It’s Entei’s Turn!

Part 2 of the US Crowned Beasts event is going on at all Game Stops across America starting today (January 17th) until January 23rd! This time around you’ll be able to get your hands on a shiny Entei! Once transferred to Pokemon Black or White, like the others in this event trio, this Entei will unlock … Read more

US Crowned Beast Event Starts Today!

Just as a Reminder, starting today (January 3rd) until January 9th you can go to your local Game Stop to download a shiny Raikou! This Raikou , when transferred to Pokemon Black or White unlocks the Zoroark event,who is impossible to catch “normally” in the game. It’s also lvl. 30, has a Classic Ribbon, is in a Cherish Ball … Read more

Ash’s Pikachu comes to America

Toys ‘R Us has announced the giveaway of Ash’s Pikachu (the Japanese version of which is part of our Xmas Xtravaganza Giveaway) at American locations January 30th through February 5th.  If you need a refresher as far as the details go you can check out our original post for the Japanese one here. This PKMN … Read more

Shiny Beasts @ Gamestop has announced that the 2nd Generation trio will be available to download at GameStop (in the US) starting soon!  It’s exactly the same as the Japanese giveaway; they’ll all be shiny, know special moves, and unlock the ability to battle Zoroark in your Black or White game.  These can be downloaded to all 4th … Read more

Buy One, Get One HALF OFF

This week Toys ‘R Us is having a ‘Buy One, Get One Half Off’ deal on all its videogames.  Online retailer Amazon has decided to match this, but with a little bit smaller selection.  I instantly had to check whether or not any POKEMON games made the cut.  Guess what?  A bunch did!  :3  If … Read more

Pokemon Downloads – Reminder has updated announcing that the ‘Deoxys and the Odd Temple’ mission download for the Recently released Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs will be ending soon.  It was previously unknown for how long this event would run.  While you’re at it you really should download the Manaphy and Heatran missions as well! Also I’ll give a … Read more