What’s up my minions?

There hasn’t been a lot of news lately and I have been a bit too busy to edit staff articles so I wanted to do a quick post :]  Tomorrow I’m going to get my alien registration card (or at least finish the application for it) and then go look at cellphones.  Expensive 🙁

What about you guys?  Doing anything interesting?  I hope Pokemon.com reveals some more English information soon!

<3 pokejungle

ps- My boyfriend bought me the pokemon calendar from McDonald’s ;D  Aaaaaaand an extra one.  Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet o3o

  1. “Studying” for my examinations. I have math tomorrow, but it’s going to be very easy.

    Playing some games as well, and trying to figure out some good rpg’s on the ps3. Someone who can recommend something?

    And for some pokémon/3DS you have to wait till January, that’s when all the big companies reveal there new products. It isn’t a good thing to do before holidays because people stop buying your old stuff.

  2. what have i been up to you may ask?well first,got a full 8-9 hours of sleep last night(very nice),but yesterday,i effort trained my new kibago i got from the egg,its lv 38 right now.dragon rage came really handy when i ko’ed all those minezumi’s. after that, i played some of the original “super mario bros.” im on world 8-1.getting close to beating bowser 🙂 .but after a little bit,i went to play some “mario vs. donkey kong:miny land mayham” on the ds. it is one of the HARDEST mario games i have ever played,but its also one of the funnest 🙂 .then i watched tv,even thought i did that all day too. then around 11:30,went to bed.

    im still looking for the yannapu and mamepato from the event.ill trade some good stuff for them.like shinys and events,so let me know 🙂

    and have fun PJ 🙂

    1. Like the other tech-toys in Japan: nothing really special but twice as expensive as the same model here.

  3. Believe it or not, I’m trying to make a trailer for an upcoming Let’s Play for Pokemon Black. Unlike the one Boarbeque did, I want to add some voices, and illustrations to spice up the Let’s Play, kinda like a big production. Though I will need an artist. One that can do a good anime style and make expressive faces and pokemon as well.

  4. Well, I had to call in sick. I had a minor concussion on Friday but stupidly kept working. >.<

      1. LOL, it’s not as glamourous as it sounds. I was helping hand out 3D glasses for Tron. My (wonderful, caring) coworker pulled out the TOP row of glasses while I was getting glasses from the BOTTOM row. I stood up…..and all of a sudden I was sitting again. XD Metal tray + skull = unhappy Hikaru.

  5. Just had a great weekend with the gf. Went to a Christmas party and took her swing dancing and back at her house she introduced me to her favorite tv show 😀

  6. Flew in to WA state to stay with my bro and sis n law, gonna help babysit my niece for almost two years, also hadn’t slept for over 48 hours that is until just a couple of hours ago, needed to get some things done back home before my flight and so I couldn’t sleep. Really excited about getting Black and White next year too, gonna get HeartGold for X-Mas Yay!! I hope they start letting a pokemon follow you in every third game from each gen, that would be cool.

  7. Hey pokejungle!

    I’d love to have that pokemon calendar 😛 add to my collection of pokemon merchandise

  8. I got drunk last night, so at the moment I’m just trying to get rid of my hangover by eating.

    P.S. If you give me that spare calender, I’ll <3 you even more!

  9. Calendar? CALENDAR?! *tackles pj for spare calender* Tana waaaannnntttt~!

    *re-composes self* Ahem, well, sorry, no idea where that came from……. regardless, I’m getting ready to turn 20 on Friday! ;-; Tana feels olllllddddd…………

    1. Especially when you tell people you still like Pokémon.
      “Pokémon, isn’t that a kids show from ten years ago?”

      1. 😛 Masters is the biggest age division by a LONG shot. There’s no shame in still liking Pokemon.

  10. Great to hear that you had a safe flight they likely did the whole body scan body or cavity search. Oh well part of the consequences of modren day flying right.
    Good luck filling out the application for your geen card if I’m not mistaking.
    Have you even consider a full citizenship?
    I’ve been busy researching and drawing concept work for a future project, thus far four years in the making. If I ever finish I’ll give you guys some exclusive pieces.

  11. im making a non-legendary pokemon team for random and wi-fi battles.i have one legend though 🙂

    jolly garchomp
    timid lucario
    relaxed shuckle 🙂
    adament tyranitar,(helps itself,garchomp,and shuckle with sandstorm)
    jolly staraptor
    and timid latios(iv had this latios for a few months,finnaly its getting a purpose)

    i think its pretty good,its my first effort team with a wall,and this is my only team with a battle strategy
    i got the movesets from smogon,that site owns 🙂

    do you all like the team?or not?let me know

    also,i learned last friday,that if you are wearing pantihoes(they go on your legs),and if your wearing a wig,you can sell ANYTHING!!!

    just remember that everyone 🙂

    1. My Team:
      *Still working on the movesets and stuff!!
      ***Shout out to AI for the team building!!

      1. nice team elcolombiano 🙂

        not trying to be mean,but why do you hav 2 steels? but then again,i hav 2 dragons.just thought i would ask.

        by the way,i couldnt find a moveset,so i made my own moveset for tyranitar,forgot to mention that.here it is

        tyranitar:adament nature
        item:leftovers,i guess…..?
        EVS:252 attack 252 defence

        move 1:rock polish(its a rock polisher,i know)
        move 2:dragon claw
        move 3:crunch
        move 4:either earthquake or stone edge,it depends on your team

        i also hav a dragon tail set too.it would be the same as above,except no rock polish.

        let me know if you all like it.

        i got all the pokemon for my team at their base forms,untrained,(except for latios)with the right natures,all freshly hatched.im going to start training tommorow 🙂 this is going to be one of my best teams 🙂

        1. I got them to draw in fire types, then send out shandera for flash fire boost/immunity, then try to damage them before they swich back in. Or,daikenki to sweep them. Plus Nattorei can set me up stealth rock too.

          1. I like you team though too. You might want to work on the moveset som though. With many weaknesess, tyranitar is commonly used to get in, hit hard, then swich back in. Using rock polish just takes away your attacking capability and by the time you are polished up, you have low health. Leftovers wont do the trick thougt, its more for walls.
            As for shuckle, i would use a common but effective moveset. Substitute, toxic, rest, and encore. Give it leftovers as well.

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