News I missed

While I was suffering through a 13 hour plane ride some news cropped up.  Not much though luckily! Zoroark will be distributed over WiFi for Japanese BW games.  It knows the move ‘Bark Out’ (Power: 55, Acc: 95%, PP: 15, Special) which isn’t extremely impressive besides the fact it hits all opponents in a double … Read more

PJ’s Savvy Shopping

Normally I don’t highlight videogame deals, but since in my review of Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs I specifically mentioned that it might be best to not buy it full price I’m doing a “deal highlight”.  This week if you live in the United States Target will be offering Guardian Signs for only $22! Luckily for … Read more

Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs Release!

Today the newest in the ‘Pokemon Ranger’ series was released.  This new version brings in several changes from the last two games including: Only 1 partner pokemon: Ukulele Pichu New (optional) flying mini-game The ‘Signs’ you can draw during battle to summon legendary pokemon New villainous team called ‘Pokemon Pinchers’ Multiplayer missions If you’re into the Ranger series … Read more

Pokemon Rangers: Guardian Signs

Nintendo’s E3 booth gave us lots of new screenshots and promotional pics for the new Pokemon Ranger game, Guardian Signs.  I for one have never played a ‘Ranger’ game… because frankly I wanted to save my DSi’s screen from furious circling with the stylus :p  I may have to try it though.  The third installment … Read more