Pokémon ReBURST Leaks



The leaked pictures have surfaced in 2ch :]  This isn’t a high quality scan so our scanlation is delayed until those come out, but until then you can enjoy the illustrations!  Is that… human x Zekrom hybrid? 😮

Anyways, Kriff, NL, Ozy, and I are doing our best to translate them so when the HQ scans do come we can start editing the images right away.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Thoughts on this new manga?!

  1. I’m not sure what to say about this, it seems like an odd concept for something in the Pokemon series.
    I was really hoping I’d enjoy this manga, but as of right now, the story conveyed from the images isn’t something that peaks my interest.

  2. Huh… So instead of owning Pokemon they turn into them? Digimon Frontier much? (haha kidding…)

  3. If this is what I think it is (humans transforming into Pokemon as opposed to having them under ownership) then it’s the idea that I had thought of but never thought would actually be produced.

      1. Don’t forget the little hint of dragon ball-ish way of changing!

  4. Uhmmm…another loud guy with a temper….so much variety in the Japanese manga and anime>.>

    and it’s part Zekrom?how weird>.>

    1. It’s basically the entire premise of most Shonen mangas aimed at a younger audience.

  5. I took a quick peak, and I can say that I really like the art! On contrast to that, to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the concept. That doesn’t mean however that I’m not going to be checking the manga — but I kind of feel that it’s a wasted chance, given the fact that it has of turned into a big thing with all this promotion. Either way, maybe we’re prejudging. I’d prefer it much more if this Zekrom thing was just a modification or something — meaning Ryouga not actually being a Zekrom. That would help be accept this easier.

  6. Woah, that manga’s confusing.. O.O Like, not cause it’s japanese.. Somes mum or dad got it on with a zekrom *moves head like quagmire* GIGGITY

  7. Interesting to say the least… So Ryouga transforms into Zekrom does he? not bad.
    Shame he’s yet ANOTHER loud excited plank, I was hoping for a Light Yagami or Soul Society era Ichigo Kurosaki (Death Note and Bleach). I hope people own Pokémon too though, and just transform into whatever god’s possessed them. Here’s hoping some dude transforms into Reshiram somewhere down the line.

  8. hmmm. Not entirely what I was expecting.
    The whole comedic effect of Pokemon is still there, I was hoping for some more dark and depressing characters.
    I was wondering why I hadn’t seen a Pokemon, then bam I saw the Zekrom hybrid.
    Not entirely convinced yet, I’m a little disappointed that the characters aren’t as dark as I thought they would be, it’s only the first chapter though, so I’m going to leave room for speculation of the story to develop into something dark and different.
    As for the whole turning into Pokemon thing, it has won me over. Whilst it’s not completely original, it makes much more sense than enslaving Pokemon.
    I’m trying not to be too judgemental, as I’ve only seen the art and I’ve yet to read a translated version. And also, I don’t want to judge the series on the just the first instalment.

  9. Guess I was wrong again. There will be never be an anime or manga about pokemon that won’t ruin it by including weird shit that shouldn’t be there.

  10. Wait are you serious? There weren’t any Pokemon in that Pokemon manga. A dude transformed into a kind of zekrom person and that was it. All this is is stock anime bullshit with a pre-existing franchise tacked onto it. Good lord this is a massive let down.

    1. I’m so very sorry sir but LEARN how to not judge thinks so quickly. I can tell your one of those hyper active super fans of pokemon, what a pity, to tell you I do not agree with you on the slightest!
      Let me remind you that is just STARTED this is the first Issue, really the Issue isn’t even out yet its Shonnen Weekly, Known for Amazing Manga’s, unlike you Boomerang learn so respect and don’t judge everything on the FIRST VERY THING, your brain seems to photograph.

    1. Rather Pokemon meets Digimon Frontier. Mixed with a little bit of Dragon Ball.

      1. They’re going to make sure that there is no “best” warrior – so it’s a lot like all three series’.

  11. Hmmm…… quite interesting.
    And by the way…… Light Yagami cannot be recreated, copied or any thing like that, he is (was) the coolest dude ever.

  12. From looking at the leaked pages of this manga, I’m getting the feeling I’ll be just as confused when they’re in english as I am when they’re in Japanese. (or whatever language it’s in)

  13. I’m looking forward to this…this kid has a lot to live up to Hareta (my favorite trainer) in my eyes

  14. Now all you poketards who called Digimon a rip-off from pokemon…

    First I’ll get this manga, then I’ll track all of you guys down, and then I’ll smack this into your faces, and yell “PWND!”

      1. Digimon started as a tamagotchi BEFORE pokemon. Plus, digital/pocket monsters are a CONCEPT. Like people saying the Move is a rip-off of the Wii, again, motion controls are a concept. Digimon and Pokemon are awesome, so why can’t we just get along?

      2. Your mom is copying Pokemon, but do you hear me complain? No!

  15. Wtf? IS he like Zekrom or something? The hell? I thought Zekrom was created from a stone by a hero looking for ideal, why the hell is he being created from a kid who seems to be loud and very violent, this shit sucks >.>

  16. I remember a time where Pokemon had you know, Pokemon in it. Is this supposed to be the one geared toward the older crowd, ’cause it really isn’t doing anything for me. If anything it looks toned down and generic compared to the usual awesomeness of the Pokemon Special.

  17. So, Ryouga is kind of like Ash if he did everything himself.
    Since it’s just the beginning, I wouldn’t really care that there’s not a lot of Pokemon yet, except they’re kind of mentioned a lot.

