PJ’s Savvy Shopping

Normally I don’t highlight videogame deals, but since in my review of Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs I specifically mentioned that it might be best to not buy it full price I’m doing a “deal highlight”.  This week if you live in the United States Target will be offering Guardian Signs for only $22!

Luckily for you who may not have a Target store nearby OR may not live in the United States… Amazon is offering the game for the same price!  [And if you purchase it through this link I get a small commission :p  Always good to help keep PJN afloat haha] – Edit: Amazon thing is showing $29 but if you go to the website it is $22 so don’t get confused :]

Just wanted to share in case you had wanted the game OR think someone *else* might like the game because the HOLIDAYS ARE COMING.  Share the PokeLove!

<3 pokejungle