Lore: The Epic Behind Pokémon

Hello! And welcome to the third installment of Lore! This time things are going to be a lot more interesting as there’s a lot of fan debate and speculation over what the myths of the Sinnoh region actually mean. Primarily this first article on the Sinnoh region will focus on the theories explaining what Arceus is.



In the beginning there was only a churning turmoil of chaos.

At the heart of the chaos, where all things became one, appeared an Egg.

Having tumbled from the vortex, the Egg gave rise to the Original One.

From itself, two beings the original one did make.

Time began to spin.

Space began to expand

From itself again, three living thing the Original One did make.

The two beings wished, and from them, matter came to be.

The three livings things wished, and from them, spirit came to be.

The world created, the Original One took to unyielding sleep.


The above passage suggests how the Pokémon World came to be mentioning only the Sinnoh Pokémon involved. Because the information provided by it is so bland there are a number of ways it can be interpreted and as such we can’t safely assume any is fully correct.

The first undeniable claim in the story is that Arceus created. Both the rulers of Time & Space and the living beings who give knowledge, emotion and willpower to the Pokémon following their creation. The second is that the Pokémon created are responsible for the Pokémon World being what it is now.

Interestingly some fans believe that Arceus was the creator of Sinnoh and it’s legendaries alone, and was not responsible for the creation of the entire Earth, or, Universe. This would have made the existence of the Lake Guardians, Palkia and Dialga pointless unless Sinnoh existed in a separate suspended state to the rest of Earth, in which these Pokémon created the region as they would have created the Earth/Universe in other theories. But, it would also mean that Sinnoh would have been created by something other than the theory behind Kyogre and Groudon shaping the seas and lands.

The idea behind gods is that they are the rulers and creators of existence. Everything that exists does so because of the action of a god. There are four ways to look at the situations told in Pokémon Mythology. First, is that there isn’t a God (or not at least one we know of and Arceus certainly isn’t one. Second is that Arceus is the God of the Pokémon World, it started the creation of everything. The next idea is that gods don’t exist and they are merely a name given to a thing to note it’s importance. For example a man creates an entirely new type of device that allows invisibility, does that make him the god of invisibility devices? No, but people could consider him a god in a non-literal sense.

Lastly is less specific idea in the sense that there is more than one god. Similarly to how the Romans, Greeks or Ancient Egyptians had gods for a number of different things, the World of Pokémon has more than one god. Arceus could be considered the father or king of gods (Zeus or Jupiter in Greek and Roman mythology respectively), and other Legendary Pokémon gods too; for example Dialga is the god of Time.

Regardless of whether Arceus is considered a god or not the ancient passage stated that it created what lead to the Pokémon World we know today and a Pokédex entry claims that it shaped the universe with a thousand arms. Now rather interestingly the story behind Arceus, Dialga and Palkia (possibly Giratina too) is extremely similar to that of the Tao Trio of Unova. The Egg eventually became The Original One, who created Dialga, Palkia and presumably Giratina, and what remains was the Arceus we know today. This would suggest that much like the Original Dragon of Unova, Arceus was once a much more powerful being; perhaps the Taiji form, a balanced existence (this theory was also mentioned by a commenter on the first article).

This theory is again backed up by the general idea behind Taoism. Dialga represents Time, Palkia space, Giratina antimatter (Dialga and Palkia were said to have created matter, thus Giratina is the opposite of this). When all Pokémon were originally one – Arceus/The Original One – each of these were represented in this single existence.

During the time period of HGSS players are able to visit the Sinjoh Ruins and have Arceus create a member of the Creation Trio. Interestingly, it has been confirmed that there can be more than one individual Legendary Pokémon, or, it can at least be derived from information we already know as fact. This doesn’t appear to be the case with Pokémon that could be considered gods (see above and the annotation below), there is- as I can tell – only one mention of these Pokémon in the history of the Earth. Thus, the actions of Arceus at the Ruins quite interesting. It is able to create extremely powerful Pokémon at will, without repeating the process it is told to have used at the start of the creation story; that is, forging them from its own body.

There’s an absolutely huge amount to be written here about explanations of how and why the actions of aforementioned Pokémon are relevant and of importance. But spreading it out over more than one article is the plan here. Now I’d like to get views and opinions from the readers on how they believe the story to have actually happened.

*Using the Roman ideology of gods, “god Pokémon” would include: Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza. As well as several others who will be mentioned in the future.[/spoiler]

So, what do you guys think of The Original Story and how do you believe Arceus had a role in the creation of Sinnoh/Earth/The Universe? Your comments will shape how the second part of this article is written so I will try read through all of your discussion. A few things I’d also like you to give your views on is the relationship between the Unown and Arceus, as well as how the myths found in Unova can relate to the stories told in other regions – whether contradictory or not.

So yes, get discussing and throwing your own theories and ideas about!

