Focus On: Dragon-Type

Hello everyone. It’s your friendly neighborhood Daigo again with another addition to the “Focus On” series. Even though Ozymandis has dominated almost every type and what new Generation V Pokemon goes with it, we still have a few types left. Today, I’m going to discuss the new Dragon type Pokemon introduced in Generation V with you all.

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To start us off we have #610 Kibago, the Tusk Pokemon, #611 Onondo, the Jaw Horn Pokemon, and #612 Ononokusu, the Jaw Horn Pokemon. All three are pure Dragon types and Kibago evolves into Onondo at level 38, and Onondo into Ononokusu at level 48. Appearance wise, the line slowly gets cooler, with Kibago having the cuteness of a baby Dragon, Onondo is the ugly duckling, and Ononokusu is the majestic swan that will rock your world. But let’s focus on these guys from a competitive aspect, mainly Ononokusu. The main things that immediately caught my eye with this guy is its 147 base attack. Holy crap. This this is a force to be reckoned with physically. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but if Ononokusu uses Outrage, it’ll be like getting hit by a freight train when it’s reached maximum speed. Ononokusu shouldn’t be taken lightly, due to the fact that its Attack is broken, it has decent abilities with Rivalry and Mold Breaker, and it only has 2x weakness to Dragon and Ice type attacks. Be sure to look out for this guy to be an alternate dragon type on my team in place of Sazandora when I start battling Generation V online.

Up next is the only other pure Dragon type from Generation V, #621 Crimgan, the Cave Pokemon. Appearance wise, its okay at best. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that he’s blue, but he’s just kind of bland in my honest opinion, he just needs a bit more life in him. Now let’s look at his stats. Like Ononokusu, Crimgan has impressive base attack, which stands at 120, but he has mediocre base speed, at 48. If you can ignore his terrible speed, Crimgan is pretty powerful. So if you can adapt to his slow speed, and use his amazing attack to its fullest potential, then he can be considered serious business.

The next Dragon type introduced in Generation V is the legendary Pokemon Reshiram, the White Yang Pokemon. Now just getting this out there now, I like Zekrom over Reshiram. Reshiram reminds me of Falcor from The Neverending Story, and that creature is rather scary looking. BUT onto its stats. Reshiram is more of a Special Attack oriented Pokemon, with 150 base Special Attack, and a really good state spread for the rest of its stats. Its signature attack, Blue Fire will mess stuff up with 130 power, and with a  fairly decent accuracy. All in all, Reshiram will be interesting to see in competitive play, but it’s not my favorite of the Dragon legendary group.

The next Dragon Pokemon introduced is my personal favorite, Zekrom, the Black Yin Pokemon. In terms of design, I was excited when I saw Zekrom, because it seemed to me a much more mature Pokemon, and reminded me a lot of Bahamut from the Final Fantasy series. In terms of stats, Zekrom is like the physical counterpart to Reshiram with 150 base attack. This works great for Zekrom, since he learns a plethora of Electric type attacks, two of which are his signature moves Cross Thunder, and Lightning Strike, both of which are physical moves. To quote Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 4, Zekrom is “The lightning the rain transformed.” And with this transformed rain, comes a devastating Pokemon who will be interesting to watch in competitive play.

Finally, we have the last Dragon type Pokemon introduced in Generation V, Kyuremu, the Boundary Pokemon. In terms of design, this guy seems pretty chill. (No pun intended.) He  is very balanced offensively, with 130 base Attack and Special Attack, and pretty good stats all across the board, just minus its speed, which is rather slow. Unlike Reshiram and Zekrom, Kyuremu doesn’t learn its signature move at level 100, it instead learns it at level 50. Frozen World is an alright attack, it has okay power, and will get stab from Kyuremu being part Ice type, and the only other perk I see from it is that it lowers the Speed of its opponent each time it’s used. All in all, Kyremu is a pretty cool Pokemon, along with Reshiram and Zekrom it’ll be interesting to see what it can do in the competitive arena.

Pokemon with a secondary Dragon-type:

Well, that’s it everyone, those are the Dragon Pokemon introduced in Generation V. I hope you enjoyed my opinion on them and I can’t wait to see how all of them are going to be used.


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  1. onondo’s sprite sped up is way too funny xD i can’t see any of them on the comment page…but i can on the home page? just a heads up…could be my computer…probably…..when do you think we’ll get english names for the starters? Next year?

