[spoiler] [/spoiler] I know a lot of you have been following ReBURST closely.  I believe it was released today so I’m hoping for some full scans VERY soon so we can scanlate them for you guys. Right now though I wanted to draw your attention to a scan that surfaced explaining how the ‘BURST’ function … Read more

Pokémon ReBURST Leaks

[spoiler] [/spoiler] The leaked pictures have surfaced in 2ch :]  This isn’t a high quality scan so our scanlation is delayed until those come out, but until then you can enjoy the illustrations!  Is that… human x Zekrom hybrid? 😮 Anyways, Kriff, NL, Ozy, and I are doing our best to translate them so when … Read more

Pokemon ReBurst Details

Although PJN has been abuzz with news of all the English abilities and attacks, we must take a small detour from Black and White news to cover more information that’s come out about the new Pokemon manga that’s soon to debut in Shounen Sunday; Pokemon ReBurst.  Thanks ShellSpider for the image~ :3 The main character’s … Read more

Pokemon ReBURST

Meet the new characters for the upcoming serialized manga called ‘Pokemon ReBURST’ which will be published in Shounen Sunday.  My staff and I are going to work on translating this manga for you all as it is published :3 DEFINITELY a new take on pokemon no matter how you slice it.  Look at that art … Read more

BW Anime/Manga Images

[spoiler] [/spoiler] I dunno if you guys are a fan of me posting this stuff, but I always like to see characters/pokemon in their Anime/Manga iterations because it fleshes out their personality a little more than what we might see in the game or just the Sugimori artwork.  Hopefully you all agree 😀  *Click ‘show’ … Read more

BW Manga Scans (UPD: English Scans)

Thought you all might enjoy these :3  I myself like reading the occasional manga volume and these seem nicely illustrated and make Wargle look a lot more kick-ass.  There are some attacks that Tsutaja, Pokabu, and Wargle used which may not be indicative of moves they learn in-game, but nonetheless they’re worth pointing out since … Read more