  1. I don’t think a Pokemon can be a God. I mean at this point just think that we’re all accepting that there’s a God, i don’t think the one we thought is going to be a freaking Pokemon that can faint while battling. Needless to say, I don’t believe in Arceus being a God. That’s my opinion. Respect.

  2. I have been quite interested in the mythology of the Pokemon world for years. I believe that something may have sent Arceus to shape the Pokemon world as we know it for an unknown purpose. I still find it odd that if Arceus did shape the Universe. What was the purpose of it? Was it lonely? Did it make the Universe for something? I guess it is just one of those things that we may never find out.

  3. “maybe”? “presumably”? It’s confirmed that Arceus also created Giratina. You even confirm it yourself in the article. You’re only following DP, you’re not including Platinum. In Platinum, it was said (by Cynthia) that Giratina’s name was forgotten by people (basically erased from history).

  4. Wouldn’t there be other pokemon “gods” so ?

    Celebi,god of woods
    Entei,god of vulcanos
    Jirachi,god of wishes
    The sinnoh fairy trio ( knowledge,Willpower and emotion)
    Darkrai,god of nightmares
    Cresselia,god of good dreams
    Heatran,god of magma
    Shaymin,god of thankfullness
    Victini,god of victory
    Tornadus/thundurus,gods of storms
    Landorus,god of fertility
    Meloetta,god of music
    Reshiram,god of truth
    Zekrom,god of ideals
    Kyurem,god of the lack of truth/ideals

    There would also be protective deities,such as ho-oh and lugia for the towers,manaphy/phione and suicune for the seas ,the golems for the lands and the muskedeers for the normal pokemon.

    1. There would indeed be more than the ones I listed. I said it would ‘include’ those as writing out a full list would have just wasted time and space. 😉

  5. Well, I don’t believe that the myths contradict each other. Arceus was the first one and out of a mood (who knows exactly why?) it creates Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and the Lake Guardians, maybe more of the big ones. Matter seems to be formed by an interaction of Dialga, Palkia and maybe Giratina, also the earth. The Weather Trio changed and formed the world, but didn’t create it at first place. I guess the myth about Mew, that it’s the ancestor of all Pokémon is wrong, but it’s maybe the ancestor of all not legendaries and a few legendaries. The Original Dragon, I believe, was “just” another strong Pokémon, which doesn’t contradict any myth we heard about. To create one region doesn’t mean to create the world or the universe or so. Much like Regigigas pulled the continents… Just my thoughts ^^”
    The Unown seem to be able to change dimensions and so on, so maybe they already exist before Arceus created this universe. When I think of their appearences in the movies 10 to 12, they’re in every “dimension” Oo Someone guessed, that they maybe are the “thousand arms” of Arceus, anyway they are important like legendaries.
    And last: I think, Arceus is kind of a “god” in the Pokémon world, since it created the universe, but is not what we expect from a god (immortal, with unlimited strength, uncatchable, omnipresent, etc.). So, it’s not literally a god, but a creator deserves a good title, doesn’t it?
    Sorry for the mass of text ^^’ Love this topic!
    Besides this on point of critic mentioned by temp23, I really enjoyed the article and looking forward to the next one.

  6. Arceus one up’d poor mew. XP Which one is the real/best god? That’s what I’d like to know.

  7. Well as far as mew being the ancestor of all pokemon, I would not really say that. I honestly feel as if Arceus did create mew, many mew only as “DNA Maps” in case there be a great disaster that his Legendaries could not stop, or in fact even caused, which lead to a mass pokemon extinction. Maybe all the pokemon “except the mew” would actually die sadly, and Arceus would use the mew as a way to remake the world or at least the non legendaries.

    Maybe the mew are not actually extinct, seeing as the are psychic pokemon, maybe they either made a dimension all their own, and maybe every now and then a few of them check in on the world, or just simpley use their transformation abilities to live among regular pokemon, with only a small few actually continuously in their Mew form.

    The Pokemon I believe Arceus made

    The ones we know of Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Lake Trio

    Groudon The Creator of Land
    Kyogre The Creator of the Seas

    They were created and sent by Arceus to actually shape and mold the actual world, once they completed is when they actually went to slumber. (Not saying they never fought)

    Rayquaza The Guardian of the Skies

    Sent to the world by Arceus in order to keep peace, in case of the Land and Sea deities were to ever fight. Also to keep threats outside of the world, makes sense why it tried to kill Deoxys, right?