    1. Naming third stages to be clear:

      Dunno… I suck at naming pokemon… I just desperately hope Oobemu is named “Membrain” and Diaper Vulture is named “Skullture”

  2. Great article Daigo. We got some pretty sweet dragon types this gen. I especially like the legendaries. Reshiram reminds me of some demonic antichrist while Zekrom looks like something from Godzilla ( <3 ).

    Will you be switching it up with Ozy frequently? I like the mixture of writing styles/opinions.

    crimgan: 2 words: craggy dragon
    reshiram: angel dragon which has tthe 3rd most powerful fire attack (1st:blast burn, 2nd:overheat): blue fire, but reminds you of wish dragons, but there are only 3 dragons that it reminds of, the 3rd dragon is, what daigo forgot to mention, BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON, having a poke compared to thee most powerful yugioh normal dragon, WICKED
    zekrom: when i 1st saw this dragon, i made up my gen v choice, the fact that it learns LIGHTNING STRIKE, thee most powerful electric EVER,sweeeeeet, i compare this dragon to RED EYES BLACK DRAGON, BAHUMUT, METAL GEAR RAY, makes this dragon unbeleivebly WICKED, both dragons caught before battle with N, in a battle scene copied by yugioh 5d’s in the final eps of season 3, WICKED, THIS DRAGON IS A GOOD COMPLIMENT TO SHIBIRUDON, THIS DRAGON HAS INCREASED THE WTF FACTOR ONLY TO BE MATCHED BY THE SPACE-TIME-ANTIMATTER TRIO. THUS MY NEW FAV ELECT LEGEND
    kyurem: a pokemon with 2 mysterious moves, increasing the wtf factor on how it learns cold flare and freeze bolt, could require the prev 2 pokemon, luckily it learns psychic, elimating the threat of fighting types, no biting attacks means no crunch or ice fang. the most mysterious thing is that clefaries live above it

  4. i guess that the grass focus on article will be on this site on xmas day
    ps. 90% good daigo aka green stig
    pps. hope ozy doesnt edit this article
    ppps. glee rocky horror show, thee WORST RENDITION EVER.
    pppps. *facepalm* daigo, you forgot to compare resh and zek to BEWD and REBD.
    ppppps. the voice actor of spongebb is dead

        1. i read the uk sun on the computer and they have glee articles in it, especially the lesbo romp, paedophile themes in it and i mainly focus on the negative articles.
          ps. plz pj, don’t let ozy do the april fools day article, as he wil dedicate it to glee, *remembers when the staff of beach gave control of the site to holystar*

  5. You should tell a little bit more about Kyurem. Thisis a rumor, but I think it is worth mentioning that Kyurem probably is the signature Pokemon for the 3th game, Pokemon Grey. I think the rumors going on, saying that Kyurem is gonna get an alternate form are true. Look at this for a moment:
    Reshiram -> Yin (White )
    Zekrom -> Yang (Black)
    Kyurem -> Wuji (Grey)

    1. OMG I HOPE IT WILL GET AN AWESOME ALTERNATE FORM R TRUE!!!… But wait, wouldn’t we have seen that form already. Because Meloetta has an alternate form, and we got that from a hacked dex that let us c all da Pokes. So when would they put it in?…Unless it’s like Giritina, the 3rd in Sinnoh, who got an alternate form in the 3rd version, its version, I just answered my own question so I iz gonna shut up now.

      1. Please, dear God, no… I hate when they go overboard with alternative forms. It’s almost like Gamefreak is saying “Oh no, they don’t like it…. WE’LL MAKE IT BETTER!” *Facepalm* Please no… Giratina was fine the way he was as is Kyurem.

        1. OMG R JU KIDDING MEH?! Giritina Origin Forme was 10x better than regular form! Giritina is meh fav Poke! (until I get 2 play White)

          1. Origin forme was fine, but highly unnecessary. They’re was really no reason to Origin Giratina other than to make a ridiculous plot to the Shaymin movie.

          2. Skymin was fine (although a hedgehog turning into a chihuahua deer thing was… weird but… okay…)

    2. When I first saw his design, I figured he’d have an alternate form just because as it stands now, he resembles a hatched chick. I doubt it would be good marketing to have something that looked like a featherless, weakling baby bird as the title pokemon for a game, lol

  6. Nice article, even if it isnt exactly at ozy’s level.
    I love Kibago’s line, though someting seems wrong with Onondo. ONONOKUSO’S JAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Crimgan seems like a bad splice of some sort, its one of the designs I absolutely hate. Right after Gigigear and Chillachino.
    Reshiram and Zekrom are both just so epic!!! Especially their animations! I just have difficulty seeing Zekrom most of the time 😛
    Kyurem doesnt really seem much like their third counterpart, more like an odd Palkia-Giratina fusion of some sort..

