I know a lot of you have been following ReBURST closely.  I believe it was released today so I’m hoping for some full scans VERY soon so we can scanlate them for you guys.

Right now though I wanted to draw your attention to a scan that surfaced explaining how the ‘BURST’ function works.  Apparently the pokemon are stored in a crystal (called Burst Hearts) and can be combined with a human to give the user the pokemon’s power and part of their appearance.  The right scan shows a villian using Excadrill.

Kinda cool IMO :3  Not sure why so many people are complaining that this is a Digimon rip-off.  The idea of human/animal hybrids has existed from the beginning of time.  Look at Egyptian gods that had the heads of animals even :p

<3 pokejungle

ps- Radiation in Tokyo is higher than normal 🙁