Meloetta to be Distributed at GameStop (US)

The Melody Pokémon Meloetta will be distributed at US GameStop locations starting on March 4th and ending on March 24th based on leaked advertisements.  This is the first time it has been available for the English games 🙂 It will be available to all four Generation V titles; Pokémon Black, Pokémon White, Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. Meloetta is a … Read more

Keldeo Event Is Now Live!

For those of you who are in the states, Keldeo is being distributed from now until October 6th in GameStop stores across the US, and in participating EB Games across Canada! In BW, if you bring Keldeo and the rest of the Muskedeers to the Moor of Iccirrus, you can teach it the move Secret Sword. … Read more

English Reveal of Keldeo

Poké has officially revealed the mythical Pokémon Keldeo for English-speaking gamers. It will be distributed before the launch of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 and will be available to download at Gamestop starting August 27th when you bring in a copy of Pokémon Black or White with your (3)DS(i). Keldeo’s form names have been … Read more

Anddd Last But Not Least, Suicune!

The final leg of the US Crowned Beasts distribution at Game Stops across America starts today (January 31st) and goes until February 6th! The final beast of this stretched out event is Suicune! Like the pervious beasts given away in this event, this Suicune will unlock Zoroark in Pokemon Black and White, who can’t be caught … Read more

Shiny Beasts @ Gamestop has announced that the 2nd Generation trio will be available to download at GameStop (in the US) starting soon!  It’s exactly the same as the Japanese giveaway; they’ll all be shiny, know special moves, and unlock the ability to battle Zoroark in your Black or White game.  These can be downloaded to all 4th … Read more