Pokemon ReBURST

Meet the new characters for the upcoming serialized manga called ‘Pokemon ReBURST’ which will be published in Shounen Sunday.  My staff and I are going to work on translating this manga for you all as it is published :3

DEFINITELY a new take on pokemon no matter how you slice it.  Look at that art style!  I’m intrigued.

<3 pokejungle

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  1. i am totally looking forward to this and out of curiosty PJ do you know if this will eventually come to the US?

    1. Slim chance? But since Pokemon is a major franchise and they like to milk the products they may translate it and put it into a manga-format here.

      1. its since Viz has been doing the mangas recently…DPA, Adventures and the movie adaptation to name a few

        1. I meant to say, its a good chance, since Viz has been translating more of the pokemon mangas

  2. This looks to be badass!!

    Hey, are you planning on visiting a Pokemon Center while you’re there? There was a video on youtube that showed a wall of concept sketches for 5th gen!

  3. Ooooh sounds exciting, I’ll definitely check it out.

    Look at all that spiky tall hair, Ash’s hair eat your heart out!

    1. My thoughts exactly. I love Pokemon, but I’m not exactly thrilled about the character designs. We’ll see if it will be interesting or something tho’. 😛

    1. You do know that the likeliness of us ever seeing this in English officially is ‘slim’. I for one would rather have it early unofficially than wait five years for them to decided they want this over here. :/

  4. Wow, looks really interesting! The designs may not be the most pokemonesque but from an overall standpoint they are really interesting! This is one Pokemon manga I will not be missing!
    The dude with the red hair is really hot, too, heehee

  5. Cant wait to learn more about it and read it!!!!
    I looks awesome!
    Just a question… When you translate it, are you going to post all the images aalong with the text?

    1. lol, of course. We’d be trying our best to edit the scans so that the English is put into the comic pane.

  6. You have GOT to be kidding me! That is WAY to much like my pokemon animae pokemon reborn!!! The charectors look NOTHING like mine, but the name is TO coincedental!

    1. ….because Reborn is SUCH a unique name….. :/ OMG, so coincidential. That’s like two men meeting on the street and freaking out that they’re both named John.

  7. i ‘m really glad that pokejungle ‘ll be subbing pokemon reburst! it really looks like a promising manga.
    the character designs are exceptional . the must exciting thing is that this manga is towards the teenagers

  8. Yknow, I know it won’t ever happen, but how cool would it be if, providing the manga turns out well, they make an anime adaptation?
    Even a shorter series, like 24-50 episodes or something, they can cut out filler and whatnot :3 that would kick ass!

      1. I think you missed the part of my post where I said ‘I know it wont ever happen’.
        A Pokemon Adventures anime would be awesome though.

  9. Oh my gosh, what? |D I have never heard of this, somebody enlighten me
    Anyway I’m going to guess this’ll be the more ‘mature’ series, in an attempt to satisfy the fans that have been clamouring for ages now. I’m seeing something that’ll try to be edgier, but in an attempt to keep the younger fanbase we’ll end up with something like YGO, or bakugan, or heck any other boy’s merchandising anime out there. On the other hand I don’t know if they even have merchandise manga, so hope still exists.

  10. The main front character looks really odd, like his jacket is oversized or something? However all the other characters seem really cool. 🙂

    1. Um… It’s 11am Saturday here and I think it would be 10pm Friday for you right now? So 13hrs ahead maybe?

  11. it looks really cool. it DOES look a little bit like Yu-Gi-Oh and such, but it resembles more of Bleach than it.
    but, i am curious as to how this turns out. older kids (er…mature) kids would probably appeal to this, but becaause Pokemon has such a “childish” reputation, it’ll be hard for them to do so.
    BUT, the anime REALLY doesn’t match up with the manga, so….

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