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Two Pokémon Ranger Titles Hit EU Virtual Console

European fans will have the chance to play or re-play Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia & Guardian Signs on the Nintendo Wii U’s Virtual Console later this week. Both games were originally released for the Nintendo DS in 2008 and 2010, respectively. Both will cost €6.99 or £6.29. Let us know if you plan to pick … Read more

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News I missed

While I was suffering through a 13 hour plane ride some news cropped up.  Not much though luckily! Zoroark will be distributed over WiFi for Japanese BW games.  It knows the move ‘Bark Out’ (Power: 55, Acc: 95%, PP: 15, Special) which isn’t extremely impressive besides the fact it hits all opponents in a double … Read more

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Buy One, Get One HALF OFF

This week Toys ‘R Us is having a ‘Buy One, Get One Half Off’ deal on all its videogames.  Online retailer Amazon has decided to match this, but with a little bit smaller selection.  I instantly had to check whether or not any POKEMON games made the cut.  Guess what?  A bunch did!  :3  If … Read more

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PJ’s Savvy Shopping

Normally I don’t highlight videogame deals, but since in my review of Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs I specifically mentioned that it might be best to not buy it full price I’m doing a “deal highlight”.  This week if you live in the United States Target will be offering Guardian Signs for only $22! Luckily for … Read more

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Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs Review

I know, I know… I’m late.  Don’t know why I put this off for so long since I finished the game about a week and a half ago, but I apologize to those of you who have been waiting for me to give my verdict.

Guardian Signs was not my first ‘Pokemon Ranger’ game.  I had also played the second one (Shadows of Almia) as well.  In many ways this new game improved upon my previous experience, but I definitely see a lot of the same.  One of the biggest changes, for me, was the exclusion of selectable ‘partner pokemon’ that traveled with you and were not just “single use” like the normal wild pokemon you would encounter.  Instead you are stuck with “Ukulele Pichu” for the entirety of the game… whether you are a fan of the electric rodent or not.  Being the grass and bug pokemon fan that I am, I would’ve preferred some choice in the matter.  Find the full review after the break

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