Emergency Donation Drive

Usually I try to sustain PJN on ad-revenue and last time I requested donations it was because of the hefty forum upgrade that was a staggering $150. Well… this time it’s just hosting bills =[  Since I’m in Japan I have no spare money (and no job I might add) so any ad revenue I’ve been paid in the last 2 months has gone to supporting myself in the general fund.  And actually the end of January was pretty hard because I hadn’t gotten the refund from college so I was living on $3 a day which SUCKED.  But now I have a hosting bill for $134.00 that I need to pay (that’s a yearly expense I pay to keep PJN up).  So at this point any amount would help. And yes, there were a few $0.10 donations last time, but you know what, I’m grateful someone took time out of their day.

I realize that a lot of you don’t have credit cards or paypal so like always don’t feel bad if you can’t donate 😀  It just helps if some people have a few extra bucks lying around ^^”  Love you guys!

Update: We’ve raised $50.56 so far! Yay 😀 ($80 more to go 🙁 )

<3 pokejungle

ps- I always feel like shit when I make donate articles 🙁  The last one was over 4 months ago so I hope I don’t sound too much like a homeless beggar ><;