PJN in JPN: I’m ok


Warning: I swear in the video.  Don’t watch it if you don’t like profanity.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails, messages, etc regarding my safety.  Thank you EVERYONE for caring, I’m grateful to have such kind visitors.  If you follow our Facebook or Twitter (links over there ——–>) you know that I am safe, but I wanted to make sure I posted something on the front page.

I’m very worried about northern Japan, but here in Tokyo most people are doing alright.  I’m off to work now!

<3 pokejungle

ps- I think I know what I want my team to be: Leavanny, Jellicent, Galvantula, Excadrill, Musharna, (flying type)

  1. Glad to hear that you’re ok PJ. It’s really terrible what happened. I hope everybody’s fine and are doing well now. 🙁

        1. ^^Eeeh! Didn’t insert my text. I was supposed to say “And plenty of Japanese people whom were rumored to be dead out of pretty much understandable hysteria.” in the bracket with a >///<.

  2. Wowe wow wow, Good To see your alright. I’ll send my condolences to the injured and departed.

  3. hey dude i just got black yeterday (so frickin wanted white) SOLD OUT its ridiculous but yea so who u choosin ta start with
    p.s. snivy all the way

  4. I also jsut noticed that JPN is the same as PJN with the words in a different order

  5. glad to hear your ok and just want to say speaking from experience galvantula is really good

  6. I’d imagine your employers can understand you not being able to get to work. Getting caught up in a 8.9 earthquake is a damn good reason…

    I’ve seen the footage of the floods and cars being swept away. I keep imagining if I was standing there and got washed away by the flood or hit by flowing car. It’s really distressing to think of it. Living in Ireland I just have to count my blessings that everything is so mild here……we think we have it bad but we’re actually so blessed to be where we are…

    So many bad things happening in the world, sometimes we take our safety for granted….

  7. I could’ve sworn this was an ad for Good & Plenty XD
    still…the situation over there is really sad…

  8. good to hear you’re okay 🙂 . be cautious anyways though, there might be an even bigger quake on the way closer to you!

    add archeops

    1. I didn’t even think about you PJN!!! I heard there was a huge earthquake in Japan and was shown in school how massive it was. But, I didn’t remember you were in JPN until I came to the site! Glad you’re safe though.

      P.S. I agree with Sarydactl, If you want two new types in one pokemon, go for Archeops or Mandibuzz (Archeops looks better)

  9. Well first off, I’m glad you and Hiro (fam included) are safe, Second Never had GoodnPlenty, Third the way you talk is funny (in a good way) and last No Pokemon White that sucks!

  10. Thank goodness.

    I saw the news and thought, “hey doesn’t someone live in Japan?” and it was YOU lol all coming back to me now.
    I’m glad you’re safe and I also wish the best for those who were actually affected by this. I’m working on getting a Musharna too :3

  11. Thank God [Arceus] that you are good!

    I’m very relieved to know that you are okay! ^^

    I have some friends in Japan and i’m very worried about them…im very happy that you are okay 🙂

    To all persons in Japan that have been affected, me and my “Pokémon Army” and my Pokémon League Trainers will pray for all today.

    A big hug 🙂

  12. Did you guys know the news about Nintendo and Gamefreak? Luckily, none of the staff was hurt and the buildings held together pretty good. The following is just a plain rumor and is not comfirmed by any piece of evidence- They are saying the creator of Pokemon- Satoshi, has passed.

  13. Glad to hear you are OK. But if the telephone lines are down, why does the internet still work?

    And when do we get Leavanny’s Library?

  14. Glad to your safe 😀
    It was awful what happened to Japan=[ made me so sad.
    Now there’s this thing going around the net saying that world is going to end cos if you add the dates of 9/11/01(world trade center) and the dates of Japan 3/10/11 you get 12/21/12 the end of the world…….. i dont belive it ! I think its just coincident

    Ps My team now is Sigilph Lvl 60 Emboar(Hamlet) Lvl 54 Colbalin Lvl43 Viriszon (cant spell it right xD) Lvl42 ReshiramLvl 45 And Kyrem Lvl75 😀
    Best game yet!!
    Mata ne

    1. Technically, the earthquake occurred on the eleventh local time, so that’s another reason to disregard this as rumor.

  15. Glad your safe. And I hope the injured people get better. But use Archeops, it is the best flying type in the game.

  16. seriously? Of all the good hearted, hard-working, useful people in japan that lost their lives, this worthless faggot survived????

    There really is no god.

      1. @pokemaster

        Apparently, there really isn’t someone who can respect others. Wanna guess who?

  17. Good to know that you ok, but guess what’s ticking me off on the GTS. I can’t even get a stupid patrat without having to give someone like a Level 100 Zekrom or something. I understand a few little kids doing this but EVERYONE IS DOING THIS. I can’t even find a decent trade!

