It’s Entei’s Turn!

Part 2 of the US Crowned Beasts event is going on at all Game Stops across America starting today (January 17th) until January 23rd! This time around you’ll be able to get your hands on a shiny Entei! Once transferred to Pokemon Black or White, like the others in this event trio, this Entei will unlock Zoroark, who can’t be caught under normal circumstances! Just like the others that are given away in this event Entei is lvl. 30, is in a Cherish Ball, has a Classic Ribbon and knows Extremespeed and a move it cannot normally learn! In this case, Flare Blitz. So be sure to grab it before the event ends!

For those who are unfamiliar with Game Stop events and how they work refer to our previous Crowned Beast post.

Happy downloading! –ozymandis

P.S. Idda know about you guys, but I really wish these were over Wifi and you just got a random Crowned Beast. :/ I’ve had to walk to Game Stop like 4 times now just to get my precious Raikou (I kept going right as they closed the store) and it’s such a hassle. Not to mention everybody looks at me because I’m that one guy who does the process of downloading the Crowned Beast 7 different times to 7 different games. And I’m going to have to do it twice more. Ugh. Did I mention it’s freezing outside? Ugh. But besides that, the Game Stop workers are pretty chill and the download process itself is rather simple and easy. 🙂 Any of you guys have any likes/dislikes about this giveaway?

P.P.S Any Entei fans in the house? :3