Shiny Eternatus distribution: how. when and where to receive

Shiny Eternatus distribution coming to GameStop, how & when to receive

As we previously reported was likely, a Shiny Eternatus distribution has been officially announced for GameStop (US/Canada), EB Games (Australia/New Zealand) and various stores in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Fans will be able to receive a code for use in their Pokémon Sword and Shield at the stores from September 18 until October 1. … Read more

Hisuian Growlithe event coming to GameStop

A recent in-store poster has revealed that GameStop will be holding a Hisuian Growlithe and Feather Ball distribution for owners of Pokémon Legends: Arceus owners. According to the displayed information, the event will run from February 25 until March 13 in North America. While some fans may enjoy an easy way to snag Hisuian Growlithe, … Read more

Shiny Zacian, Zamazenta event coming to GameStop

Following the announcement of Korean and Japan getting a Shiny Zacian and Shiny Zamazenta event, it has now been confirmed that players in the US will be able to also get a shiny legendary through GameStop. This news comes from our friends at PokéBeach and also a special thanks to Teez for the tip. Distribution … Read more

Marshadow Distribution Coming to US/EU

Marshadow is finally getting an international distribution! Officially announced by TPCi, Marshadow will be distributed in the US at GameStops across the country from October 9th to October 23rd! Europe will be getting the same event from October 1st to November 14th at “select retailers”. No word on other regions or countries just yet, but … Read more

Shiny Gengar & Diancie Distribution Coming to the West

Two new GameStop distributions have been announced for the United States. They coincide with the release of the new TCG expansion, Phantom Forces, and the lead-up to Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. I’m sure there are a lot of fans celebrating that we finally get these events 😀 If someone picks up an extra … Read more