    Lugia & Ho-Oh

    Lugia was sent to Guard the Seas that Kyogre created, this Beast of the Sea, is more of a Guardian of the sea. Also created to keep the Birds in check in case they were to fight (that i can not explain)

    Ho-Oh, watches over the pokemon of the Johto region and possibly the entire world, if anything were to happen, Ho-Oh would resurrect them or possibly just give them a 2nd chance at life as a Ghost type pokemon, or maybe that would be punishment, who knows? I would see the Resurrection as ghost types as punishment for being an ill pokemon, a bad guy if you will. Where as a full resurrection would signify the pokemon had lived right, whereas the resurrection into Legendary pokemon would mean those pokemon lived a life as guardians, protectors and Ho-Oh saw fit to give them a better chance at life. Which is why Entei Raikou and Suicune were brought back, eeveelutions are held in a kind of high regard in Ecruteak. Also while the tower burned down, (dont flame me) Flareon may have tried to go through fires using its flame retardant coat to geto trapped pokemon, Vaporeon struggled valiantly to extinguish the flames, while Jolteon tried to use its speed to run and get as many smaller pokemon as it could but in the end the three pokemon died a nobel death as they had gotten all the pokemon out yet stayed behind to try to save one last thing that was precious to them, the tower. Ho-Oh saw fit to bring them back, it did just that.

    I want to write more guys but it is 2:07 AM here in Louisiana 🙂 happy reading

  8. for some reason I cannot open spoilers on the phone, but Ill comment already anyway.

    Arceus is no god. It is merely a powerful extraordinary rare ancient pokemon, like the rest of legendaries of this caliber.
    1. it doesnt even fit that description as it can be caught and used for battles like every other pokemon.
    2. Nothing that is said about it, is considered fact, but always carefully refered to as myth and lore.
    3. And when it does straightforward regard it as the creator of the universe in the dex (which has NEVER been serious about anything to begin with) it also explains it doing so with its 1000 arms. The sole purpose of including such an absurd statement is to hint at the whole story as fiction.
    4. The most amazing feat we ever saw of it, was the birth of a dimension legendary in a ritual in HGSS. And for even this act it required the help of hundres of Unown…

    Like with the rest, its as simple as that:
    -ancient people witness legendary
    -legendary shows of
    -people making up a creation myth

  9. I think that the Legendaries of creation myths (and ones like Mew and Regigigas that are involved with the games’ world’s history) are merely very powerful Pokémon that ancient people mistook for gods. I mean, if you saw a giant nearly-one-of-a-kind creature that could create land masses or create other powerful creatures at will, you would probably get the impression that they must be some sort of god, too! I believe the reason why each region has its own legends that never mention other regions’ Legendaries is because they were created long ago by different groups of people, akin to how Native American legends can vary wildly between tribes. These ancient people just thought, “You know, it would make a lot of sense if these creatures were the ones who created the universe!” So, yeah, basically no Pokémon is actually a god, and all of the legends we hear in the games are just that part of the world’s ancient myths. That my hypothesis.

  10. Your’re writing was very compelling. I believe Arceus did create everything in the Pokemon world. I believe that Arceus created each legendary for a specific job to do. Arceus knew it was going to sleep for a long time a created these deities to act as rules over their respective planes. But this leaves many questions as well.

    Why didn’t Arceus prevent evil organizations like Cipher, Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, and Plasma from bring harm to other pokemon or going after legendaries?

    If each legendary has a purpose what are the purposes of legendaries like Mew, the “ancestor of all Pokemon” , Mewtwo, Manaphy, Phione, the legendary birds of Kanto, the legendary beasts of Johto, Regigias and the other Regis, the Muskeeter trio of Unova, and Genesect?

    If the Unown are considered to be Arceus’ thousand arms, why are they rarely spoken of in legends?

    What about the lives of Mewtwo, the Regis, and Genesect, should they be considered legends? Mewtwo and Genesect were created by evil people not by Arceus, and the Regis were created by Regigigas, how does Arceus feel about them?

    Shouldn’t the other legendaries be considered Arceus thousand arms too, since they all came from him, and were used to create the universe/ fulfill roles?

    Are the roles the legendaries are given just that or do they represent more than we think?

  11. Honestly, I think that Arceus was created from an egg, created the Creation Trio, the Unknown, the Spirit Trio (Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie), and the Weather Trio, who then went on to create the rest of the world, including Regigias. Also, at least in regards to Mew and Mewtwo, I believe Mew was created (as Vekxin said) as DNA maps, or as a creator of the “lesser species” (non-legendary Pokemon). Mewtwo was obviously created by Blaine and Giovanni, and as such Mewtwo has no “duty”. Why a Pokemon would – in the modern era – be called a god, is beyond me. I also believe that the Unknown were Arceus’ thousand arms, or at least helped him. Is there any evidence of true power coming from Unknowns, other than that one Pokemon movie, and the creation of one of the Creation Trio in HGSS? Usually, the Pokedex does have accurate – if useless – information, but it has gotten better over the generations, especially the Gen 6 dex, as my friend showed me. Ho-oh and Lugia would also rank up there in creation order with the Weather Trio. I’m not sure what else to talk about, but I will most likely post again.

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