Global Link: Int’l Challenge & Pokémon Downloads

Tournament The 2013 International Challenge (March) Tournament will begin soon and registration is now open! Registration period lasts for one week and the tournament will last from March 21st to March 25th. Be sure to test your skills against players all over the globe! Participants will all receive a Rowap Berry for their troubles. Pokémon Downloads International For players … Read more

Satoshi’s Zuruggu (Ash’s Scraggy) UPD

The Japanese site has been updated with the next WiFi event in Japan: Satoshi’s Zuruggu.  This corresponds to the news we posted last night about his egg hatching.  The pokemon will be lv1 and holding a Muscle Band.  You can download this on a JP Black/White card starting Jan 28th and ending February 10th.  [I … Read more

Pokemon Downloads – Reminder has updated announcing that the ‘Deoxys and the Odd Temple’ mission download for the Recently released Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs will be ending soon.  It was previously unknown for how long this event would run.  While you’re at it you really should download the Manaphy and Heatran missions as well! Also I’ll give a … Read more