me reply to your comment, so I’ll reply to my own to reply to yours.

            I think if you’re actually bothering to explain your reasoning, there’s no way I can act like you’re just a nostalgia-blinded non-fan.
            Also, I automatically will listen more to someone on this site than a random non-pokemon-related forum because everyone here enjoys the series as a whole and doesn’t tend to feel everything needs to be compared to the first games.

          3. yeah, odd commenting system.

            Okay, I just found another change that pisses me off – using items in battle. One change is that after you use an item, such as a potion, it’ll allow you to use it again right away without having to go through the menu again. I accidentally used a rare candy this way. But the thing that pisses me off is I accidentally used a revive on an unfainted pokemon and it used up my turn in battle! It said the item can’t be used, it wasn’t deducted from my bag, but I couldn’t attack that turn and the opponent got a free turn in. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU CHANGE IT TO THAT!? THAT pisses me off big time that they’d change something incredibly stupid like that.

          4. Yeah… gotta agree with that >_______>; They should’ve kept it as just a warning which does not let you lose items or turns.

  77. For Pokemon White, Samurott, Chanderlure, Haxorus, Zoroark, Excadrill, and Archeops

  78. I’ve been having a blast playing the White Version! I’m glad I didn’t read everything about this game and avoided the leaks, because it’s been so much fun to discover all these new Pokemon and attacks while playing. I was certainly amazed when my Woobat completely changed form when it evolved; it looks like a bat-dragon, and it’s really cool.

    This is also the first time I’ve left my starter in a PC (for a short while; just brought it back out today). There are so many cool Pokemon in this game that I want to train all of them and see what they can do and what they could evolve into. I don’t think I’ve been this intrigued by a Pokemon game since Yellow (my first game).

    The C-Gear has also been a great tool! I’ve noticed a fair amount people in my college are playing this game (a surprising amount chose Snivy for their starter), and a lot more people bought the White Version than I had expected. I was also surprised by how many students already had almost 40 hours clocked on their games. I hope even more people bring this game with them wherever they go — it would be fun to meet more people with the C-Gear. I can’t wait until I can get the ability to enter other people’s games and help out fellow players!

    I’ve just defeated Burgh this morning, and Bianca shortly after. Dewott is back on my team, and the rest of my team is Pansear, Boldore (his Smack Down is such a cool move!), my freshly caught Lilligant, Whirlipede, and Tranquill. I’ve gotta say, going into this game with as little knowledge of the new Pokemon as possible was the best thing I’ve ever done. That alone may affect my opinion a little more, but I think this is the best Pokemon game ever, and I’m not even halfway through it! =D

  79. My team at the moment (Just got the sixth badge a few minutes ago)
    Serperior lvl 44
    Unfezant lvl 43
    Scrafty lvl 42
    Carracosta lvl 42
    Lampent lvl 43
    (As soon as I get surf I’m catching my self an Axew)
    P.S. Three of my team members are hardy nature -_- I kind of wish they were different, but whatever…

  80. Something I forgot to mention, this may just be “OMG NEW POKEMON GAMES” excitement blinding me (I doubt it though now that I’ve had it almost a week), but B&W are definitely at the top of my favorites. I’d say it’d have to be a tie between gen V and gen III, but my love of gen III is mostly for the nostalgia and how many times I’ve played it. Gamefreak definitely lived up to the hype these games have had, and I think it might have the ability to reconvert some people who haven’t really been into Pokemon since older games.

    1. Yeah, I think these games are at the top of my list. Personally, it only ranks below gen 1 (for familiarity’s sake) for pokemon. It makes me kind of sad that I didn’t pick up Black, too!

  81. my team for the 4th Gym:
    Dewott Lv. 32
    Herdier Lv. 28
    Pansear Lv. 30
    Zebstrika Lv. 28
    Tranquill Lv. 28
    Boldore Lv. 30

    btw: i caught a sigilyph. those things are huge. good thing i got those Ultra Balls from Professor Juniper. 😀 😀 White Is SOOOOO EPICCCC 😀 😀

  82. I beat the Elite Four, and am gathering up some Unova Pokemon and evolving them. I love this game (White) so hard! Hahaha! The Transfer Lab is great fun!

