I know a lot of you have been following ReBURST closely.  I believe it was released today so I’m hoping for some full scans VERY soon so we can scanlate them for you guys.

Right now though I wanted to draw your attention to a scan that surfaced explaining how the ‘BURST’ function works.  Apparently the pokemon are stored in a crystal (called Burst Hearts) and can be combined with a human to give the user the pokemon’s power and part of their appearance.  The right scan shows a villian using Excadrill.

Kinda cool IMO :3  Not sure why so many people are complaining that this is a Digimon rip-off.  The idea of human/animal hybrids has existed from the beginning of time.  Look at Egyptian gods that had the heads of animals even :p

<3 pokejungle

ps- Radiation in Tokyo is higher than normal 🙁

  1. Soooooo, no evil scientist, not even a bit crazy??
    Haha, Digimon ripped off ancient egypt and now pokemon’s ripping both 😛

  2. Hybrids ftw!
    Sorry about the radiation that’s not good, but wouldnt you get a better tan?

  3. wait could we get a Lucario heart changer that makes the user look like Anubis….would be kinda cool

    1. It will probably start off with just Gen 5 Pokemon (of the pictures shown so far, only Unova dex Pokemon are seen), then we dwindle down to the older gens and eventually have one of Mewtwo. Then again, it’s pretty early in Gen 5, with Black and White having just come out in the states, so we will likely be seeing, from all 3 sides (the anime, the games, and the manga) strictly Gen 5 Pokemon like Gigalith, Darumitian, and Reshiram, until after a while, we will start seeing the classics we all know and love like Charizard, Syther, and Dragonite again

  4. I don’t really mind pokemorphs (or whatever it’s called) but that boy mixed with Zekrom doesn’t look good. His head should have some zekrom features too…..It looks like he’s wearing a costume.

  5. Ahhh….. so everybody’s gonna be doing it? Nice then, but I really don’t like the idea of the main character being legendary. He should have had something simple yet awesome, like a nice single-stage pokemon…….
    Hope they have multiple pokeforms for one person!!

  6. Oh, this is rather… convenient? Not exactly, but I suppose much better than just Ryouga being a strange kind of Zekrom hybrid. Anyhoo, it’s a concept that does not fit with Pokémon’s style, but I guess it’s okay for it to be explored in a manga.

  7. cool i really jope this becomes a success

    though it is an shonen sunday manga it even could become it s own anime <3

    1. Puhleeze. If Adventures or Pocket Monsters or DPA didn’t get one

      Neither will this thing…

      1. Except that the anime has always been close enough to the manga that giving them a second anime would have been ridiculous. I mean, can you imagine an episode with Dawn, and then a back-to back with an episode with Lady Berlitz? Talk about confusing the kiddies. “Five minutes ago he was Barry, now they’re calling him Pearl???”

        BUT reBURST is so far different from what they’re doing in Best Wishes that having a spinoff anime is actually possible. As far as we’ve seen there aren’t any character overlaps, so the whole name thing is a non-issue. Plus, it’d be awesomely cool to see the hybrids animated. 😀

  8. All right! Nice originality there. So, if you can use burst hearts and Pokemon does that mean our main character could get an actual Pokemon? And a legendary burst heart? At least make it so that it takes more energy to transform with one.

  9. PJ if you see this, I’d recommend getting out of Japan altogether. Tremors are striking Tokyo periodically, radiation is creeping over the island and there is strong news of an ultimate nuclear meltdown in the next few days; whether it proves to be true is uncertain.

    1. Japan is MEANT to withstand earthquakes, the radiation levels aren’t bad for anyone outside the evacuation area, and they’ve been saying there will be a meltdown for what, 2 weeks? Hasn’t happened yet. The stuff you posted is what causes panic and overreaction. As long as he’s not too close to Fukushima, there’s no reason to flee.

  10. So the main character gets Zekrom and his friend gets a Lillipup…

    Yeah because that’s totally fair….

    1. The girl doesn’t turn into lillipup… The comic shows how the Stone transforms a human and how a pokeball holds the pokemon. 😀

  11. Hey PJN did you know about the pokemon rescheduling? They said they’re gonna take off the team rocket vs team plasma episodes out of respect because of the earthquake and they didn’t want to show it because of the destruction in castelia city.