      1. Chillachino’s fur, scarf, and elegance seems to be based on the fact that poachers hunt them for their fur, according to Bulbapedia. That being said is another reason I like Chillachino more.

    1. I don’t mean to offend you in any way… but… While I agree in the fact of not liking Crimgan’s design, I really hate people dissing on Chillachino and Gigigear. I know you’re entitled to your own opinion but…

      Chillachino, yes… it gets a scarf and hair… but that’s a far better evolution than half of the Gen 1 pokes. Wow, doduo, you grew another head… nice evolution. If you’re going to hate Chillachino because of “Poor design” please go look at Gen 1 again…. please.

      As for Gigigear, again the gen 1 factor, but Gear is a piece of machinery without a gender. All he is /is/ a gear, a clockwork, whatever the hell you want to call it. A lot of people wanted him to turn into some cuckoo clock thing, but no one seems to realize that those three gears he has IS inside of every cuckoo clock, in every factory, facility, etc. He’s a set of gears, nothing more. And to be honest, I find him to be a far more interesting pokemon than say, Gobitto, who’s a freakin’ giant robot for God’s sake. And why is it Ground/Ghost? What?

      1. Dont mean to offend ou back, but….
        Chillachino is a chillarmy witha scarf. Dodrio added not only another head, but different eyes, headpieces, feet even i think. Look more closely, and think before you type.
        Gigiggear – Yeah, and that’s whats so bad. The worst part being that its a tiny face, attached to a million other big gears.looks more like a digimon.
        Gobitto- And you have something against a GHOSTLYISH Giant Robot , who ISNT made like every other giant robot in the world, unlike a certain pokemon? And ground ghost, because, a) HES A GIANT ROBOT GHOST, and b) beecoz hes probably made from earthern materials and what not. Though I do feel Steel/Ghost would be better.

        1. Eh, Doduo was the first example I thought of and not the best. There are worse ones, grimer=muk, magnemite=magneton,etc. I don’t really have anything AGAINST Gobitto, I just don’t like the idea of a giant robot pokemon. It’s just not very pokemonish, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the design. Both of the robots are very well designed and actually very cool looking in the game, I just don’t like the fact that it’s a giant robot ghost thing. Genosect at least makes some sense as to why it’s a robot, but Gobitto is just… eh… to me. I don’t hate it, I just don’t get it.

          1. The “giant robot” stikes me more as a golem sort of thing, similar to how they are in Discworld.

  7. From what I’ve seen, Kyurem is pretty weak competitively. To many weaknesses and it’s speed puts a hurt on it. Big chance Kyurem won’t be in ubers.
    By the way, rumors have been spreading based on it’s Pokedex entry that it will gain a stronger alternate form in the third version. The Pokedex states it’s merely a shell of it’s former self.

    1. Actually, if it does get an alt. form, they’ll probably do what they did with Giratina and mess with the stat arrangements. He’ll still probably go to Ubers… or at least his form will.

  8. Hmmm…. these rumors about Kyurem getting a alternative form in the 3rd version… deja vu, anyone?????
    diamond/pearl – platinum
    black/white – ??????
    if Kyurem does get a different form, i’ll be happy BUT it’s platinum all over again.
    Hope it’s different form looks cool. ^^
    P.S nice focus on. 🙂

  9. i hav a shiny reshiram and zekrom,fully trained,but didn teach them blue flame and lightning strike,if anyone has 2 heart scales they dont need,let me know.i did good training these.reshiram is modest nature,and zekrom is adament.very good pokemon,and they know good moves.reshiram knows cross flame,shadow ball,psychic,and draco meteor(thinking of getting rid of that,if i get 3 heart scales)and zekrom knows fly,cross thunder,stone edge,and outrage.and there for competitive battling.fully evd

    1. doubtful you have them shiny. i know someone on the Serebii forums who did over 25,000 resets for Reshiram and it never was shiny for her. theres also a rumor going around that the three Dragons CAN’T be shiny (unless proven otherwise) so you probably got hacks……..or something

      1. My face hurts, I’m lacking wisdom teeth, I’m gonna take more painkillers so just leave my article alone.

        1. Lol.

          If you never wanted people to say nothin bad bout your article, shouldn’t have written one.