  18. Seriously people, if you want a level 100 Zekrom whikle you only supply a Patrat, I just want to let you know that YOUR TRADE WILL NOT AND I REPEAT WILL NOT AND WILL NEVER BE EXCEPTED!

      1. The bigger problem, IMO, is the multiple Japanese people who ask for level 9 and under Reshiram/Zekrom/Victini/Landorus/Archeops in exchange for their Reshiram/Zekrom/level 100 shiny Generation V Pokemon. Seriously. Search level 100 male Eelektross on the GTS. If nothing’s changed since yesterday, four out of five of them will be shiny, and all of them will be asking for low leveled legendaries.

        Also, good to know you’re OK, PJN. As for a Flying-type, I personally recommend Swoobat. It’s worked fine for me, and mine has Klutz.

        1. I just did and yep, same thing. Either these Japaniese people are just being really stupid (I’m not being racist please don’t be mad at me) or they arej ust trying to piss people off. Porbably the second one -_-.

  19. ZT, I know what you mean. Some of those trades are near impossible. Heck, i’ve managed to make 3 trades so far and that is cause I am not asking for legendaries. Is darumaka for zorua that unreasonable, cause that is my first trade not to go in 24 hours.

    1. Sniper Mudkip: Darumaka for Zoua isn’t completely unreasonable, because Darumaka is a little hard to find, but compared to Zoura I would say it might be just a tad bit unfair. Again, it isn’t completely unreasonable but if I saw that trade I might not participate.

      1. I’ve made 4 trades, 1 of which was kind of unreasonable: A level 20 Herdier for a level 9 Patrat. I only did the trade because I would unlike Floor 131 of Unity Tower.

  20. I hope we don’t mention the earthquake on any comedy quiz shows or we’ll be in trouble!! *cough*

  21. Glad to hear you’re ok PJ. I was worried all Friday that something terrible had happened…I worry too much usually though…just glad you’re ok.

    As for your Flying-type, I suggest Swanna. I know it’s super weak against Electric-type attacks, but I love it anyway. I find it’s much, much more fun when you play with the Pokemon you love, rather than only the most beastly ones.

  22. Read on your blog about the possibility of another earthquake. That is so scary!!! PLEASE BE SAFE!!

  23. Glad to know your safe. And hopefully it’ll stay that way if there’s any more earthquakes to come. I wish my best to you, and all of Japan.

  24. Hey pokejungle, did the american authorities asked you to go back in your country.
    It is the case for me (French authorities) and I think it sucks cause it’s expensive.

    1. Update: Actually, french authoorities have changed their mind, they want us just to leave tokyo, not japan.

  25. hey just a heads up that team is real vulnerable to chandelure id suggest taking out leavanny for volcarona, galvantula for electross, and/or excedrill for krookadile. also maybe beeheeyem or reuniclus cause they are better psychic types unless you had your heart set on musharna

  26. @Farhan

    Nope sorry, can’t do that. That’s frowned upon. However, you could easily do it yourself…sorry…no help from the community though 😛

  27. glad your ok pokejungle. the 13th was sad and weird for me. when i woke up around 1 am,i felt like that day was going to be bad,because i was very unhappy with myself,sadly,i was right

    after i got a snivy sneek-peak tin,a free copy of sonic adventure 2 battle,and went bowling,i came home and found out about the EQ,and it kinda brought my happiness down.

    really sorry it happend 🙁

    i also bought a oshawott tin last month off ebay,and FINNALY got it today. not only did i get my 2nd favorite water starter(oshawott),but also got my favorite legendary pokemon (lugia) happy about that

    sry for the llllooonnnggg comment,but figured id comment after a while of no commenting

    also,when does the BW plush come out in america? i want to buy a snivy 🙂

    1. Obviously you want to buy a snivy plush. Everything you do is snivy! lol Snivy fan, snivy tin, snivy doll. lol 🙂

  28. You guys probably wont like me after I say this (you probalbly never liked me before), but God is trying to get people to repent their sins. It is the beggining, of the new beggining. All of these recent natural diastors are NOTHING compared to whats coming up, and when it happens, you guys will be terrified.
    Revelation 20:1-15:
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    I tell you this cause I care, please read it. It is scary, but maybe it will bring you to Christ.

    1. Unfortunately my years of religion classes, both in high school and college, have taught me that there is no god and religion is a product of human fear.

      1. Well you where taught wrong, there is a God and he created the heavons and the earth. He made all the fish in the sea, and the birds in the air, and he loves his creations. I wish you could see that. I know you will, but it might be when it is to late.

        1. hey just want to let your know that well, um, all your beliefs are wrong and everything you’ve ever heard or been taught about the bible is false. have a great day

          1. You where taught wrong. I wish I could show you God’s power. But God desides what happens, not me. He will show you his power if he chooses. He is the one and only God, and our salvation, and NOTHING will make me say otherwise. Not even a bullet to the head.

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