Anddd Last But Not Least, Suicune!

The final leg of the US Crowned Beasts distribution at Game Stops across America starts today (January 31st) and goes until February 6th! The final beast of this stretched out event is Suicune! Like the pervious beasts given away in this event, this Suicune will unlock Zoroark in Pokemon Black and White, who can’t be caught in the wild normally! It’s also lvl. 30, in a Cherish Ball, has a Classic Ribbon, and knows Extremespeed and Sheer Cold! For those in America this is your LAST CHANCE to not only get a shiny beast, but also have the possibility of getting a “legit” Zoroark in Pokemon Black or White! So grab your DPPtHGSS games and hurry, hurry, hurry! And for those who’ve never done a Game Stop event before you can refer to our previous Crowned Beast post.

Gotta say, as much of a hassle as it was to go to Game Stop several times, the staff there are friggin’ amazing to hang out with! And I did actually buy stuff from there every time I went there. Damn you strategic marketing. 😛

Remember: last chance! Happy downloading! – ozymandis

P.S. Suicune fans, where you at? :3

P.P.S Quick shout out to Rayner! He said I was his idol, and I’m a total sucker for that kinda stuff. ><