IGN’s Top 10 Pokémon

In case you don’t read IGN, they’ve been doing a ‘Top 100 Pokémon‘ countdown that was decided by site viewers who voted for the better ‘mon when presented with two. The countdown has finally finished and I thought I’d present the top 10 so that we could discuss it on our own:

  1. Charizard
  2. Mewtwo
  3. Blastoise
  4. Lugia
  5. Dragonite
  6. Mew
  7. Rayquaza
  8. Zapdos
  9. Tyranitar
  10. Zekrom

Generation I had 6 out of 10, Generation II had 2, Generation III had 1, Generation IV had 0, and Generation V had 1. Seems like the voters were mostly older gamers who probably weren’t familiar with the newer pokemon. I don’t feel that Dragonite and Zapdos are particularly cool myself, but you, of course, may disagree :p

<3 pokejungle

  1. I’m happy with it. It’s a nice list :), they are not really my favourite pokemon but hey there are a lot of Kanto/Johto pokemon in it 🙂

  2. My favourites:
    10: Victreebel
    9: Starmie
    8: Marowak
    7: Haxorus
    6: Lanturn
    5: Tyranitar
    4: Espeon
    3: Gengar
    2: Mawile
    1: Ampharos

  3. these polls suck. you saw tons of comments below it going like “ill vote for gen I because gen I was the first gen erp derp. hail gen I, the only real pokemon”
    no wonder what the results are. they also had one about which gen has the coolest pokes? the comments on that one were even worse, with people voting not even based on the pokemon but the games and the region. and of course tons of “1>2>3>4>5, because im a genious”

  4. Hm..I would have liked to see a non legendary list to see how normal Pokemon got ranked. Ah well nothing you can do about it. :p

    1. it just end up with pokes that are
      -popular from the anime
      -more starters
      and still be mostly generation I…

  5. Mewtwo second and not first?! Unbelievable! That makes me mad 😛 Suprised that Blastoise was so high up.

  6. Gen I: Dragonite/Eevee
    Gen II: Tyranitar/Houndoom
    Gen III: Ludicolo/Blaziken
    Gen IV: Lucario/Gallade
    Gen V:Zoroark/Krookodile
    Just my opinion 😉

  7. I would love to see the day where Charizard isn’t first on the list. >.>

      1. Because it’s overrated. EVERYONE likes Charizard. Besides, it’s not even that cool.
        The coolest? Well, there are several, but definitely not Charizard.

  8. I dont really like any of them :/

    My list would be sort of like…
    1. Octillery
    2. Jynx
    3. Gothitelle
    4. Gardevoir
    5. Claydol
    6. Kingler
    7. Jirachi
    8. Cofagrigus
    9. Banette
    10. Chimecho

    I wish we could see how the others all ranked 😮 I bet 649th place was Cascoon or something ;D

  9. Well, I personally love the fact that Charizard is in 1st place… It’s an enourmously popular pokémon, much because, yeah, it is cool. It’s an orange dragon that spits fire despite not being of the dragon-type itself…
    And I don’t see why it is a problem that the top 10 pokémon are starters, legendaries and pseudo-legendaries… Face it, those pokémon are usually the coolest mons in the various gens they’re in. Most of my favorite pokémon are legendaries and pseudo-legendaries, so what? Don’t doubt that I know every pokémon name that exist…
    But I don’t like the fact that there’s not even 1 gen 4 pokémon and only 1 pokémon from gen 5… I an older fan but I also like the newer pokémon… actually, gen 4 is my favorite gen 4 for now…

  10. I’m curious to see the Bottom 100, with the lowest scores. Sadly, it’s probably mostly Gen V monsters, but I still think it’d be interesting.

    1. Honestly, this list seems to of been comprised purely of the most well known Pokémon, my top 10 would probably be…

      1. Lapras
      2. Tyranitar
      3. Whiscash
      4. Feraligatr
      5. Aggron
      6. Alakazam
      7. Salamence
      8. Regigigas
      9. Haxorus
      10. Reshiram

      I just love the grace, beauty and elegance of each of these Pokémon, they’re all brilliant,

    2. @Avolling Considering that the guys at IGN are all GEEWUNers (Gen 1, term is a Transformers reference) over there, most likely the Bottom 100 will constist mostly (or worse, ENTIRELY) of Gen 5 Pokemon.

