Nintendo Discontinuing WiFi Connection for DS & Wii

Nintendo has announced its plans to shut down WiFi services for its older Nintendo DS and Wii consoles. Games that utilize the service for online multiplayer will no longer be able to access those functions. The Internet browser for both platforms will be unaffected, as will the Wii Shop, DSi Shop, and Hulu Wii app. … Read more

Nintendo Releases PokéDex for iOS

  The iOS PokéDex that Japan got about a month ago is now available in English! It includes all the usual information plus animated 3D images of Pokémon. It’s compatible with many of the newer iOS devices. Warning: The app is $1.99 and includes only Unova Pokémon. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Pokemon can be added seperately … Read more

Lore: The Epic Behind Pokémon

Hello! And welcome to the third installment of Lore! This time things are going to be a lot more interesting as there’s a lot of fan debate and speculation over what the myths of the Sinnoh region actually mean. Primarily this first article on the Sinnoh region will focus on the theories explaining what Arceus … Read more

Pokemon Black, White, HeartGold and SoulSilver on sale!

If you haven’t picked up one of the games mentioned in the title (or DPPt), it might be a great time to do so! Amazon is having a ‘buy one, get one 50% off’ sale right on select Nintendo DS/3DS games. If you’ve already picked up all the DS Pokemon titles, I’d recommend checking out … Read more

IGN’s Top 10 Pokémon

In case you don’t read IGN, they’ve been doing a ‘Top 100 Pokémon‘ countdown that was decided by site viewers who voted for the better ‘mon when presented with two. The countdown has finally finished and I thought I’d present the top 10 so that we could discuss it on our own: Charizard Mewtwo Blastoise … Read more

Anddd Last But Not Least, Suicune!

The final leg of the US Crowned Beasts distribution at Game Stops across America starts today (January 31st) and goes until February 6th! The final beast of this stretched out event is Suicune! Like the pervious beasts given away in this event, this Suicune will unlock Zoroark in Pokemon Black and White, who can’t be caught … Read more