It’s Entei’s Turn!

Part 2 of the US Crowned Beasts event is going on at all Game Stops across America starting today (January 17th) until January 23rd! This time around you’ll be able to get your hands on a shiny Entei! Once transferred to Pokemon Black or White, like the others in this event trio, this Entei will unlock Zoroark, who can’t be caught under normal circumstances! Just like the others that are given away in this event Entei is lvl. 30, is in a Cherish Ball, has a Classic Ribbon and knows Extremespeed and a move it cannot normally learn! In this case, Flare Blitz. So be sure to grab it before the event ends!

For those who are unfamiliar with Game Stop events and how they work refer to our previous Crowned Beast post.

Happy downloading! –ozymandis

P.S. Idda know about you guys, but I really wish these were over Wifi and you just got a random Crowned Beast. :/ I’ve had to walk to Game Stop like 4 times now just to get my precious Raikou (I kept going right as they closed the store) and it’s such a hassle. Not to mention everybody looks at me because I’m that one guy who does the process of downloading the Crowned Beast 7 different times to 7 different games. And I’m going to have to do it twice more. Ugh. Did I mention it’s freezing outside? Ugh. But besides that, the Game Stop workers are pretty chill and the download process itself is rather simple and easy. 🙂 Any of you guys have any likes/dislikes about this giveaway?

P.P.S Any Entei fans in the house? :3

  1. We’re getting them all over wifi here in Europe next Month!! I’m sure you guys will end up being able to get them aain too anyway if you miss them this time!! I’m not a huge fan of Entei but i’ve been using the japanese event equivalent to this and it’s AMAZING soo frign boss!! 😀 but shiny Suicune and Raikou eill always be my faves and Normal Entei’n

  2. I still haven’t caught any of the beast on soul silver, beacuse I really enjoy spontaneously running into them and listening to their encounter themes. I have consider using the downloaded beast as a replacement.

  3. Considering the Shiny Pichu and the Jirachi were once offered at GameStop and later via Wifi, chances are the same thing will happen for the beasts.

  4. With Raikou, I didn’t head to the Gamestop in the mall. I realized that if you park right in front of the store (the one in a regular shopping center) you can download without a problem. Heading there today or tomorrow to download Entei.

  5. My dad’s bringing me right now to go get entei. I’m sad I missed Raikou, since he’s my fav out of the bunch. And my birthday was on the 13th, and I got a dog (german shephard :D), Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem, and more accessories for my wii. 😀 😀 😀

    …I’m gonna try to avoid going in, and just do it from my car lol. And i’m gonna download it on my Pearl, Platinum, AND Soulsilver xD xD xD

  6. Entei is my favourite out of the trio.
    It is a BEAST!! (lol)
    Very nice move-pool, good stats, and it looks AWESOME!!
    One of my favorite mini-trio members!!

    1. And the best nature of the three.

      Adamant (Attack +, Special Attack – ) works very well for a physical Entei.

      Raikou has Rash, but it has to sacrifice Special Defense for Special Attack. The Timid nature (Speed +, Attack – ) would have been a lot better on it.

      Suicine with Relaxed means that it will sacrifice Speed for Defense. Timid nature or Bold nature (Defense +, Attack – ) would be a lot better.

      Since all three pokemon have ExtremeSpeed, I can see why neither Raikou nor Suicune were given a nature that lowers the growth of the Attack stat.

  7. Finally entei gets the move he’s been claimed to need poor flareon T^T they’ll help it someday…. Well i’m going with my friend later today so yeah one more to go ^_^

  8. I got seven games waiting for n Entei too! Gonna get me and a bunch of my friends to a GameStop after school tomorrow!

    Last time I went for Raikou, me an a few friends were huddled in a corner in a room. An employee asked I we were planning something, to which my friend replied, “THEY FIGURED US OUT! RUN!”

  9. bah
    i was just at GameStop yesterday. preordering two early birthday presents to myself and buying TotA
    late one day, much?

    not that i need the Beasts. and Entei is my least favorite 8C

  10. Hey Ozy just so you know you don’t have to be in the gamestop to download them, just at least 5 feet or so from the store. I usually sit on the ground or lean against a coloum of the mall/shopping center the store is in and get them while I relax. I also do it on like 6 games as well so I got tired of the gamestop people looking at me like “is this guy gonna buy anything or what?” , now I get just looks from people randomly but who cares really. Its terrible it is freezing outside though. Makes it an adventure I guess. 🙂

    1. I get the feeling some stores probably shut off the DS distributing the Beasts when they close the store for the night, but I’m not sure about that.

      1. Lol you are gonna go at midnight or something? If you timed it with a midnight release that might work.

    2. Well thing is my mall is like “outdoors” so like if I was outside the store I would be outsideOUTSIDE and it’s cold sooooooooo I have to be inside. ><
      And i'd probably get even more looks if I was outside doing the downloads. 😛

      1. Yeah same here. When I got Raikou it was an outside gamestop so I did it as quickly as I could then ran back to the car. I got entei today at a gamestop in a mall so I was nice and warm while getting him. I will definitely go back to the mall if its still cold when Suicune is being given out. 🙂
        We need more events in the summer… or just over wi-fi.

  11. Raikou is my favorite and Entei is my least..sorry but I’ve always wondered why most of us consider them Dogs when Raikou obviously is a Saber toothed cat; Entei is a lion; and Suicune resembles a Cheetah (especially in the Anime; the way he runs.)
    On a different note I’ll be going to get Entei today. For Pearl, Platinum, and HeartGold. Also Ho-Oh’s better than Lugia; just saying lol :D)

    1. Those are good points, and i completely agree, except that Entei is better. I got mine today, on Pearl, Platinum, and SoulSilver. Lugia’s better. Sorry. 😛

  12. I hate the fact GameStop has to do all three Crown Beasts in different days…yes, there is a GS near me but I don’t want to bug my mom to drive all the way there every damn time a Crown Beast comes…

    Do the Jap. Crown Beasts work in the English B/W?

  13. You don’t even need to go inside the store. I just parked my car in a spot next to the store and was able to download it from there

  14. Just got my Enteis today! I’ve been getting the beasts on four different games myself. No one’s given me any odd looks, other than this little girl who couldn’t seem to believe that adults play Pokemon, too. 😛

  15. After the gamestop event is done, the beasts will be be given out over wifi. So you can just wait if you want.

  16. When I went to Gamestop for Raikou, the guy who worked there noticed the SD card slot on the top of my R4DS (sorry if you people dislike those), and was very disapproving. It was really awkward while I was downloading it on to the rest of my games =/

  17. I snagged a couple of Raikou when he was available. I did the same for Entei. I am leaving one set untouched, while I am playing around with the others.

    1. I planned on doing that, but I realized that my Platinum didn’t have Mystery Gift yet like right when I was going up to GS. t-t

      And I didn’t have internet access, so I couldn’t look up how to get it.

  18. There are a whopping THREE GameStops within twenty minutes of my house! Maybe I’ll go to a different one for each beast for the fun of it…

  19. We don’t have gamestop in New Zealand… (at least in the south island…)

    Nintendo and Pokemon don’t care about us.

  20. I’unno if I’ll get Entei or Suicune. I only got Raikou because I have a generous friend who was willing to take my cartridge with him when he went to get it… :/

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