Pokemon Downloads – Reminder

Pokemon.com has updated announcing that the ‘Deoxys and the Odd Temple’ mission download for the Recently released Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs will be ending soon.  It was previously unknown for how long this event would run.  While you’re at it you really should download the Manaphy and Heatran missions as well!

Also I’ll give a quick reminder to download Mew on HGSS… that will end soon as well!  I personally have not downloaded it yet so I gotta get on that 🙁

ozy’s note: There’s also a very un-unique Kumashun to download via Wi-fi for Pokemon Black and White! Also, in the Dream World, for those who participated in the Pokemon Lambryth game, your Eevee evolution is available in the Dream World! Oh, an the Croagunk event is happening as well. 😛 So many events… (For those who have access to the Dream World and want that Croagunk, here’s the phrase you need to type in to make it available: コロコロであおう)

<3 pokejungle

ps- My Guardian Signs review is coming soon!