    It occurs to me why there’s no Pokemon yet – to get the attention of the non Pokemon fans.

  18. Something just occurred to me…
    What if some team (villain people) truly did win and like….this story would be about how the world changed because of it, theres no Pokemon and some mad scientist fused the stone with Ryoga (who has the name of my favorite Prince of Tennis character <3) in the hopes of him being able to defeat Team (most likely Team Plasma or Team Rocket since they are the last and first ones respectively). And so on…..
    Waddaya think?

    1. I thought of something similar to that, I thought of this being an alternate future in which N succeded at seperating humans from Pokemon (and went too far with it too) much to what Team Plasma was originally intending (Team Plasma originaly wanted to seperate Pokemon trainers so that they were the ONLY ones who could use Pokemon, N just took the concept too far), and the Pokemon are somewhere else in the world, possibly in the world of Mystery Dungeon (hey, it’s possible!)…..

      1. After a re-look at the images, It’s not a mad scientist but it does look like Zekrom sort of…..chose him.
        Anyway, PJN, when are the scanlations coming up or did I miss them?

        1. I think that it is completely possible for thr whole: fuse to stop the bad guys is possible, cconsidering the whole “I’m from viridian forest, I’m magical!” stuff.

          1. Is this manga written by the sane authors of pokemon special (wich I have forgotten the names)

    2. There are pokemon.
      THe bad guy of this first chapter put fire pokemons (darumakka darmnitan and pansear) in a truck connected to him with pipes to increase his power, and to ignite his weapon.

      The heros uses some kind of legendary crystal to turn into Zekrom.

      1. Yeah, what I meant was, Pokemon were rare and not everyone had one, like the games or anime. The dude may have some because of his work, but you wont see any grandma with pikachu saying: ”Wanna trade for a Victrybell??” And maybe Zekrom gave it to him (the crystal to Ryoga) because he…………….. never mind.

        Anywaaaaay, seems to be good, we shouldn’t judge it so spontaneously, it could turn out to be the next Yu-Gi-Oh, or Dragon Ball, ya never know!!

  19. Transformed into Zekrom, my favorite Pokemon? How dare he? >_< What did they do to pokemon?

  20. OK…so Ryouga’s half-Zekrom…personally, I would get it more if this whole preview is translated in English, so I hope you guys can post the translations soon 😛 As of now, I’ll stick to Pokemon Special, just because I think Special’s more truthful to the video games and all.

  21. looking at the preview, there are pokemon…the girl when the boulder was going to fall on her she took out a pokeball

    maybe pokemon are scarce and/or going extinct in this universe

  22. I need to see the translations before anything, but the art is GREAT! Especially on the color pages!!

  23. Let me get this straight: It’s about a human that fuses with pokemon? Weird

  24. This manga is an insult to pokémon in its entirety. How could pokémon fall so low as to rip off a series that rips it off itself? There aren’t any pokemon except a zekrom-human guy who transforms in the most useless and cliché way. The characters are generic and the lack of pokémon makes me wander what this has to do with it except ripping off its fame. Even the generally repetitive and puerile pokémon TV animé is billions of times better. How could gamefreak let anyone create this? Why oh why gamefreak? shame on you.

  25. Weird. No pokemon for 20 pages… and only pokemon in action was him as a zekro-human? But does seem interesting. Something worth blogging about.
    Cant wait for translations~~!!!!!

  26. It looks great (And by that I mean that I hope ryouga’s just dreaming. I mean, the concept is okay, not the best, but okay, but if they’re going to transform into pokemon, then transform ALL THE WAY!!!)

      1. I mean, and I hate to say this, the Digimon Frontier (all the other seasons were so much better) way, where the humans become pokemon, but not all of them. They could be, like, the PokeDestined.

  27. wtf? pokemon did a threesome with digimon and dragonball z and this was the baby? well if not then get simisage and teach it solarbeam. he will use like if it was kame kame ha! for real!

    1. It also confirms 3ds remakes. *caramelledansin* *dancing like a hobo* *random dancing* we get:

    2. Well I heard somewhere that there was going to be a Pokemon RPG for the Nintendo 64, it is most likely that Colloseum was what became of that game…..

  28. It’s dumb. The only pokemon that appeared was a Zekrom/Human morph, the rest was just normal fighting. I expected this to be with pokemon trainers, but having a more teenager-perspective and everything.

    It sucks.

  29. It’s funny how everyone is so quick to judge this manga as bad. And can we please stop the whole “Digimon is a rip-off of Pokemon” argument, it have been going on for years. Digimon has a entierly different concept compared to Pokemon.

    “Pokémon, Digimon and Monster Rancher are the flagship Mon series, because all were licensed and released around the same time in North America and all have “mon” in their name (not to mention have/had their own Anime). Comparing the three shows the diversity of the genre.
    Of course, Pokémon came out the victor in terms of popularity.
    Which, to the chagrin of Digimon and Monster Rancher fans the world over, caused the others to be thought of as “Pokémon knockoffs”.
    -TV Tropes

  30. Celestial Tower
    Current party:
    Samurott lv 37
    Stoutland lv37
    Darmanitan lv 37
    Duosion lv 37

  31. now that I look at it I see that this is shaping up to be amazing. I now see people with guns, terrorizing the town, zecrom flying over ryouga, giving him the fusion box. It’s actually quite cool. But zecrom is the best, and that looked a little wierd…

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