Saw a bottle of C.C. Lemon at my local JUSCO and it had a little magnet bundled with it (many anime and game franchises offer little figures, stickers, or magnets with products).  Being pokejungle, I obviously had to buy it just to get the little minccino trinket.  I do like CC Lemon already so it wasn’t like I was buying a drink I didn’t want to consume :p

Kind of a lame little magnet, but still was kind of cute (^ー^)

<3 pokejungle

ps- It was good to get back to my MySpace photo-whoreness in this picture.  Yayz.

pps- Keep up with my non-Pokemon related Tokyo exploits on my blog.  😀

ppps- Decide to remove article about GTS mainly because, at the end of the day, it’s still basically cheating 😡