PJN in JPN: See you all in a bit~

Moving to my new apartment today!  Internet will be set up today (hopefully) so I won’t be away from you guys long, but will be busy!  Regular coverage should resume tomorrow, along with more site updates 🙂 Going to be making join-able groups here for all the types of pokemon, plus groups for WiFi Battling … Read more

PJN in JPN: I’m ok

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V8ZyU14TYE Warning: I swear in the video.  Don’t watch it if you don’t like profanity. I’ve been getting a lot of emails, messages, etc regarding my safety.  Thank you EVERYONE for caring, I’m grateful to have such kind visitors.  If you follow our Facebook or Twitter (links over there ——–>) you know that I am … Read more

PSA: 3DS Launched Today

I (obviously) have no money to get one, BUT I will be heading to Shinjuku in a few minutes to go meet up with someone for lunch so if I see any lines, crowds, or events set up at the Bic Camera I’ll take some pics and post them. Just thought I’d share 😀 <3 … Read more


Saw a bottle of C.C. Lemon at my local JUSCO and it had a little magnet bundled with it (many anime and game franchises offer little figures, stickers, or magnets with products).  Being pokejungle, I obviously had to buy it just to get the little minccino trinket.  I do like CC Lemon already so it … Read more