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Normally I don’t highlight videogame deals, but since in my review of Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs I specifically mentioned that it might be best to not buy it full price I’m doing a “deal highlight”.  This week if you live in the United States Target will be offering Guardian Signs for only $22!

Luckily for you who may not have a Target store nearby OR may not live in the United States… Amazon is offering the game for the same price!  [And if you purchase it through this link I get a small commission :p  Always good to help keep PJN afloat haha] – Edit: Amazon thing is showing $29 but if you go to the website it is $22 so don’t get confused :]

Just wanted to share in case you had wanted the game OR think someone *else* might like the game because the HOLIDAYS ARE COMING.  Share the PokeLove!

<3 pokejungle

    1. I borrowed a friend’s copy of the first Ranger foolishly thinking that I could get the downloadables on my game. It was an interesting game, but I never got into the series.

      He got me Guardian Signs and I beat it in about 16 hours or so, relatively quick games, but I’ll admit it was fairly entertaining. The multiplayer part is annoying, having to solo-mission everything until I can get back to his place, though, and pretty difficult.

      1. “Dark Hero?”
        Serebii says “Victini & the Black Hero.” Meh. Same thing, I guess.
        It’ll likely also feature Kerudio/Keldeo, the unofficial 4th of the Musketeers Trio.

  1. And does anyone know of an awesome walkthrough for the past missions? I’m solo-ing it right now, at lv. 11 and getting my butt handed to me by Tangrowth.
    I haven’t used any of my RP yet (272) because I want to have a partner that’d last me through a few temples but don’t know which one’s choice. People keep saying chatot but seriously? It can’t hit anything with its assist! I’m tempted to use hoot-hoot because it has a faster recovery time, but unsure of how it’d fare in the fire temple.

  2. Newest Pokemon movie? I hoped for some epic Reshiram vs Zekrom thing… >.< Looks like the creators changed their mind again (referring to Lugia vs Ho-oh preview)

  3. I am still debating with myself if i want the game or not because i like pokemon ranger games but im not into it that much. I also cant wait to see the new pokemon movie too!!!!!!

  4. OFF TOPIC but does Oshawott sound like auschwitz to anybody??? LOL Still love the name though.

  5. can’t wait for a 5th gen ranger game! Imma use a zekrom. Also, I’ll get an onix for grey. Imma name him Rocky. It’s part of a joke. I’m going to say that i’ll have all grey pokes in pokemon grey.*:D (aloha dudes.)

    1. OMG same! A 5th Gen Ranger would be soooo awesome! I love the Ranger games, but it gets boring catching the same old Pokemon all the time. I can’t wait to catch a Kibago or Oshawott etc. Same goes for the 5th Gen Mystery Dungeon game! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Ok, I can make you guys a new banner of whatever. I don’t really have a portfolio of website layouts I have made, but you can see some of my work at http://www.steriospeaker.deviantart.com and also invisiblereasons.deviantart.com(fakemon that are sort of ugly). I have experience with a lot of styles, so if you would like something vectorish like the current one, I can probably do that for you too. Would you be interested in my help?

    1. Yeah sorry I didn’t respond 😡 Like your work a lot 😀 I am looking for someone who can do an entire layout, but I might not be able to find someone like that so I’d go about making a layout off of a banner or something so I might ultimately hit you up :]

      1. Ok sounds good. I can code you a layout, I just don’t know how to integrate wordpress into it. I could give you the css for everything, and the positioning and divs if you knew how to put the word press part in yourself. I’ll be working on that and if I learn it, I’ll let you know.

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