Anddd Last But Not Least, Suicune!

The final leg of the US Crowned Beasts distribution at Game Stops across America starts today (January 31st) and goes until February 6th! The final beast of this stretched out event is Suicune! Like the pervious beasts given away in this event, this Suicune will unlock Zoroark in Pokemon Black and White, who can’t be caught in the wild normally! It’s also lvl. 30, in a Cherish Ball, has a Classic Ribbon, and knows Extremespeed and Sheer Cold! For those in America this is your LAST CHANCE to not only get a shiny beast, but also have the possibility of getting a “legit” Zoroark in Pokemon Black or White! So grab your DPPtHGSS games and hurry, hurry, hurry! And for those who’ve never done a Game Stop event before you can refer to our previous Crowned Beast post.

Gotta say, as much of a hassle as it was to go to Game Stop several times, the staff there are friggin’ amazing to hang out with! And I did actually buy stuff from there every time I went there. Damn you strategic marketing. 😛

Remember: last chance! Happy downloading! – ozymandis

P.S. Suicune fans, where you at? :3

P.P.S Quick shout out to Rayner! He said I was his idol, and I’m a total sucker for that kinda stuff. ><

  1. Cool can’t wait for the Celebi and Victini events. Last time I downloaded from outside the store I definitely going to do that again.

  2. Suicune was always my favorite. Makes me nostalgic for when I first played Crystal… ah, has it already been ten years??

    I’m going to go play SS now~ Gotta relive those glory days!

  3. I’m not sure if I actually want to transfer mine to BW..I like seeing their HGSS sprite following my around. ;S

  4. Gonna go get suicune today, then Ash’s pikachu as well. Fun fun fun events. I wish we’d get Goon’s Scizor already though..

  5. Awww 🙁 I don’t live near any Gamestops, so I couldn’t get any of the beasts 😛 but I’m willing to trade someone something for a raikou (one that hasn’t been messed with though, like no moves changed) I’ll give you like basically whatever you want, but I also have a shiny Beedrill and Magikarp (I know it’s not that special)

      1. So does anyone want the shiny Beedrill? I also have an Extremespeed Dragonite 😛 Both are legit, and I’m willing to give either.

          1. ok, pokewalker, i’ve never done this before, i added your friend code but what do i do now?

  6. I got my Entei last weekend when I pre-ordered my Black version, and I’ll be going back to the same Game Stop Saturday or Sunday to get my Suicune. I won’t be buying anything, but I will have to interact with the staff again regardless (they screwed up my phone number on the order, and I’d hate to confuse whoever owns the number they punched in, come March 5th). Usually for this kind of stuff I just find a corner and marathon download to all 5 of my games, the staff at this Game Stop only talk to me if its a slow day or if one of them accidentally picks up my games off the counter.

    I kinda wish they had pushed back release for one more week to coincide with my spring break, that way I would have been able to pre-order at my usual store rather than the one near my college. The staff at my local store knows me and my weird habits, to the point that they usually can guess what I’m there to pre-order before I tell them (I graduated with a good chunk of their staff or their siblings, preexisting bonds ftw). Needless to say, it was a tad awkward when I went in to download my Raikous and I had to tell them I was pre-ordering my Black version at a different store. But I promised them that I would buy my White version there when I finished Black, so I didn’t feel like I had betrayed them. I <3 my local Game Stop staff to pieces~

  7. I live in the Uk and the dates for the shiny beasts are as follows:
    Raikou: February 7th 2011 to February 13th 2011
    Entei: February 14th 2011 to February 20th 2011
    Suicune: February 21st 2011 to February 27th 2011
    Are they definetly wi-fi/Mystery gift events?
    Also, when will the Celebi be released for gen IV & V events be released… any news yet???

    1. Yes, they are Wi-Fi events. No news on Celebi other than the American Gamestop distribution.

  8. Aaaaaugh it had to be released right as the Biggest Damn Blizzard Ever hits where I live, YAY!

  9. going to get suicune tommorow,along with ash’s pikachu 🙂

    the staff always talk to me because i have black version,along with other pokemon players. they are always looking at my pokemon,asking questions,whole nine yards,but its not problem,sometimes i meet decent looking girls,i also like helping people with the waiting for games,by showing them,and theres other perks with having a un-releases japanese pokemon game 🙂

    with these events,i end up having extras,with no intention of effort training at least one (with a good nature,of course 🙂 ),so im offering these extras for trade:
    2 event raikou
    1 event entei
    2 event suicune(tommorow)
    2 ash’s pikachu(tommorow)
    list you fc and offer,im not trying to get anything special,this is for people who didnt get to the events.

    also,evd a adament machamp today,and im happy with how it went 🙂 . im looking for a evd adament roobushin(or however you spell it)and im willing to trade my machamp,and other evds,like latios,and about 59 other evds to choose from,some not for trade though.let me know if you want to trade,also looking for other pokemon,like drizzle evd modest or calm natured politoad,so plz let me know if you want to trade

    finally,for my weird saying that i come up with:

    “What happens in Washington D.C. ,stays on Youtube.

    another thing:”if you chock a smirf,what color will it turn?
    and thats your weird saying for your pal,snivy fan 🙂

  10. Suicune is my favorite of the three beasts. As much as I hate to say this, I’d prefer the regular-colored beasts with these attack to the shiny ones. Still, it’s nice to be able to get them. Heading out Friday (if not sooner) to get Suicune.

  11. Just wanted to be the first to say this! was updated with more new Pokemon and stuff about seasons and Global Link. Victini I’d on there too!

  12. Daaamn i’ve been searching for suicune for years….. And now they give it away shiny for free?

  13. Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to add that we got both the Black and White Pokedex entries for Victini, as well as an English description of its ability Victory Star!

  14. Need to go get one. I was near Gamestop yesterday, but didn’t have my DS cuz I drove straight from school to my house then to the shopping center. FML.

  15. do all of these giveaway pokemon have a set nature? when I got entei he was adamant which i was really happy about, but I got a relaxed suicune today which isn’t really ideal, are the natures just random? does anybody know?

  16. “For those in America this is your LAST CHANCE to not only get a shiny beast, but also have the possibility of getting a “legit” Zoroark in Pokemon Black or White! So grab your DPPtHGSS games and hurry, hurry, hurry!”

    Wrong on both counts. Americans can download European Wi-Fi events since they’re distributed by language rather than region. And you can get a “legit” Zoroark by evolving the Zorua unlocked by the Gamestop Celebi.

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