    1. If it is, it will be like a mystery dungeon type where you transform into a pokemon, not a main series game

  12. I’m calling it now that the re in reburst references our hero being able to use 2 burst hearts at once and he gets the reshiram heart down the line.

    1. double burst would be awesome i can just imagine an emo guy bursting an absol and gallade or maybe one pokemon bursting another…absollade

    2. Does that mean we could see what the royal dragon looks like? *is suddenly very interested*

  13. Here’s my Pokemon Black and White review that I said I would put up a few days ago. I’ve been pretty impressed with this generation so far and I definitely put more hours into his game faster than any other. I bought White version and chose Oshawott as my starter. The entire N’s Castle arc was beautiful and featured some of the greatest music in not just a Pokemon game, but any game EVER. My only complaint about it was that you couldn’t replay it like you could with champion battles in the past, but I guess that is just the nature of the beast. Well, without any further ado, here is my Pokemon Black and White review.

    Presentation: The controls somehow feel smoother, and the C Gear really makes the game easier to play. I love the Random Matchup except I think it should have tried to pair you up with others who are about the same level range as you. This is because the first time I tried it, my three Pokemon were all level 24, and my Japanese opponent had Pokemon in the levels 50 so I easily lost. The next time I tried it I had Pokemon in the 50 range while my opponent had 20’s….easy win. Still the game feels much better than previous installments.
    Final verdict: 8

    Graphics: I do understand that Black and White runs on the same graphics engine as Generation 4, but I do think that the graphics look better. The graphics really pull you into this diverse region. The use of camera angles keeps the game’s look feeling fresh, and I’m glad they included all the unique angles, except they go a little bit too crazy on Skyarrow Bridge, but the game is great so I am okay with this. Battles look better due to the Pokemon moving, except it’s only a repeated video, so it is only the sprite that is moving, not the Pokemon. None the less it looks better that way and I’m happy with it. The moving camera in the battle keeps it very interesting and fresh….I love it. Unfortunately, the Pokemon are still pixelated and look terrible blown up on the screen. It is a pity that they didn’t make them 3D, because of the terrible pixelated sprites, graphics went from a 10 (call me crazy), to a 7.
    Final verdict: 7

    Sound: Here I have conflicted feelings. Sound is a solid 5, and music is a solid 11. Yeah 11, this music is just amazing. Trainer battles, wild battles, gym battles, rival battles, N battles, legendary battles, it’s all amazing. I don’t like the final Pokemon music with the gym leader though, but that is the only bad part in this amazing soundtrack. I love the Mistralton City music, and somehow the Castelia City music captures the heart and soul of the city life. The soundtrack is amazing, 11 out of 10, that’s how great it is. I love the Reshiram and Zekrom music too, but my favorite track in the entire game is the Ghetsis battle music, it’s amazing. But now for sound. It’s not terrible, but its not good either. The sounds have sort of grown old, and I’m tired of hearing the exact same sounds I would hear if I powered up my old Game Boy and stuck in my Pokemon Red or my Pokemon Silver. Hopefully in Generation 6 the sounds will be updated.
    Final verdict: 7.5

    Gameplay: Like I said, the controls are great, effective, and work well. Pokemon Black and White truly know what they want to be and where they want to go, constantly staying on track and throwing new innovations every five minutes. Black and White keeps it’s eyes on where it’s going and exerts it expertly. Great gameplay for a great RPG.
    Final verdict: 8.5

    Story: Yes I understand it’s too linear. Yes I understand it seems old. Yes I understand you don’t like it. I can see where all the complaints are coming from, but i thought this story was superior to all others. It truly had a focal point that it constantly expanded on, and for the first time since Generation 2, it is not obsessed with the legendary Pokemon. These villains have a reasonable goal (i.e. Not trying to flood the entire world *cough cough* Team Aqua *cough*) and execute it well and not through violence. For Pokemon, it runs pretty deep, and this story is the best the series has seen since the series started having plots.
    Final verdict: 10

