Shiny Beasts @ Gamestop has announced that the 2nd Generation trio will be available to download at GameStop (in the US) starting soon!  It’s exactly the same as the Japanese giveaway; they’ll all be shiny, know special moves, and unlock the ability to battle Zoroark in your Black or White game.  These can be downloaded to all 4th Gen games and the schedule to receive these pokemon is as follows:

  • Raikou: January 3rd – 9th
  • Entei: January 17th-23rd
  • Suicune: January 31st – Febuary 6th

Obviously this schedule is to maximize the number of times you have to go to GameStop and potentially purchase something.  This will be the first giveaway that I WON’T have access to while being in Japan 🙁  I’m going to ask my staff to grab two of each and trade one of them to me xD

<3 pokejungle

ps- As I write this my bf’s mom has a cooking class over so there are quite a few older Japanese women cooking.  I’m trying to eat this lunch, but it is quite traditional and definitely not my favorite 🙁

  1. Ahhh i live in Ireland i never get these Event’s! Oh i love Japanese food give it to me i eat it!!

  2. Not you of all people with working eyes on the internet!

    They are not dogs.

    At least change it to beasts gah.

    Not just because because it’s getting retarded after 10 years, but because the new trio actually have resemblences to dogs UNLIKE THE JOHTO ONE. seriously.

      1. Well, Suicune is a bit out for debate wether it’s a cheetah with leopard-like pattern, or a puma or whatever (while being based of the mythological cerature Qilin).

        But clearly, Entei is a lion.

        Sabretooth tiger, well, obvious.

        For example just their faces alone, are more feline.

        1. I’ve always thought they were beast. I have no idea what they were initially intended to be? It seems that this topics is still open for debate.

        2. Dogs is just easier…

          And the new trio looks like dogs? Lol they’re supposed to be horses..

    1. Here’s the thing. Generation V introduced the move Dark-type Sound-based move Bark Out (via TM). Almost all Dark types can learn this move, in addition to a handful of non-Dark Pokemon. All of the non-Dark types that can learn Bark Out are (or resemble) dogs.

      This includes the lines of Growlithe, Snubbull, Electrike, Shinx, Yooterii, and the Johto Legendary Trio.

      Via that logic, it’s not a far stretch to say that they’re dogs, or at least dog-like.

      1. Well sure, everybody knows that house cats don’t bark but remember that the animals they’re based on make loud noises (lions/tigers roar/growl) which GameFreak can understandably equate to “barking out.” Like someone already said, Raikou mostly resembles a tiger, Entei a lion. Suicune can be interpreted as anything really, maybe a leopard/wolf….
        Either way, legendary beasts would be the most proper……or hamsters 😀

      2. That’s not really a good argument.
        Only dragon type pokes and ones that are reptiles learn Dragon Claw, except for Zuruzukin. Therefore Zuruzukin is a reptile…

        btw, Shinx is not canine, nor is the new dragon.

        1. Zuruzukin is generally considered reptillian. I did miss the dragon on the Bark Out list, though. And yeah, I guess Shinx’s line is more lion-based than canine-based.

        2. This whole argument argument is dumb anyway. People can call them whatever they want: beasts or dogs, it really does not matter.
          And as for the new trio: only Terrakion looks remotely dog-like (more cat-like to me though, but meh); the other two resemble some form of antelope/deer.

          Anyway, I already have the Japanese beasts, so bring on B/W’s release in the U.K! Woo! (And everywhere else too!)
          Zorua better be worth it 😛

  3. Awesome news. Finally something to download. The pokewalker event routes failed to reach the area I stay at. I can only hope Gamestop wont BS on this event. *crossing fingers*

  4. Oh great, so they won’t let Europe have them then? Well done, Gamefreak/Nintendo!
    Seriously though, I will be so annoyed if Europe misses out. We always get left out.

    1. that’s true. for example, why would we get the games later as the US? it makes no sense, the english version is exact the same as the american.

  5. I wish it would be wi-fi cause we do not have any gamstop here maybe i’ll ask my friend to trade me by wi-fi

  6. Oh God…. US only? I live in Ireland too T-T… But just making sure; if this event is on in Europe, all I have to do is go to any Gamestop, set up my Wi-Fi and get the Mystery Gift? I’ve only done this once and I have to make sure…. (Me wants a shiny Suicune :0)

  7. i already have all three beasts [thanks to a very generous person]
    but i could do with the “American” ones as well x’D
    luckily a Gamestop recently moved into town, right across from Wal-Mart, and i can walk to Wal-Mart easily.

    but FFFFFF
    why does it have to start right when finals start ;_;

  8. Y’all that are complaining about Europe, how do you expect a guy in Africa to possibly ever get them?

    *hopes for future Wi-Fi distribution*

  9. My local GameStop is in a mall, so I don’t even have to go into the store to download. There’s a bench just outside the store where the signal reaches. It’s nice! Hahaha

    1. Haha thats funny! I have two Gamestops near me! I have one 5 mins away that a regular store and another one 15 away in a mall! Just got the Raikou today at the mall one because the Nintendo Station wasn’t working at the one closer to my house! What Im trying to say is that the mall has bench right outside the store. As far as passerbys knew, Just playing on my DS! Im 19 and I just preoreder both Black and White and I intend on getting Entei Suicune and Celebi at Gamestop and the random Toy R US Pikachu when they come out!

  10. I’llnever understand why they never do these give aways in Canada. Surely they could make it happen.

    1. Calm down, If I get them I will get them on 3 games so I will trade 2 of each over GTS for weak pokemon like shinx, bidoof, and magikarp. If you are lucky, maybe you can get mine.

  11. Im wondering how advanced in a game do you have to be for them to be able to give you the Legendary Beasts?

    Anyone know please.

  12. I didnt expect them to announce ANY of the B&W events until a few months after the games came out xD truly Im shocked I hate my mall (gamestop is ALWAYS crowded wtf) but I’ll go…get Raikou to lazy to go back and get the others (is Suicune even shiny? bcuz I’m not seein it)

  13. Lucky me! I can just drive over to Gamestop, sit in my car, and download them. I don’t even have to walk inside.

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