Focus On: Dragon-Type

Hello everyone. It’s your friendly neighborhood Daigo again with another addition to the “Focus On” series. Even though Ozymandis has dominated almost every type and what new Generation V Pokemon goes with it, we still have a few types left. Today, I’m going to discuss the new Dragon type Pokemon introduced in Generation V with you all.

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To start us off we have #610 Kibago, the Tusk Pokemon, #611 Onondo, the Jaw Horn Pokemon, and #612 Ononokusu, the Jaw Horn Pokemon. All three are pure Dragon types and Kibago evolves into Onondo at level 38, and Onondo into Ononokusu at level 48. Appearance wise, the line slowly gets cooler, with Kibago having the cuteness of a baby Dragon, Onondo is the ugly duckling, and Ononokusu is the majestic swan that will rock your world. But let’s focus on these guys from a competitive aspect, mainly Ononokusu. The main things that immediately caught my eye with this guy is its 147 base attack. Holy crap. This this is a force to be reckoned with physically. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but if Ononokusu uses Outrage, it’ll be like getting hit by a freight train when it’s reached maximum speed. Ononokusu shouldn’t be taken lightly, due to the fact that its Attack is broken, it has decent abilities with Rivalry and Mold Breaker, and it only has 2x weakness to Dragon and Ice type attacks. Be sure to look out for this guy to be an alternate dragon type on my team in place of Sazandora when I start battling Generation V online.

Up next is the only other pure Dragon type from Generation V, #621 Crimgan, the Cave Pokemon. Appearance wise, its okay at best. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that he’s blue, but he’s just kind of bland in my honest opinion, he just needs a bit more life in him. Now let’s look at his stats. Like Ononokusu, Crimgan has impressive base attack, which stands at 120, but he has mediocre base speed, at 48. If you can ignore his terrible speed, Crimgan is pretty powerful. So if you can adapt to his slow speed, and use his amazing attack to its fullest potential, then he can be considered serious business.

The next Dragon type introduced in Generation V is the legendary Pokemon Reshiram, the White Yang Pokemon. Now just getting this out there now, I like Zekrom over Reshiram. Reshiram reminds me of Falcor from The Neverending Story, and that creature is rather scary looking. BUT onto its stats. Reshiram is more of a Special Attack oriented Pokemon, with 150 base Special Attack, and a really good state spread for the rest of its stats. Its signature attack, Blue Fire will mess stuff up with 130 power, and with a  fairly decent accuracy. All in all, Reshiram will be interesting to see in competitive play, but it’s not my favorite of the Dragon legendary group.

The next Dragon Pokemon introduced is my personal favorite, Zekrom, the Black Yin Pokemon. In terms of design, I was excited when I saw Zekrom, because it seemed to me a much more mature Pokemon, and reminded me a lot of Bahamut from the Final Fantasy series. In terms of stats, Zekrom is like the physical counterpart to Reshiram with 150 base attack. This works great for Zekrom, since he learns a plethora of Electric type attacks, two of which are his signature moves Cross Thunder, and Lightning Strike, both of which are physical moves. To quote Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 4, Zekrom is “The lightning the rain transformed.” And with this transformed rain, comes a devastating Pokemon who will be interesting to watch in competitive play.

Finally, we have the last Dragon type Pokemon introduced in Generation V, Kyuremu, the Boundary Pokemon. In terms of design, this guy seems pretty chill. (No pun intended.) He  is very balanced offensively, with 130 base Attack and Special Attack, and pretty good stats all across the board, just minus its speed, which is rather slow. Unlike Reshiram and Zekrom, Kyuremu doesn’t learn its signature move at level 100, it instead learns it at level 50. Frozen World is an alright attack, it has okay power, and will get stab from Kyuremu being part Ice type, and the only other perk I see from it is that it lowers the Speed of its opponent each time it’s used. All in all, Kyremu is a pretty cool Pokemon, along with Reshiram and Zekrom it’ll be interesting to see what it can do in the competitive arena.

Pokemon with a secondary Dragon-type:

Well, that’s it everyone, those are the Dragon Pokemon introduced in Generation V. I hope you enjoyed my opinion on them and I can’t wait to see how all of them are going to be used.


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