    Pokemon: I’m not quite sure what to say for this one. Black and White have a ton of variety here and anyone could easily find Pokemon they like, you have to give it that. But some of these Pokemon are a little wild and crazy. Some I feel are sharp while their pre-evolutions are sloppy. This is especially prevalent in the Gothitelle and Reuniclus lines, where the final evolutions are sharp and tidy while the pre-evolutions are anything but…..they feel rushed and sloppy. I see this is in Joltik and Pawniard lines as they feel as if they had to be put together quickly and look rushed. Nonetheless, there are some great lines here, such as the Lillipup line, the Blitzle line, the Sandile line, the Scraggy line, the Litwick line, and definitely the Axew line. I do love Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott and I do love their lines, even though I was revolted by them when I first saw them. The starters have grown on me and I do think they’re some of the best. Reshiram and Zekrom are the best legendaries yet, Victini is great, as if Braviary, Zorua and Zoroark, and believe it or not, Munna and Musharna. Point blank, there are some ugly ones, (Stunfisk, Cryogonal, Sigilyph, The Tynamo line, and the Petlil line) but they are far outnumbered by great ones. Game Freak did a good job with these Pokemon despite what some may think.
    Final Verdict:9.5

    Replay Value: While some say the story is too linear or not good enough, really they are just looking for something to complain about. I don’t usually like to play Pokemon games over over as I get tired of the same story, script, trainers, and seeing a Zubat just about everywhere I go, but with 156
    new Pokemon species, this game has lots of replay value due to the fact that there are so many Pokemon players want to get to try out. Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version truly have lots of replay value.
    Final verdict:8

    Final Verdict: Pokemon Black and White are great games, if not the best in the series yet. While they take care of many of the problems that previous installments contained, it is not without it’s new flaws. Nonetheless it is truly fun and a game the casual gamer could enjoy. There’s lots of new features to try out and having all new Pokemon keeps you moving in the game. Game Freak has put in their best creation right here, and possibly the last Pokemon game I ever play, I’m truly happy I got to take part in the long-tenured Pokemon series best installments yet.

    Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version Fianl Verdict: 9

    1. *+1 for the most frequently used comment under long posts*

  14. Does anyone else think that Ryuoga gets a girlfriend? I mean that blonde girl who keeps showing up.

          1. Sadly I’ve just been stressed with all this stuff. Tokyo is OK though, things are getting better, no direct threat to me :]

  15. It’s not about ripping off.
    The problem is, if they do something completely unrelated to Pokemon, just with pokemon in it, why not add something new and fitting instead?
    Pokemon were created with the collecting training and battling in mind, if you create some random manga that is not about this, why bother including pokemon, when you can do whatever the hell you come up with? It makes no sense to me.

  16. Hopefully you don’t turn into some radioactive super freak PJ. But this new manga sounds interesting, I wonder what a person fused with Umbreon would look like.

    1. If you do become a radioactive freak, make sure you are playing pokemon with a crystal in your hand and a zekrom as your only pokemon in your team, you’d be like ryouga!

  17. On the news they say alot of people from Tokyo going to Osaka… because they are afraid of the radiation. what are you going to do?
    go with them or go back to america ?

    Please be careful

  18. My question is: is this considered canon? I’ve been arguing against “Pokémorphs” in role play for ages now, and the cornerstone of that argument is that Pokémon/human hybrids just don’t exist anywhere in the Pokémon universe and aren’t canon.

    Will this shatter everything I know?

    1. Depends on what you consider canon. Is Mystery Dungeon canon? Jumping through time and getting changed into a Pokemon? Because if you say that’s canon, then this definitely is. BUT, if you consider canon to be only what’s in the MAIN games, then no, it’s not canon. Depends on where you draw the line.

  19. i just thought of something real fun

    “The Great Sewaddle Race!”

    lets see who catches the most sewaddle’s in 1 day,starting tommorow.

    RULES: 1:can only use pokeballs.
    2:can only catch them in pinwheel forest.