    My team is:
    Usogawa (Samurott), Lv. 57
    Dylan (Simisear), Lv. 57
    Herman (Crustle), Lv. 57
    Ceasar (Sawsbuck), Lv. 57
    Roswell (Beheeyem), Lv. 57
    Tik-Tok (Golurk), Lv. 57

  83. In Relic Castle. Team is:
    Samorott lv 40
    Stoutland lv 40
    Darmanitan lv 41
    Duosion lv 40
    Axew lv 36
    I’m not having any trouble as no one has more than 3 pokemon on their team, usually just one. It is fun though and I have already devoted 45 hours of my life to it. Also, should I switch out Duosion with Zebstrika? Duosion has a really bad defense and spends a lot of time fainted. It’s only use is for the fighting types, but once I get my Braviary I won’t really need it as much. So should I saify out Duosion for Zebstika?

    1. I think you should try out Blitzle if you’re not exactly fond of the Solosis line. You’ve got nothing to lose from it. 🙂

    2. Have you evolved Duosion? I suggest giving that a try for a few levels; if you’re still not satisfied then by all means swap out. IIRC mine spent a lot of time fainted too, but it gets a nice HP boost upon evolving that might help- I know mine certainly became a powerhouse (…then again, she also has a nice hidden power ground that I needed oh-so desperately).
      Best of luck deciding what to do!

  84. I just got my 8th badge on Black. My team is:
    Samurott – Lvl 48
    Shiny Sandile – Lvl 36
    Leavanny – Lvl 36
    Joltik – Lvl 35
    Ducklett – Lvl 34 (Often swapped with Darumaka – Lvl 34)
    Gurdurr – Lvl 33

    I’ve barely started White, so I won’t bother with that.

  85. I’m at route 5 and here is my Black team :
    Dewott= 28 =Razor shell=Water pulse=Water Gun=Rock Smash
    Simisear=24=Flame burst=Bite=Cut=Incinerate
    Tranquill=25=Gust=Air cutter=Work up=Quick Attack
    Herdier=23=Leer=Strength=Take down=Bite
    Sandile=25=Mud-slap=Torment=Sand tomb=Assurance

  86. Just got the National Dex and I have logged in 72 hours of play. Ill put up my full review of the game later too. Anyway team is:
    Rufflet lv. 50
    Darmanitan lv. 53
    Reuniclus lv. 48
    Smurott lv. 51
    Stoutland lv. 49
    Haxorus lv. 53

  87. Samurott ♂
    Simisear ♂
    Cinccino ♀
    Archaen ♂
    Sawsbuck ♀
    Reuniclus ♀

    This is my team :3, they are at Lv. 70~75

  88. my team samurott,big zebra,axew. little eagle ….im stuck whitch ones beter crafty or mienshao…oh and i have krokorok

  89. First post ever 😛

    – Jett (Samurott) lvl 41
    – Gulliver (Stoutland) lvl 41
    – Sobek (Krookodile) lvl 41
    – Heath (Darmanitan) lvl 40
    – Archie (Archeops) lvl 40
    – (eventually) (Zekrom)

    A bit late cause i haven’t been on in a few days cause I’ve been busy playing, but i still wanted to share.
    Oh and if I couldn’t use Zekrom I would use Galvantula.

  90. Well apparently my team decided it would start to suck after the 7th gym so my new team is
    I changed my team but i kept my Haxorus and my Scrafty XD

  91. seismitoad
    i think theyre all around lvl 63. lol.
    idk if this is a good team but it works for me.
    ehh its hard training when you beat the pokemon league and all the trainers. -.-

  92. My elite four winning team:
    Bisharp level 53
    Samarott level 52
    Victini level 50
    Druddigon level 51
    Galvantula level 51
    Vullaby level 52

    After defeating the elite four, I decided to go back to route one with a new team but the same save data
    New team (all level one):

    Open for suggestions

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