US DSi Black/White Bundle Announced

We’ve now got official confirmation that that Nintendo will be offering two bundles in the states that include Pokemon White [Plus the white DSi etched with Zekrom and Reshiram] or Pokemon Black [With a black DSi etched with Zekrom and Reshiram].  Looks exciting!

It’s $179.99 and debuts March 6th.

<3 pokejungle

ps- LOL I woke up and found out that I hadn’t pushed publish last night.  OOPS.

  1. i’d get it, since the latest DS i own is the DS Lite.
    but i bought Black for my birthday, in March.
    and the 3DS comes out not too long after.
    i can’t really afford to spend all that money x’D
    especially since i have to replace my 120 GB Zune that got stolen as well 8C

    1. ;-;

      This is just my hobby m’dear. If I could make a full time living off PJN nothing would be late :p

      1. Wasn’t complaining about things being late, just thought it’s strange how it’s noted in the news so often why they didn’t post it before.

        1. The staff as a whole feel a great loyalty to our visitors and the active community of commenters, so whenever we’re a bit late we feel guilty D;

  2. Awesome and all, but why’d you wanna buy this, when the 3DS is already coming out. They should have just made it as hot 3DS designs. >o>

    1. Since B&W came out in Sept of last year Nintendo didn’t even have a 3DS release date when these were manufactured :p The rest of the world is just getting these a little bit late~

      1. …L-lazy rest of the world!!! V_V

        But, does this mean I can hope for owning a 3DS with Kyurem or Genesect on it?! 😀

  3. Seems interesting. Wonder if I could get this with the pre-order of B/W at GameStop. I would be willing to shell out $160ish+tax Especially since I’ve been thinking of getting another DS

  4. It would be better for them to release skins to put on the Dses instead of wasting $170 on an outdated game system.

  5. See, what irritates me is how Nintendo goes all “DUHDUHUHUHU LET’S MAKE A SUPER-EXTRA-DUPER DSI PACK…WITH POKEMON! DUHUHUHU!!!!111” when they pretty much KNOW most people already have the console in question or it’s right next to a new console’s release aka 3DS…so why does Nintendo do this kind of stuff when they know that people will skip this DSi package entirely or buy B/W alongside a 3DS on the console’s launch date?

    Semi-rant done ._.

    1. In America? Yes.

      Also, really Nintendo? Really? Your going to release the DSi in the same month as the 3DS? You would have to love money something fierce to do this, Ninty. Nice thinking it through, ya’ dimwits (I love you guys though. Please make more games and don’t sue me). :/

  6. Id love to buy this but I already have the dialga and palkia ds lite and a white dsi. I also have a black ds lite but I plan to trade that in towards the 3ds. If I see this in target at a discounted price or something maybe.. But otherwise I’ll try to resist. Bad timing for this bundle, but it will sell.

  7. Maybe they think everyone’s going to turn in their DSi to get a reduced 3DS, and will then need another DSi?

    ….nah let’s stick with mindless money-making scheme..

    Also, question, is Australia never getting the celebi?? How can I go through white version knowing that little kid is actually a zorua!!!! and not being able to do anything! aaaaah! hahaha..

      1. true! but does nigeria usually get events? Coz Aus has been getting all these events so far, just not celebi…..which is strange….but i feel your pain!! Doesn’t really matter, coz I can breed using the zoroark from the entei/raikou/suicune event though 🙂

  8. It’s for those who really like the games and are not planning on getting the 3ds for a while. To me it’s always worth it to wait a year or two before buying the new system.It will probably have a newer version out by then and have some improvements. A lot more games that I would like will be out by then as at the moment none of the 3ds games besides Zelda and Kid Icarus interest me. Plus I still have the ds lite so I wouldn’t mind get the dsi. I love the cover on the black bundle and $179.99 is a great deal. Like I said it all depends on what you want, the 3ds is a great system but I rather be that guy who can say yeah I got a better cheaper version of the system you got.

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