  10. next time try wrighting more about the pokemon, like the spirit, area, talk more about looking and stats, just like ozy did.
    its good anyway

  11. I have to say, you haven’t improved since Shen you did it before, on my iPhone, so ill explain more later why I disliked it.

  12. Just got 2 things 2 say. 1) Crimgan looks like a Digimon! Not a Poke! 2) I LOVE the animations 4 Reshiram and Zekrom (their tails flaring and pulsing), but was dissapointed when we didn’t c that from Kyuremu, but, I still think he’s awesome.

  13. Guys give daigo a break, he just got his wisdom teeth pulled and he’s on painkillers. he’s probably hella tired/has alot of homework as he’s also a senior.
    Sheesh. 😛

    1. I like Legendaries being more majestic than badass looking. One reason why the fourth gen legends disappointed me so much.

  14. 2 things:
    -Zekrom’s Attack and Sp.Atk aren’t even. Zekrom’s Attack stat is higher than its Sp.Atk. It’s a way to reflect taht it is the counterpart of Reshiram which focuses on Sp.Atk.
    -both Reshiram and Zekrom have 2 signature moves. One of them, they learn at level 50, the other, at level 100. It’s Kyurem that is lacking a 2nd signature move… which will probably be Freeze Bolt and/or Cold Flare…

  15. @Ai with it’s rather average defences, and weaknesses to fighting and steel, it will fall to scizor and lucario and the like. Plus with it’s 95 speed Infernape will simply CC it.
    Ice is to bad of a typing to be Uber.

      1. Uber is a tier in competitive battling reserved for pokemon usually with a total of 600 base stats or more (usually legends, except for Garchomp and Salamence) or for pokemon who have the Shadow Tag ability (Wobbuffet and Wynaut… yes Wynaut is uber) Although Shadow Tag Shanderaa and Gochiruzeru will probably not be uber, if only for their stats.

        Here’s a list of them-

    1. Sorry, please actually reply to my comment next time, I just now saw this.

      A solution to its poor speed-
      Moveset- Special Sweeper-
      Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor
      Ice Beam/Blizzard (Sorry but Frozen World doesn’t cut it)
      Hidden Power Fire/ Hidden Power Flying (Fire for taking down Lucario, Weavile, Shubarugo, and Scizor, as well as any other threatening Steel type. Flying for taking down any threatening fighting type, most specifically Kojondo and Infernape)
      Psychic (a move for taking down fighting types such as Kojondo and Infernape, as well as Roopushin- who I’m seeing a lot of)

      This is just a quick unthought of moveset, made quickly in about 3 minutes.
      Looking at Kyurem’s stats, he has an awesome 125 Hp, 130 attack, and 130 special attack. His defense and special defense are also at a decent 90 while his speed is at 95. His stats are already far too good for OU play, as he’ll be incredibly broken, but Uber play (with his blessing that is a curse ice typing) allows him to take out pretty much anything. Give him the Choice Scarf as an item to increase his speed, then carefully plan which attack you’re going to use. Simple as that. The Choice Scarf, while not allowing him to outrun Scizor’s priority Bullet Punch, allows him to outrun unscarfed Infernape, Kojondo, and Lucario. And although Bullet Punch can still hit him super effectively, his defense stat and massive HP will allow him to survive at least one hit from it, even with Scizor’s STAB and Technician, and then OHKO him with Hidden Power Fighting. Based Solely on stats, he should be able to OHKO Infernape after Stealth Rock damage with Psychic, OHKO Lucario after Stealth Rock damage with HP Fire, OHKO Kojondo with Psychic, etc.) He can easily take out these pokemon so long as he has Choice Scarf. Same thing goes for Uber.

        1. Eh, looking at Smogon’s analysis of it makes my set really suck. Replace Psychic in my set with Focus Blast to deal with Steels, Darks, Rocks, etc. and it’d be more effective.

      1. A solution to its lack of speed won’t do much when it’s weak to most common priority. And it’s weak against Stealth Rock. I just can’t see it being uber, despite its stats.

        1. Well, it’s going to have to be Uber otherwise OU play will be incredibly broken. As for Stealth Rock, you can easily use him as a lead or give him Rapid Spin support from Starmie, Forretress, or Blastoise who resist most of the deadly priority moves, so long as you don’t get Pursuited instead. Forretress, however, isn’t an option if going up against Infernape, so Starmie or Blastoise would be the best option.

  16. Great article 🙂

    Just wondering though is that secondary typing posting not happening anymore? Like the part where you post images of pokemon that have the typing as a secondary typing. Like the Dark/Dragon line.