  11. NO VENUSAUR? THIS IS MADNESS! Seriously, Charizard is only there be cause it is popular and powerful. Venusaur should be up there for the sake of all of the underappreciated grass types (eg Cherrim, Carnavine). Recount!

  12. I find it funny that most of them are Gen 1 PKMN, but it does make me mad. The only reason for this is because most of the voters only care about “nostalgia”. I see what they’re saying, but, really, just let the whole thing go. We’re in 2011, not 1997.
    The reason being is because the new Pokemon look more lively and have more vivid colors. I mean, the Gen 1 PKMN just look…bland. And I never did like it from the start.
    Another thing is that I look at the glass half full. Each time the Gens go up, they get better. My FAVORITE Generation, though, is most likely Generation 3 (don’t ask me why cause I don’t know).
    So, that’s my two cents.

  13. OH this is a pain,zapdos and charizard mus not be here,though i like charizard,he is too overated,typanitar is also cool but since were in 2011,pls have hydreigon cause its better than him.

  14. Starter families just covered this board -,- bulbasaur, charmander, cydaquil, and i think squirtle… imo the list is kinda bias but whatever gen 3-5 are the best disliked 1 and 2 because they were too easy

    1. and they came out with this list so recently that im shocked that any gen V pokemon made it

  15. GEN I = 44, GEN II = 18, GEN III = 15, GEN IV = 14, GEN V = 9

    Well this is the overall gen spread

    1. …did you count each one separately? Wow. Also, what Gen V Pokemon were there? I only saw… Zekrom, Darkrai.

    2. @Jason Adult fans of Pokemon at their finest, liking Gen 1 more than the other gens, and notice how the number of Pokemon listed from each gen goes down, with Gen 1 having the most on the list and Gen 5 having the least, yeah, definetly a bunch of GEEWUNers at work…..

  16. Charizard’s cool and all, but that list needs more fire monkeys! Infernape’s family, Simisear and son, even Darmanitan’s duo! Fire monkeys are the way to go! ^o^

  17. Overrated, everything. That’s the only explanation i find for the fact that they think Charmeleon is cooler than Salamence

  18. IGN doesn’t matter they got the amount of pokemon wrong -,- they said OVER 650 of these critters running around so in my opinion they aren’t pokemon fans and have no reason to label the pokemon from 1-100

  19. There’s a 4chan rumor about that the Wii 2 will have an online Pokemon RPG as the front runner to show off the Wii 2’s online capabilities.

    Sounds far too good to ever be true, but I guess there’s always a tiny sliver of hope. Sounds like something that might be worth mentioning though.

  20. I think Zekrom deserves a better spot! I watched that video a couple of days ago, and don’t think Charizard (although awsome) deserved 1st place more than Zekrom!

  21. The only pokemon i like in there is blastoise and zekrom :/ I cant believe there was none from sinnoh! I hate the old pokemon, there so simple

  22. It looks like SOMEONE at IGN does not like the later gens of Pokemon, that or they are not used to the 5th Generation yet, since in Gen 5, there are NO POKEMON from previous generations, only Gen 5 Pokemon. Not to mention that HALF of the Pokemon are Legendaries. My top 11 Pokemon are as follows, why top 11, because I like to go one step beyond (just like That Guy with the Glasses):

    11. Flygon
    10. Excadrill
    9. Samurott
    8. Ninetales
    7. Feraligatr
    6. Floatzel
    5. Mienshao
    4. Lucario
    3. Raichu
    2. Charizard
    1. Mewtwo

  23. At least Pikachu isn’t in there, dang overrated rat. Next time they should have a poll with no legendaries or starters. Give the normals a chance!

  24. Zapdos is cool… But Dragonite is awesome. I’m kind of sad that Hydreigon didn’t make it higher up on the list… He’s one of my favorites.

  25. I was just thinking about this while the page loaded xD Thanks for posting it up! D

    Don’t like the top 10 to be honest

  26. My top 10 would be:

    Reshiram empoleon emboar palkia ninetales Blastoise Dragonair ( ruined with dragonite 🙁 ) Bisharp Milotic

    1. Empoleon ( My first game diamond and pearl first starter I used :’)
    2. Reshiram ( Couldn’t get a better legendary )
    3. Emboar ( Just cos I like its funny looks )
    4. Bisharp ( So cool )
    5, Milotic ( Elegant!)
    6. Palkia ( My first legendary)
    7. Ninetales ( Was my favourite untill generation 4)
    8. Scolipede
    10. Rhampardos
    and then like all sinnoh and unova dex!