    PRIZES: 1ST place:my arceus from toys r us
    2nd place:my UT timid volcarona(fire/bug)
    3rd place:the best sewaddle i catch(best nature/characteristic)

    i figured it would be fun to do this to past some time,mostly because its a slow news time,and plus i like sewaddle.

    if anyone is interested in this,leave a comment saying “The Great Sewaddle Race!”

    P.S. shiny sewaddle’s are worth 2 regular sewaddle’s

    happy catching 🙂

        1. i already do, the real question is, do you have a life? thats what i thought…..

  20. did u catch all those today?

    also,if we do this catch contest,it starts tommorow.

    btw,the reason im entering my own contest is because i want a army of sewaddles
    / \
    / l \
    / \ l /\
    / l \
    \ 0 0 /
    \ M /

    tryed to make a sewaddle icon 🙂

  21. Just had a good idea for a new Pokemon game. It’s called Pokemon RPG: The Legend of Landorus. You play as a genetically altered Pokemon, that has the ability to be 17 different Pokemon at once, one Pokemon for each type. You can change as freely as you want. You escape the lab you were created in to explore the new region and find your purpose in life. In the forest you enter, the Pokemon worship Sudowoodo as they believe it is a grass Pokemon, yet it is so strong and sturdy they worship it. You seek out Sudowoodo, but it can’t help you as it is not really magical (sort of like The Wizard of Oz). It gives you the ability that when you encounter other Pokemon you can possess it so it will be your Pokemon of a certain type. For instance, you may have a Snivy at the grass type, but if you encounter a Sewaddle, you can possess it and make it your Pokemon for the grass type or type. Sudowoodo tells you to seek out the all mighty Landorus, but to encounter it you must first find Thundurus and Tornadus. You seek them out on your journey while you battle the scientists and other Pokemon. Battling works similar to that of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. You use the touch screen to aim your attacks. At the end you find Landorus when you are ambushed by an army of scientists. You take half the army and Landorus takes the other half. When you defeat the army the lead scientist comes out and calls upon Reshiram and Zekrom to defeat you and take you back. You decide which one you will fight, and Landorus takes the one you don’t fight. Upon defeating Reshiram/ Zekrom, the scientist reveals his newest invention: fusing his soul with the Light and Dark Stones, allowing him to be Reshiram and Zekrom and switch between the two in the same way you switch between Pokemon. He easily defeats Landorus, leaving you to take on the scientist. After beating him, the game is through.
    So what do think? Is it something you would want to play? I think it would be fun to play a spin off that is something different and innovative other than Ranger and Mystery Dungeon. Tell me what you think.

    1. Sounds terrific. I can see a concept like that for mystery dungen and (or) the ranger games.
      I would like to see a game based on the voyages of the SS. Anne. Perhaps you can play as the captains son or daughter. Maybe even a lost orphan.
      ps I wish they do away with the pc and give the player a laptop or allow others to join you on your journey with great AI capability.

  22. Since there is no news lately, lets have some polls?
    I want to know what your favorite 3 male and female gym leaders are from generation 1-5 and why
    1) Skyla ( very creative gym and exterior design like the gym being on an airport. Not to mension she is also kinda hot :D)
    2) Elesa ( her gym is really fun to play in with the rollercoasters in there)
    3) Jasmine ( Especially in HG, SS where all you do is walk right up to her with no other trainers to battle you)

    Volkner ( I like his gym and how it is near the beach and everything. Very fun to get to him and battle him)
    Morty ( always had trouble with his gym. i like his design and pokemon team)
    Lt. Surge ( just because i had to bathe after looking inside is trash cans for a stupid swich)

  23. Well, I guess ReBURST sounds cool then. I just hope they don’t do away with the whole Poke Ball idea in this manga…or else I don’t even KNOW what to call this manga xD

    1. Pokemon =/= Pokeballs. Even without Pokeballs, if there are Pokemon, it’s a Pokemon manga.

      ……btw, you can just call it reBURST…… XD That’s what a title’s for….

  24. Just thought of something, it’s be cool if you could catch those pokémorphs XD

    Naaaa, that’s pretty meh….

  25. lets see if this works

  26. I remember having an idea like this about 3 years ago. I’m going have to find this scanlated somewhere.

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