Satoshi’s Zuruggu (Ash’s Scraggy) UPD

The Japanese site has been updated with the next WiFi event in Japan: Satoshi’s Zuruggu.  This corresponds to the news we posted last night about his egg hatching.  The pokemon will be lv1 and holding a Muscle Band.  You can download this on a JP Black/White card starting Jan 28th and ending February 10th.  [I actually want this guy <3]

Starting 1/27 you’ll also be able to download these new C-Gear skins that correlate to the anime special for Dawn (Piplup) and Brock (Croagunk).

ozy UPD: I was going through my friend’s Nintendo Power today and noticed that the Live Caster is now called the Xtransceiver! Soooo yep, that’s the official English name. Ground breaking information, I know. 😛

<3 pokejungle

ps- Zekrom is the dark hero.  Or something.  I stopped watching the movies when I was 12 :<