  27. 1. Weavile
    2. Tyranitar
    3. Typholsion
    4. Honchkrow
    5. Espeon
    6. Kingdra
    7. Infernape
    8. Darmantian
    9. Luxray
    10. Alakazam

  28. My top 10 would be….
    10. Flygon
    9. Gliscor
    8. Arcanine
    7. Heracross
    6. Donphan
    5. Shiftry (just wish he was better in battle)
    4. Absol
    3. Hitmontop
    2. Excadrill
    1. Totodile (love his dance lol)

  29. Man I hated this list.
    The only thing I liked is that Stunfisk was in the hated list.
    I DESPISE that freak.

  30. If any of you saw the actual voting process, you’d notice very quickly that the poll was completely rigged. You were shown two Pokemon and have to click on the one you like more. Then you get shown two more Pokemon, and so on. This would be fair if EVERY Pokemon had the same chance of being a choice, BUT a group of Pokemon were rigged to show up most(50-80%?) of the time, no surprise every one of those Pokemon got the top 25+ places!

    I’m sorry, but I just find it disgusting that people would give positive attention to a bias poll.

    1. I agree, and it angered me that some of my favorite Pokemon (Floatzel, Mienshao, Ninetales, etc.) weren’t even on the 100 list (well, Samurott, Flygon, and Lucario were on it), but at least a few of my favorite DC and Marvel villians were on their Top 100 Villians list (Magneto deserved to be #1 on that list)

      I mean really, what were they thinking!? They each gave us a choice of only two Pokemon to choose from (seriously, we could have chosed from 5 or 7 Pokemon, but the guys at IGN had to be fools, since they hate the “ugly” Pokemon like Garbodor), and then gave us another 2, and another 2, etc. and they did not even go through all 649 Pokemon in the poll choices, just about 200 of them, and they had the final evolutions of all the starters except Emboar, all the Eeveelutions except Leafeon, as well as the ENTIRE evolution lines of the Gen 1 starters. Yeah, that poll was definetly rigged, simply for them to get their own way.

      It’s not about what the fans think, the choices they all gave us were the ones THEY thought were cool (that’s pretty much cheating in my eyes), seriously, even the ugly Pokemon like Muk and Garbodor have fans too. I just find it sick to see the lengths IGN will go to piss off Pokemon fans

      I think we should make our own Top 100 poll and choose the Pokemon WE choose (from all 649) to be on the list, not the ones THEY choose.

  31. I am gonna only say something,maybe it would be right(and a little bit funny) to replace them with –
    1.Magikarp (nah,this weakling is so popular hahaha)
    2.Lucario/Zoroark (even design,both pkmn are so cool)
    3. Oshawott (all time favorite!)
    4. Genesect (a beast,this should replace mewtwo)
    5. Infernape (cool pose,that’s all,i dont like its,typing)
    6. Staraptor (cool emo hair(that’s what i call its,something))
    7. Squirtle (first starters ever choosen,from pkmn red)
    8. Arceus (self-explanatory)
    9.Rayquaza(overrated i know,but it has so much cool pose,or design huh)
    10.Mudkip (not a mudkip fan,but i herd u liek mudkipz)
    So why Magikarp? One thing,OVERRATED>.<.

  32. How about making our own top 100 PJN?

    You make a list, then people vote, like, their 10 favorite pokemon, and then you you make a list out of it ;D

  33. Gen 1: Porygon
    Gen 2: Lugia\porygon2
    Gen 3: Metagross
    Gen 4: Magnezone
    Gen 5: Cofagrigus
    Just my personal picks for each gen :P.

  34. I cant stand fans who hate the new pokemon! The thing that makes me most mad was seeing the bottom 10. These pokemon are not ugly but different, a complete BA gen would not be interesting cos there would be no variety. I personally weirdo pokemon cos they are different, emboar, garbodour they all look good but just different

  35. My name says it all lol. Hydreigon should have been higher. IMHO, he looks better than Barney-I mean Dragonite.

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