  17. Why is ice weak to everything? Seriously, one of the pokemon devs has a grudge. Did you SEE the ice types in this gen? WEAK. Kyurem’s alternate forme better be legit…

  18. Hey, people, ease up on Daigo. I got my wisdom teeth out a while ago, and let me tell you that it isn’t any fun. Think insane pain, along with crazy hallucinations from painkillers. Plus, eating solid food is pretty much impossible.

    Get well soon, Daigo! <3

    1. Wow, this sounds really weird – I’m just wondering about the painkillers. When I got braces put in, the only side efeect was being unable to feel my mouth for a few hours, but you guys are hallucinating and stuff…

      1. They give you some pretty heavy stuff — I had Vicodin, among other things. It makes the stuff they give you for braces seem like children’s Tylonol. :<

  19. i had some teeth pulled out and the only thing you can eat is soft food, so looks like no halloween for daigo. so LOTS of milkshakes for daigo.
    ps. how big is your porn collection ozy?
    pps. spending yesterday in pants ozy will make u a target for dacking
    pppps. ozy, follow syfy, as that will also spam up your wall.

  20. I refer Zekrom over Reshiram. They both look nice and majestic and all that, but i don’t like pokemon with arm attach to its wing. Beside, Zekrom’s cry sound cool, and he look so strong that could KO any pokemon. I think he is Palkia rival, because Palkia is Dragon-Water(still don’t get why) and Zekrom is Dragon-Electric. Also Celebi and Victini are rival,too. Sorry for the long comment. :p

  21. I like the Dragon-types in this Gen. Kibago is cute, and Onondo and Ononokusu look awesome. I love Crimgon, but I don’t like the way it’s animated. Crimgon is too cool looking to be marching in place.

    1. I’ve noticed that the sprites move at different speeds depending on the browser. 😛
      So it could just be your browser. xP

  22. Gobitto and Goruugu are based off Golems, so they’re people made of earth and brought to life, hence the typing. Design wise, they’re based on the giant robots of anime and special effect shows in Japan, just as Kirikizan is based on the Kamen Rider style heroes.

  23. I guess I got lucky when I had my wisdom teeth removed; I was out of school for three days, but honestly, the post-op was so painless and easy for me I probably could have gone back the second day. Sorry, Daigo. =/

    Anyway, so glad you’re doing this. So much better than Ozy’s and NL’s.

      1. it is more like this
        (ozy=daigo)- (nl-johnny) + (pj+boarbeque)=
        ps. this equation is relevant if you include boarbeque, who you argued with ozy
        pps. pants yesterday, cosplay in yugioh, a game you have never played, are you bonkers?

  24. @Ai, Tim beat me to it, but I was just going to say that Kyurem is weak to stealth rock, too. It has a nice stat distribution, but it’s weaknesses kill it. By the way, isn’t ubers a ban list for OU? Just like BL for UU?
    Oh, and to some off you: take off your nostalgia goggles. These designs are not worse or better than gen 1, they’re just designs. You don’t like one

    1. Sorry, I commented too fast and didn’t pay attention to the second part of your reply.

      Uber is actually a competitive tier, but yes, you could say it’s a ban-list for OU just as BL is for UU. Kyurem, I know this, isn’t a great legend (why everyone was so thrilled when we got an ice/dragon still confuses me… it lost it’s weakness to ice and gained three other weaknesses, awesome.) but I still think it’s FAR too good for OU, so to not make OU completely broken, it would need to go to Ubers as a ban-list where it would rot till the end of time or until it got an alternative form (which if it does, it’s stats will be redistributed and it’ll most likely end up being uber anyway)

    2. If you capitalize my name up there it’s TLM. I am infact a girl, so tim is a kinda funny name… Maybe I should capitalize it?
      But yeah, Stealth Rock weak and low movepool are just a few of its downfalls. If it ever got banned to Ubers it would do terrible. I acknowledge it is pretty strong for OU, but not broken. It would be a shame to see it banned to a tier it fails in.

  25. *stupid iPod…*
    then don’t use it. You don’t have to. They’re over 600 designs, use the ones you like. Only problem is if you don’t like any gen V ones…

    On topic:
    I really like Ononokuso, it’s movepool is a shame. I wanted Reshiram over Zekrom, although I like Zekrom better. I’m just to much of a fire type fanboy. The version exclusives makes me go with White, though.

  26. Ok.

    Basically, it was absolutely boring. You give a quick say about the pokemon like the Kibago being cute, then you just shift into the stats with no smooth transition like Ozy does with his opinions mixed in there which holds his articles together like glue.

    Yours are just lose strands, and have been pieced together horribly. Like common, Reshiram, you just said you liked Zekrom more and referenced it to some white dragon, then boringly drabled on about it’s stats. I swear, I didn’t wanna read the rest of the article, as I didn’t think it would be worth it, and it wasn’t.

    So, I honestly think you should just stop making the Focus on’s, and leave it to Ozy and Pokejungle (I don’t think PokeJungle has done one, so I haven’t seen how he writes it).

    If not, I plead that Ozy also does a cover of the same article you do, so I can read his, knowing I won’t be bored out of my mind.

    Oh, and don’t go on about losing a wisdom tooth, since I don’t even care, and you shouldn’t have wrote it if you thought it would bring down the ability of writing one of these articles. That’s just careless.

    So just leave it to Ozy, he’s better at making his articles nice to read, without wasting peoples time. I wish he wrote this article :/….

    Stardust out..

    1. Umm, it’s an article about a type of pokemon dude… give Daigo a break about it being boring. It’s an article, usually articles are boring. “Oh, and don’t go on about losing a wisdom tooth, since I don’t even care, and you shouldn’t have wrote it if you thought it would bring down the ability of writing one of these articles. That’s just careless.”

      At least Daigo is actually dedicated enough to post one of these things up while in tremendous pain so we don’t have to wait days for it.

      I’m sorry, I used to think that the Pokejungle community was actually made up of nice people, but I guess that was only nerdy pre-release energy coming from everybody that made it seem that way. I’m sorry, but please don’t be a total douchebag as the Pokejungle staff, NL, Daigo, Ozy, PJ, etc. have at least been working very hard in bringing you this shit for you to only complain about it. Yes, Daigo could check up on his grammar a bit, provide smooth transitions, etc. but at least he’s actually taking time out of his schedule to do this for you, ignoring his wisdom teeth pain (which you’ve obviously never felt before, as it feels like your getting stabbed in the mouth by eight different knives), and typing this up.

      So, all in all, now that I’m done ranting, a big round of applause to Daigo and the rest of the Pokejungle Staff for doing this for us, although they certainly didn’t have to. Thank you very much as I am very grateful.

  27. Ouch dude, your faults with this article is that it doesent have ozy’s often biased opinion. IMO this was a good, simple read and though it would have been nice to see some mention to ingame relevancy and zekroms actual stats I felt this was a good addition to the site.

  28. Geez, someone is a bit butthurt here…
    CJ was just pointing out that was Daigo’s biggest mistake, you don’t need to correct him when he did nothing wrong.

    Ozy was better, yes, but he has done a lot more focus on’s. I bet Daigo would include ingame usefulness if he knew we liked it that much.

    Oh, and don’t rant about his wisdom teeth being irrelevant. They’re is pressure on him to deliver a article in time. Dumbasses send e-mails and yell at PJ if a article takes over 1 day to make. Daigo is not careless. In fact, he cares so much for us that he makes an article while in pain.

    1. “In fact, he cares so much for us that he makes an article while in pain.”

      Thank you, I’m glad someone’s smart enough to realize that.

    2. This guy speaks the truth. 🙂
      Only reason mine seem so “good” is because I’ve had over 10 tries to do them, and I learn from each one of them for what you guys want and like from the articles.
      I remember everybody hated my first few articles..

      1. Very true. All Daigo needs is experience and possibly no effects of painkillers etc. Pretty good to do an article like this in pain, the commitment is commendable. 🙂

  29. Nice work easy read and great observations. I’ve never used a dragon type pokemon on my team, but for the first time I’m going to use one. I have three reasons. one is the fact that most dragons are late in the game. The second reason is because I’ve always felt that I was cheating when ever I used a dragon type, and the third is because dragons have slow experience points growth.

    ps: @pokejungle team. Let the mindless gumba lacky trolls keep stalking and the haters keep hating. Keep up the good work peace, oh yhea happy holloween. 🙂

  30. Yay, people like me 🙂

    @Tlm, I’m very sorry, my iPod actually displays a dot above the L.

    @Ai, we’ll see how pre-smogon limbo turns out. I just don’t he’ll be good enough for uber. Chance is we’ll see Kyerem overcentralizing OU with scarfed meteors like Latias did. Sazandora fits that position better, though.

    By the way, scarfed Kyurem locked into dragon pulse is scizor (or agility metagross) bait, we don’t want that do we?

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